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“Brother Ye, I think you should refine it! I knew it.

I dont have enough talent.

I cant take it.

You have an S-grade talent.

You can use it better.”

Chen Fan gave up.

“Im dying.

I cant fight with you.

I still remember when you were attacked by the Gold Practitioners yesterday.

I want to help you get revenge, and I want to kill them with you! But I seem to be too weak…”

Chen fan gritted his teeth.

His eyes were reluctant, but more than that, there was regret.

He looked at Lin Qiye seriously.

It was as if he was prepared to die.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Hold on! With me around, even the King of Hell could not take you away.

Hold on, and dont make a sound.

If you cant even bear the pain, how would you avenge me”

Lin Qiyes words seemed to contain some mysterious power.

Chen Fans expression changed, and he gritted his teeth.

“Yeah, if I cant stand this pain, how could I change my fate I have never fought side by side with Brother Ye! I cant die! If I die now, it will be too embarrassing!”

Chen Fans eyes burned with fire.

He gritted his teeth and didnt utter a single word.

Even the twitching of his spine and his muscle cramping had stopped.

Strong willpower emanated from Chen Fan.

Lin Qiye nodded in approval.

“Thats more like it.

You have to learn to adapt to this kind of pain.

“Keep your mind clear.

While you refine the dragon blood, follow my instructions and practice the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique.”


Lin Qiye reminded Chen Fan coldly.

His voice was like a bell ringing in Chen Fans ears.

Chen Fan nodded.

“Come on! I can handle it!”

Lin Qiyes eyes turned sharp.

He poured out the innate Qi and the Holy Violet Genuine Qi from his palm and guided the tens of thousands of true dragon blood essence drops around Chen Fans body.

Wherever the dragons blood touched, Chen Fans bones shattered into pieces.

Because of the broken bones, Chen Fans body softened.

However, he was not willing to admit defeat.

He gritted his teeth and held himself up.

He didnt want to turn into a puddle of mud.

“Good, you have a strong will.

Hold on!”

Lin Qiye reminded him.

At the same time, his innate Qi and Holy Violet Genuine Qi healed Chen Fans wounds at the speed of light.

Under Lin Qiyes guidance, the blood essence of the true dragon quickly seeped into Chen Fans broken bones and nourished them, causing them to undergo a visible transformation.

After a dozen breaths, the shattered bones began to reassemble and merged into a more compact, high-quality bone structure flowing with golden dragon might in Chen Fans body!

When the refinement was over, cracking soundscould be heard from the bones in Chen Fans body.

Every inch of the bones emitted a dazzling golden light!

A brutal power exploded within Chen Fan and engulfed the cultivation room!

At the same time, the energy contained in the true dragon blood essence rushed into Chen Fans body and expanded his meridians and Dantian.

Chen Fans cultivation level skyrocketed!

In an instant, he had jumped from the Third Level of the Foundation Establishment Realm to the peak of the Golden Core Realm!

Not long after, he had formed a false Nascent Soul and lit up the eight Gates of Heaven!

“I have reached the level of a Gold Practitioner!

“Brother Ye, you are too strong! You are too strong!

“You are my big brother!”

When Chen Fan realized that he had gained the true dragons power and had lit up the eight Gates of Heaven, he was so excited that his voice cracked.

He lay on the ground and made an exaggerated gesture of prostrating himself.

He admired Lin Qiye to the extreme.

Lin Qiye was too strong to be human!

He was indeed his Brother Ye!

Chen Fan was impressed.

Regarding Chen Fans exaggerated actions, Lin Qiye smiled and said, “It was the blood essence of the true dragon and the True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique.

Your luck is incredible!”

However, Chen Fan shook his head.

“No, Brother Ye is the most powerful one.

What use are these two treasures If it werent for you, I couldnt do anything.”

Chen Fan knew what was more important.

Without a doubt, Brother Ye was the one who had contributed the most.

Chen Fan smiled andfelt the immense power in his body.

He felt relaxed.

However, when he raised his head to look at Lin Qiyes cultivation level, he realized he couldnt see through it.

Chen Fan was stunned again.

“Brother Ye, why cant I see through your cultivation level Arent you a little too scary”

Lin Qiye couldnt help but laugh.

“Your True Dragon Immortal-slaying Technique can hide your cultivation.

Hide it.

We are just ordinary Silver Practitioners unless it is a critical time!”

Hearing that, Chen Fan let out a strange laugh.

He quickly hid his cultivation in the Third Level of the Golden Core Realm.

After that, Chen Fan looked up at Lin Qiye with gratitude and hesitation.

“Say it!” Lin Qiye said in a cold voice.

Chen Fan said, “Brother Ye, do you have a million movement points Can you lend me If I can reach the First Level of the Nascent Soul Realm, I could get a treasure.

I want to take it out.”

Regarding this, Lin Qiye didnt hesitate.

As a wealthy guy with a fortune of 17.5 million, a million was nothing to him.

In an instant, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan completed the transaction.

Looking at the extra one million points in his hand, Chen Fan was dumbstruck, and his breathing quickened.


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