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Lin Qiye stared coldly at the picture of the Hydra Demon.

“Ill put all the blame on you and the Painted-skin Demon.

When I become a Diamond Practitioner, youll be the first demon I deal with.”

As he muttered to himself, Lin Qiyes gaze quickly became calm, like a block of ice.

The next day, after enduring for a whole day, Lin Qiye once again sat on the soul anchoring square.

This time, his intuition said that the danger factor had dropped sharply to an acceptable range.

Although there was still some danger, it was not fatal.

Lin Qiye could simulate if he were careful.

And so, the corners of Lin Qiyes mouth rose slightly.

“Its considered safe now.

This universe could resist demons.

Perhaps there will be some good treasures, geniuses, or even magical immortal spells.

This time, I may benefit a lot.”

Lin Qiye smiled, andstrange anticipation rose in his heart.

However, he wasnt in a hurry to simulate.

Instead, he placed the remaining Malicious Artifact Fragment into an isolated space within the wall.

Then, he carefully checked his current assets.

The interface provided by the main world recorded all of Lin Qiyes stats.

[Name]: Lin Qiye

[Gender]: Male

[Age]: 14

[Main cultivation method]: Chaos Thunderbolt Art.

It belongs to platinum-tier now and could step into diamond-tier, immortal-tier, or higher along with your strength! It is perfectly matched with your Dao bone!

[Dao bone]: Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone.

It belonged to the minor immortal quality, surpassing Diamond and touching the edge of Immortality.

[Physique]: Holy Violet Divine Body (incomplete).

You only have a piece of Holy Violet Root Bone (condensed into a protective shield to defend against a fate attack).

[Immortal Technique]: Immortal Qi version of the Dao Repository Technique.

It could allow the cultivator to step into adulthood at the age of six.

However, if one wanted to condense more Immortal Qi using the Dao Repository Technique, one had to devour top-grade heavenly treasures.

[Martial arts technique]: Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill (Perfected gold-tier) … Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage (Perfected gold-tier) …

[Combative technique]: Heaven Shifting Stars (Perfected gold-tier) …

[Defensive martial art]: Golden Rainbow Bell (Gold-tier) …

[Secret art]: Five Wraths Burning Blood (Gold-tier) …

[Stealth technique]: Phaseless Art (Gold-tier) …

[Wisdom card]: Minor Enlightener, gold-tier, one epiphany every two years.

[Physique card]: Thousand-year Dragon Body, gold-tier.

[Weapon]: Diamond-tier Extreme Flame Ring Saber (forged by Qi Baishi with her Blade Tempering talent in the state of epiphany.

Needs to absorb more killing intent and the tempering of karma); silver-tier longsword.

[Special items]: A Wisp of Immortal Qi (focus on rendering this item), 10 Formation Stone (requires 49 stones for a long-distance teleportation array)

[Movement points]: 2,210,000 points.


As he looked at his foundation, Lin Qiye felt conflicted.

He was a newbie who had only simulated three times.

To have such a foundation was already heaven-defying.

Whether it was Immortal Qi, the Dao Repository Technique, the Extreme Flame Ring Saber, the Holy Violet Root Bone, the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone, or the Chaos Thunderbolt Art, they were all top-notch treasures.

Even the monstrous geniuses of the top clans might not be stronger than Lin Qiye.

He was already far ahead of them with a copy of the Immortal Qi version of the Dao Repository Technique.

But on the other hand, Lin Qiyes martial arts technique, defensive martial arts, and combative technique were all only gold-tier.

There was probably a gap between him and the veteran Platinum Practitioners.

“I have to be even more invincible.

This time, I have to break through to Diamond Practitioner and look for higher quality martial arts!”

Lin Qiyes goal was clear.

Firstly, he had to look for platinum-tier or even diamond-tier martial arts techniques, defensive martial arts, and combative techniques.

Secondly, he had to break through to the Diamond Practitioner.

Lastly, he had to find a way to devour top-grade natural treasures and nurture a second wisp of Immortal Qi!

With three targets, Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the soul anchoring square.

He anchored his soul and was ready to start the fourth simulation.

[The Life Lantern Gem has sufficient energy and can simulate in the galaxy world at any time.]

