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Listening to the cold beauty trying to tempt him, Lin Qiye smiled.

Other newbies might lose their composure due to the temptation of the silver-tier Reincarnation Card, but in Lin Qiyes eyes, it was just so-so.

Was the silver card very expensive

Sorry, this humble one does not know how expensive the card can be.


Lin Qiye shook his head in his heart.

Of course, Lin Qiye didnt show off his foundation.

Instead, he pretended to think for a while before rejecting it in the end.

“I believe in my judgment.

Theres no need to owe such a debt of gratitude.”

Lin Qiyes unwavering attitude caused even the ice beauty to be slightly surprised.

She stood in the sky above the floating island.

Not long after, a petite female greater Galaxy Practitioner came to her side.

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The ice beauty glanced at her and left.

“Im Jiang Shaoyao, Lord Xues housekeeper.

Ill be receiving the two of you now.”

“The two of you are respected Galaxy Practitioners, so you have the right to live in a single villa by the peak.”

She pointed at the villa not far away.

“Lord Xue Yes floating island is divided into two levels, the peak and the foot of the mountain.

“The foot is inhabited by commoners, while the peak of the mountain is inhabited by ten Galaxy Practitioners.”

“The villa has a high-quality soul anchoring square.

It can allow the two of you to walk freely in the galaxy worlds.”

“If the two of you have not entered the simulation, you need to act at night to resist the demons that rushed out of the black fog.”

“This is your duty on the floating island.

Lord Xue will not force you to do anything else.”

Lin Qiye nodded and bade farewell to the housekeeper.

Then, he moved into the villa with Chen Fan.

Inside the mansion, Lin Qiye smiled and muttered, “That Lord Xue is not from Li City.

Besides, she has a lot of secrets.”

“She must be from a main city.

Perhaps, she is an S grade genius.”

Chen Fan was surprised.

“Brother Ye, how did you know”

“My intuition told me so.

My intuition is accurate.

The reason why I refused the investments was also because of my intuition.”

His intuition was based on his SSS grade talent.

Lin Qiye was confident.

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Chen Fan obeyed Lin Qiye and said, “Brother Ye, I believe in you.

Even if it is difficult for you to get started, you have to be self-reliant.”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“There is nothing wrong with being careful.

Once you have formed an interest-bearing relationship with them, you will not be able to decide for yourself.

It is the best choice for you to become an unaffiliated person.”

Chen Fan agreed with him.

That night, the principal sent an invitation.

He invited the newly-promoted Galaxy Practitioners to a party.

Lin Qiye couldnt refuse and join the party with Chen Fan.

The party was divided into two factions: the Academic faction and the Jianghu faction.

The Academic faction had a total of 47 students.

The Jianghu faction had 106 students.

When Lin Qiye walked in, everyones eyes fell on him.

“Is he the S grade genius, Lin Qiye He looks a little handsome.

Can I hook up with him I have a great waist, and I know how to twist.”


Some of the plump girls flirted with Lin Qiye, but Lin Qiye ignored them all.

“Hehe, I heard that he rejected the investment of the veteran Galaxy Practitioners.

Thats more than 100,000 movement points!”

“I think he doesnt know whats good for him.

With more than 100,000 points, he can buy a silver card, a bronze card, and even other materials.

Its enough for him to rise quickly.”

“He underestimated the benefits of relying on the seniors.

I have an A-grade talent.

Although its not as good as Lin Qiyes, my benefactor said that with his help, I can definitely rise ten times faster than Lin Qiye.”

“Tonight, many big shots of our Jianghu faction have decided to increase their investment in A-grade talents.

We will rise quickly.”

“They said that an S grade talent can also fall while simulating… Hehe.”

The geniuses of the Jianghu faction whispered to each other, secretly releasing their hostility.

The Jianghu faction and the Academic faction had always conflicted.

The leaders of the Jianghu faction had already informed them that they would not allow the Academic factions S grade genius to rise.

If they met Lin Qiye by chance in the world they were simulating in, they had to kill him.


If they killed him, the organization will reward them handsomely!

Because of this, the A-grade geniuses of the Jianghu faction stared at Lin Qiye with burning eyes.

In their hearts, they wanted to defeat Lin Qiye and rise to prominence as a genius!


As a Galaxy Practitioner, every time they simulated a world, there were endless possibilities.


Talent did not represent everything.

An A-grade talent could create a heaven-defying operation to suppress an S-grade genius.


An S-grade talent could also fail miserably.

More importantly, they had a huge backer behind them, so there was hope!

As for Lin Qiye, he didnt know what was good for him and wanted to fight alone… The probability of a tragic death was extremely high.


Of course, Lin Qiye noticed the hostility hidden in their eyes.

It was normal to have hostility.

Every time a Galaxy Practitioner runs a simulation, it would take decades, or even hundreds and thousands of years.

If one experiences too much while simulating, their personality might become distorted.

They might become friendly, or they might become numb to killing.


Thus, hostility was expected.

Lin Qiye didnt mind.

However… If they met in a galaxy world and had a conflict, he would definitely let the other party know what cruelty was!

At his side, the principal sat down.

“Do you feel the atmosphere Where there are people, there will be fights.”

“Even within the Academic faction, there are conflicts of interest!”

“This party is just to let you all know that the world is dangerous.”


Lin Qiye nodded and quietly stayed up until the end of the party.

