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In the image, heaven was divided into many layers.

Bronze and Silver Spacetimes were at the bottom.

Golden Spacetime was above the Silver Spacetime.

Between the Silver and Golden Spacetime were a vast nothingness and evil black fog.

The black fog blocked everything.

It was like an endless desert that separated two oases forever.

However, there was an exception in the Silver Spacetime!

A white stairway glowing with crystal light appeared in the Silver Spacetime.

If one looked closely, one would find that the white stairway was made of human bones.

There were probably trillions of human expert corpses on that stairway!

They were geniuses who wanted to ascend.

However, they fell on the path of Ascension.

Before they died, they used their corpses to build a stairway of Ascension for those who came later.

The stairway was branded with the power of faith, which dispersed the black fog.

It made it easy and safer for those who came later to climb.


Hence, this white bone stairway extended upwards from the Silver Spacetime and charged towards the Golden Spacetime.

It was like a fragile sapling rooted in the depths of the earth and was constantly growing!

It was worth noting that there was a sculpture that emitted a strange light from time to time on the stairway.

It was Lin Qiyes sculpture.

His sculpture became a road sign and a guide, supporting generations of geniuses to climb up without fear of sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the brave and fearless geniuses still failed.

The stairway was getting closer and closer to the Golden Spacetime, but when it was only a short distance away, it seemed to have touched an insurmountable chasm.

This short distance was not only impossible to cross, but it also made the stairway turn in a strange direction.

Thus, the stairway headed in a parallel direction towards a deeper and denser black fog!

It was dangerous there, and one would definitely suffer heavy losses.

But the geniuses of the Xia Universe did not realize something was wrong.

They crossed the stairway one after another.

After two million years, more than a few trillion geniuses used piles of bones to pave a stairway that went astray.

This stairway was longer and farther, but it was also more desperate.

The geniuses of the Xia Universe were not afraid of death.

They were willing to sacrifice their lives to pave the way.

They were willing to burn everything to find a way out in the vast black fog!

However, they had taken the wrong path!

They had worked hard in the wrong direction, making everything shocking and tragic.

Even Lin Qiye could not help but hold his breath.

It was too tragic!

He could not bear it and let out a deep breath.

“Why is the stairway turning at such a close distance Is there a mysterious force stopping it”

Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

Qin Xingtong sighed blankly.

“A mysterious force I guess the evil life form in the black fog was playing tricks.

“I wanted to turn the stairway around, but the life form in the black fog stopped me.

I was even parasitized.

If I hadnt met you, Im afraid I would have fallen…”

Qin Xingtongs heart palpitated.

“Oh right, King Lin, where is that evil creature Is it still alive I want to study it!” His spirit suddenly perked up.

Lin Qiye was speechless.

As expected of a genius in scientific research.

Qin Xingtong just came back to life and was already thinking about studying evil creatures.

However, Lin Qiye shook his head and warned seriously, “Ive killed that thing.

You cant fight against evil creatures, so dont think about it for the time being.”

At the same time, Lin Qiye stared at the stairway made of billions of white bones.

He was thinking of a solution.

Suddenly, the sculpture on the bridge seemed to feel Lin Qiyes gaze.

On the long stairway, billions of sculptures shone at the same time.

Then, the bridge shook violently.

As it shook, the bridge collapsed.

One after another, sparkling bones seemed to have been guided by some power and returned to the Xia Universe, forming a circle of white bones to protect it.

Then, the Xia Universe was taken out of the Silver Spacetime.

A round universe covered in sparkling white bones crashed into the depths of the black fog and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Qin Xingtong turned pale with fright and suddenly sat up.

“King Lin, what… What happened here Will there be any problems”


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