[You currently possess:

Gold-tier Physique Card,Thousand-year Dragon Body;

Gold-tier Wisdom Card,Minor Enlightener;

You have chosen to bring theChaos Thunderbolt Art;

A wisp of Immortal Qi version of theDao Repository Technique;

The principle of the Awakening Reagents creation, the principle of the Death Warrior Reagent… to enter this world.]

[Your Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone will appear when your physical body matures to 14.]

[Your Angels Wings will appear when you reach the Golden Core Realm.]

[Your diamond-tier weapon, the red saber, will be brought into the galaxy world.

It will be unsealed when you reach the Golden Core Realm.]

[You are ready.

Do you want to activate the simulation and enter a new life]

[Please note that each time you simulate, you will enter a randomly generated world and identity.]

[Please note that you cannot bring your cultivation base from the main world.

You will be born as a fragile baby, and there are countless possibilities of premature death.]

[Due to your special contribution, the main world has decided to give you a hint.

Your body is contaminated with the demonic aura.

If you simulate now, you will be attracted to the Demonic Spacetime and enter a universe where demons have invaded.

Please carefully confirm.]

[Do you wish to activate the simulation and enter a new life]

A series of notification sounds rang out.

There was even a warning from the main world.

However, Lin Qiye was not afraid at all.

He only nodded slightly.

“Enter the fourth world!”

[You are entering the simulation.]

[Life Lantern Gem Tip: A chosen Savior has entered the same spacetime as you.]

[Life Lantern Gem Tip: A Practitioner wearing the Heavenly Dao Mark of this universe has entered the same spacetime as you.]

[Life Lantern Gem Tip: A chosen Destroyer has entered the same spacetime as you.]

Lin Qiye was stunned when he heard three special notifications.



They seemed to be a unique title.

One would obtain the title of Savior if one saved more than a thousand universes.

One would obtain the title of Destroyer if one destroyed more than a thousand universes.

As for the Practitioner who wore this universes Heavenly Dao Mark…

…Lin Qiye was familiar with it.

He already had the Heavenly Dao Mark of the Xia Universe.

“It seems like there are three geniuses with me on this trip.

One saved a thousand universes, one destroyed a thousand universes, and the other sensed this universe was in danger of destruction and was invited over.

“It seems like this will be an interesting show.”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned.

Three geniuses.

None of them were ordinary people.

This journey would definitely be a fierce battle between dragons and tigers.

And with them, they would be carrying a large number of treasures!

As his thoughts reached this point, Lin Qiye smiled.

“Enter the simulation!”

As his resolute voice fell, on the soul anchoring square, thick spacetime energy appeared.

It wrapped Lin Qiye in a huge egg emitting the power of time and space.

[Let the life simulation begin! The Golden Life Lantern Gem is burning, illuminating your life –]

[This journey belongs to the defensive world that was formed by the Fated Empresss obsession after she had experienced thousand times of deaths.]

[In this world, Scaly-skinned Sky Demons were invading and Winged Wolf royals raiding, causing the human race to be in a precarious situation.]

[The Empress was unable to hold on by herself.

To save the world, the Empress had avatars that went to seek help in other dimensions.

Unfortunately, the dimensions were in turmoil.

The Winged Wolf tribe and the Myriad Sky Demons had blocked more than 3,000 avatars from seeking help.

Only one avatar met you.]

[You need to save the Empress when she was still powerless and unknown.]

“Oh What does this mean” Lin Qiye was a little puzzled.

“An avatar met me Who was it”

“The only ones who met me were Ji Qinghuan and Zhu Yuheng.

Ji Qinghuan wouldnt have used an avatar to meet me, so it would be Zhu Yuheng.

Or could it be the few girls from the Xia Universe”

Lin Qiye started to think.

He couldnt find a definite answer because everything seemed to be possible.

“Forget it.

Ill know it when I see her in the future.

Theres no need to make wild guesses.”

Lin Qiye was not an indecisive person.

If he could not figure it out, he would just give up.

He would choose the simplest and easiest way!

Thus, the life illuminated by the Life Lantern Gem appeared in front of his eyes.

[At the age of 0, you were born in a human city during the spiritual recovery era.

Your parents both awakened.

They love you very much…]

[At the age of 1, your parents met with an accident.

They came back in urns.

A month later, you and your sister were killed by your enemies.]


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