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“Brother, Ive never dared to cry.

Im afraid that if I cry a few more times, it wont work.

But when will you come back

“My brother will come back tomorrow.”

Soft murmurs filled the bottom of Lin Qiyes heart.

Amidst the murmurs, it was as if there was a fragile and weak little girl.

Holding a lamp, she looked at her brother, who had disappeared into the black fog from afar.

She was filled with joy.

She had waited for ten years, a hundred years, until the sea dried up, and the rocks rotted.

In the end, she only left behind a statue.

A feeling of sadness flowed out from the goddess statue and seeped into the depths of Lin Qiyes heart.

It made him feel a wave of sadness.

“What a tearful story.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

His gaze moved away from the face of the goddess statue and landed at the foot, on the corpse of the woman lying on the ground.

The corpse was already a pile of skeletons.

Her calf and ribs were gravely injured and cut off by a weapon.

She was badly injured.

She fled to the feet of the goddess statue, and it protected her for a while.

However, her injuries were too severe.

She only lasted for a while before she died at the statues feet.

On her fingerbones, she wore a storage ring.

Unfortunately, the storage ring had weathered away.

With a light touch, it crumbled.

Only the bone in her heart was still intact.

A small piece of bone as gentle as jade was flowing with light.

“What made her skeleton last for ten thousand years is a wisp of Immortal Qi! It was hidden in this piece of bone!”

When he thought of this, Lin Qiyes spirit shook, and his gaze became exceptionally hot.

However, Lin Qiye did not forcefully snatch the Immortal Qi.

Instead, he bowed to the female corpse.

“This junior needs a wisp of Immortal Qi to cultivate.

Please forgive me if I have offended you, senior.”

Although Lin Qiye knew that the skeletons owner could not be more dead and even her soul was destroyed with time, he still bowed sincerely.

Finally, he took the Immortal Qi into his hand and used the golden Clear Void Divine Lightning to melt the bone.

A wisp of pure Immortal Qi floated out of the bone and was guided by Lin Qiye into his body.

Lin Qiyes body was flawless, without dust or dirt.

His Holy Violet Root Bone was further perfected with the Clear Void Divine Lightnings refinement.

Therefore, the wisp of Immortal Qi melted into his bodylike a fish entering a lake.

It instantly let out a cheer and a happy tremble.

Then, the wisp of Immortal Qi burned fiercely!

The milky white flame lit up Lin Qiyes Holy Violet Root Bone.

It lit up the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body, the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone, and the Holy Violet Genuine Qi!

In short, Lin Qiyes internal organs, limbs, bones, Dantian, meridians, and Nascent Soul were burned by the strange flame.

The excruciating pain seemed to have cut Lin Qiye open with a knife and splashed him with hot pepper water.

It also seemed to have skinned Lin Qiye and sunk him into the depths of magma.

The pain seemed to burn Lin Qiyes soul into ashes!

Lin Qiye gritted his teeth.

He didnt want to faint from the pain.

Because once he fainted, he would die.

Thus, Lin Qiye clenched his teeth and held on to the last bit of consciousness.

He forcefully endured the pain.

In the surging flames, an hour passed.

Two hours passed.

Five hours passed.

The golden flames surrounded Lin Qiye and the depths of the cave!

Even the goddess statue was wrapped in golden flames.

Five hours of torture didnt kill Lin Qiye.

On the contrary, it made him calmer.

He survived!

Wisps of cool aura surged out of every cell in his body and gathered into rivers, circulating in his meridians.

With each circulation, the injuries in Lin Qiyes body would recover visible to the naked eye.

With each circulation, the toughness of Lin Qiyes soul and willpower would increase to a terrifying level.

With each circulation, Lin Qiye was reborn, and his aura would rise!

Originally, Lin Qiye was only at the Fifth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.

In his Dantian, only the Black Tortoise Deity Statue could be tempered with Immortal Qi.

The stars in his Dantian quickly lit up.

Finally, the Black Tortoise Deity Statue hung high in the starry sky north of his Dantian.

The White Tiger Deity Statue hung high in the starry sky west of his Dantian.

The Vermillion Bird Deity Statue hung high in the starry sky south of his Dantian.

The Azure Dragon Deity Statue hung high in the starry sky east of his Dantian.

The four deity statues stood in the space of his Dantian, looking down at the world.

Magnificent power surged out of their bodies and turned into a heavenly river, smashing Lin Qiyes Nascent Soul.


An earth-shaking explosion erupted in Lin Qiyes Dantian.

In an instant, Lin Qiyes Nascent Soul shone with boundless light!

A formidable devouring power surged out and condensed into a gigantic black hole, madly devouring the power of the four deity statues!

At this moment, Lin Qiyes Nascent Soul shot up the sky.

In an instant, it transformed from a tiny jade sculpture into a golden giant divine sculpture.

Even the four deity statues were smaller than it.

And as soon as the golden sculpture stopped growing, a pillar of golden light burst out from his body.

Then, it broke through the ground and shot up into the sky!


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