Back at the villa, Lin Qiye browsed through the systems shop.


A silver-tier weapon was worth more than 100,000 movement points.

The lowest price for a silver-tier Reincarnation Card was 100,000 points.

A card like Lin Qiyes Dragon Elephant Body had reached 500,000.

A bronze-tier cultivation method fragment had a price of 800,000 movement points!

“Wouldnt the three pages of the Qi Refinement technique sell for two million”

Lin Qiye was stunned.

He roughly estimated.

The S reward was equivalent to a few million movement points.

Of course, it might be because Lin Qiye managed to survive until the spiritual energy restoration started.

Lin Qiye analyzed silently while he continued browsing the shop.

“There is good stuff, but theyre too expensive! I cant afford them now.

Id better get some rewards while simulating my life.”

“Tomorrow, Ill start the second round of simulation.

Ill strive to get the SS grade rewards and raise my strength to that of a Gold Practitioner!”

Lin Qiye knew that in a world that was invaded by black fog, the strength of a Silver Practitioner was not enough.

Perhaps he could obtain protection for a while, but he could not live under the protection forever.

He had to have top-notch strength to decide his own fate.

With that thought in mind, Lin Qiye fell asleep.

The next day, Lin Qiye woke up in high spirits.

Chen Fan knocked on the door of the villa early in the morning.

“Brother Ye, do you want to go shopping We can go buy some beautiful maids.”

Lin Qiye was speechless.


I want to activate another simulation.”

Chen Fan was surprised.

“You activated the simulation Arent you afraid of failure If you fail once, the power of the Life Lantern Gem will be halved.

If you fail twice, you will have to wait a year to recover!”


“Im not afraid!”

Lin Qiyes gaze was burning.

Lin Qiye, who had the Deduction of Genesis was full of confidence.


He wasnt afraid of failure.

He was afraid that his strength was weak, and he wouldnt be able to establish himself in the main world.

The current him was still a student who lived under the protection of others.

He was so weak that… He didnt even dare to own a floating island.

Because he was afraid of being targeted.

If Lin Qiye was a Platinum Practitioner, he wouldnt have to worry about anything.

He would be able to suppress the Academic faction and Jianghu faction!

Therefore, Lin Qiye was eager to improve his strength.

“I am going to simulate my second life.

See you tomorrow.”


Chen Fan quickly stopped Lin Qiye.

“At least look at the forum for a guide!”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“The high-quality guides on the forum cost a lot of movement points.

It was too expensive! I need to earn some movement points.”

Lin Qiye shook his head and sighed.

After saying that, he hid in the depths of the villa and sat on the soul anchoring square.

He anchored his soul and was prepared to walk in the galaxy world.

[The Life Lantern Gem has sufficient energy.

You can start simulating in the galaxy world at any time.]

[You currently possess the Dragon Elephant Body and silver-tier Wisdom Card – Cosmic Clairvoyant.

You can bring all of the pages of the Qi Refinement technique and all your knowledge in the biology field to your second simulation.]

[Your weapon, Extreme Flame Ring Saber could be brought into the simulation, but you need to fulfill the conditions to unlock it.]


[Do you wish to activate simulation and enter a new life]

[Please note that every time you activate a simulation, the world, and your identity will be randomly generated]

[Please note that you can not bring your cultivation into the world.

You were born a fragile baby, and there are countless possibilities of premature death.]

[Please carefully confirm whether or not to activate the galaxy simulation and enter the simulated life ]

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.


[The simulated life begins! The Life Lantern is burning, lighting up your life-]

[This world is lacking in spiritual energy, martial arts are declining, and technology is advanced.

Big guns and cannons can kill martial art grandmasters.]

[Unfortunately, capitalists and powerful people disregard human lives.

The gap between the rich and the poor is big.

The rich live in the palace, while the commoners struggle to survive in the slums.]


[At the age of 0, your mother abandoned you in the grass by the roadside.

Fortunately, an old woman took you in.]

[At the age of 1, a mouse bit off one of your ears.

You were frightened and became autistic.]


[At the age of 3, you lived in the slums with your grandmother.

A drunkard hurt your leg.

Fortunately, your grandmother saved you.

However, you were crippled.]

[At the age of 4, you were beaten while collecting scrap.

From then on, your left hand could not exert any strength.]

[At the age of 6, a gangster slapped you.

You lost your hearing in your left ear.]


[At the age of 8, your grandmother was killed.

You were heartbroken.

You had no one to rely on.

You collected scrap to survive.]

[At the age of 10, the axe gang in the slums fought with each other.

You were caught in the crossfire.

Your left leg was cut off.

Fortunately, you did not die.]


[At the age of 11, the spiritual energy in the world was restored.

The Celestial Race descended, and the world underwent a drastic change.

A mysterious organization found out that you had an incomparable bone structure.

You were forcibly deprived of your bone structure by the mysterious organization.]

[At the age of 12, you lived for a year and died miserably in a dark dungeon.

Rats and maggots ate your corpse.]

[Remarks: Your life has only been a short 12 years, but all of it has been a tragedy.

Except for the warmth your grandmother gave you, your life has been immersed in darkness.

Even rats and maggots were happier than you.]


“Wow, making it hard for me to survive, right”

Lin Qiye felt completely numb.

He was born in a nightmare mode, even more tragic than his first life.

At least he had good parents in his first life!



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