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Lin Qiye jumped into the tunnel fearlessly.

Chen Fan walked to the front of the tunnel and looked down at the pitch-black hole.

Deep inside the hole, the golden light was getting smaller and smaller until it was invisible to the naked eye.

“With Brother Yes meticulous mind, he should be able to save himself from danger, right

“Yes, Brother Ye will be fine.

When he arrives at Star City, I will get him to treat me.”

Chen Fan smiled lightly.

He remembered that Brother Ye was a wealthy man.

Lin Qiye had spent a million movement points without even batting an eyelash!

When he meets up with Brother Ye in Star City, he has to let Brother Ye lead him to experience high society.

Chen Fan nodded slightly.

Beside him, Jiang Nian also craned her neck.

She looked down at the bottomless tunnel.


“Lin Qiye!”

“You jumped down just like that”

Jiang Nians delicate features were filled with surprise.

“Is he not afraid of the dangerous demons down there Where did his wings come from Is it a Magic Artifact Or is it a martial arts technique

“But it doesnt feel like them.

It seems to be some Dao Bone.”

Jiang Nians eyes flickered with doubt.

“What a curious guy.

Right, Sister”

Jiang Qingxue didnt answer.

Jiang Nian pursed her lips.

“Sister, did you realize Lin Qiyes goal from the beginning was the bottom of the underground”

Jiang Nians delicate hand lightly tapped her chin, and a thoughtful expression appeared on her face.

“Whether dealing with the neck-twisting demon or the Temple Demon, he seems to be at ease, as if he had predicted everything…

“Is he just bold and meticulous Or can he predict the future Or can he do both

“Is there someone in the world who can predict the future”

The more Jiang Nian thought about it, the more she felt that Lin Qiye was shrouded in a dense fog.

However, even after thinking hard, there was no result.

She decided to give up thinking and let out a light breath.

“Forget it.

Everyone has secrets.

Curiosity can kill the cat…”

Jiang Nian smiled sweetly.

She put her hands behind her back and stretched her body.

“Sister, lets hurry to Star City.

Its already three oclock in the afternoon.

Itll take us two hours to get to Star City so we can avoid the black fog and the demons.

We cant waste time!”

Jiang Qingxue nodded.

“Thats what I was thinking.”

The two sisters reached an agreement and quickly entered the tunnel.

Before they entered the tunnel, Jiang Nian turned around and gave Chen Fan a cold glance.

“Arent you going to Star City to prepare the welcoming banquet for Lin Qiye Why arent you coming”

Jiang Nians attitude toward Chen Fan was different from her attitude toward Lin Qiye.

Facing Lin Qiye, she smiled brightly.

However, she was as cold as Jiang Qingxue to Chen Fan.

Chen Fans heart sank.

“The difference between my luck with women and Brother Ye is like a firefly to the bright moon.


He sighed and followed the two girls closely with a sullen look.

As for Lin Qiye, he fell head first into the tunnel that led straight to the bottom.

The speed of his descent was as fast as a falling meteorite.

After falling for more than 150 meters, Lin Qiye finally saw a light below.

It was very dim, like a grain of sand.

But gradually, the sand turned into pearls, gemstones, and finally into the ruins of a temple vaguely seen.

“The fluctuation of Immortal Qi is below!”

Lin Qiyes spirit rose, and he flapped his wings to accelerate his descent!

The full view of the temple became clearer.

There was a thin and smooth protective array on the ruins the size of dozens of football fields.

In the middle of the array stood a temple built from huge rocks.

The temple was dilapidated, and only a few potholed stone skeletons were left after being washed away by time.

However, a white jade goddess statue about 500 meters tall still shined with multicolored light in the temples center.

It was intact and emitting divine light.

The goddesss face was exquisite, and her eyes were like gemstones.

They were shimmering and full of affection.

However, the sadness in her eyes was so thick that it could not be dispelled.

Her beautiful eyes looked into the distance as if they were waiting for an important person to return triumphantly.

In her hand, she held a lamp.

The light in the lamp was extinguished millions of years ago.

But from the goddess expression and posture, she wanted to hold the lamp and light the way back home.

Even if the light had been extinguished, she wanted to light up the way.

However, her story seemed to be a tragedy.

Lin Qiye silently looked at the statue.

Strands of sorrow that had passed through hundreds of millions of years, endless space and time, filled the bottom of his heart.

“The lamp of fate, you must always light up my brothers path of return.

“Its already been ten years.

Why hasnt brother cut through the Black Fog My invincible brother must be getting rid of the roots.

“Wheres my brother

“The lamp of fate, how long will brother take to come home Will he come back to make me my favorite roast chicken leg

“The lamp of fate.

Can you answer me Can brother see the light youre emitting

“Brother, I cried today.

You said that as long as I cried, you would come back to comfort me.

You liar!

“However, since this is the first time youve lied, I forgive you.

“Brother, do you still remember the sea of flowers by the lake next to our village The wind there is gentle.

If you come back, it would be best if its spring.

Lets go there to see the flowers.

Ill make a garland for you.”


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