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Zhu Yuhengs expression was a little unnatural as she dodged.

Last time, it was her chest.

This time, it was her shoulder.

He had touched all over her body.

His hot palm made it even worse.

Who could take it

Zhu Yuhengs breathing and heartbeat stopped a long time.

Her mind was blank, and the classic scenes of Lin Qiye replayed repeatedly in her mind.

A strange feeling turned into an electric current, shuttling through her body.

It made Zhu Yuheng feel that something was wrong with her more and more.

The shyness was difficult to speak of.

It frightened Zhu Yuheng so much that she immediately held her breath and forced herself to calm down.

“Your injuries have recovered!”

Lin Qiye looked at Zhu Yuhengs shoulder.

The wound had already recovered, and her white and tender flesh had grown back.

There were no visible injuries.

“Thank you…”

“Its my fault.”

“However, my Wind and Thunder Sword Qi can be used as a final trump card.

Its just that its still quite difficult to defeat the Wolf Lord with this.”

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Zhu Yuheng nodded.

“Of course.

That stupid wolf has already lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven and shot out the Doom Arrow.

His strength should have risen to the Eighth Gate of Heaven.

Its impossible for you to kill him with just the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi!

“Right now, even if I go all out again, I could not kill him.”

Zhu Yuhengs gaze narrowed as she analyzed the situation seriously.

Lin Qiye lightly puffed out.

“Indeed, the Doom Arrow can raise the Wolf Lords strength to the Eighth Gate of Heaven.

If he attacks, we might not be able to defeat him even if we joined forces.”

As they spoke, the three evil blood dragons suddenly spat out Blood Qi, forming a blood-red screen of light that blotted out the sky.

Within the light screen, they could see a 1,000-meter tall pyramid altar.

The Wolf Lords monstrous aura caused the blood-red light screen to tremble.

“Lowly humans, Ive already lit up the Eighth Gate of Heaven.

After I enter seclusion for a year, Ill reach the peak of the half-step Nascent Soul Realm.

At that time, Ill lead the Wolf Tribe to trample humans to death!

“Surrender! Being a servant of the Wolf Tribe is the greatest honor in the world! Come, I will give you the chance to serve us.

“In the next year, the Wolf Tribe will not launch any war.

We will even protect the humans who ran over from the National Fate Pass.

If you want to be our servants, sneak over from the National Fate Pass!

“Of course, your cowardly emperor will not be as magnanimous as I am! He will not let you come easily.

You are truly weak, pathetic, and laughable!”

The Wolf Lord shook his head and laughed.

The reason why he came out to speak was to intimidate the human race and display his own strength.

Besides, he wanted to disrupt the human races morale and split their resistance.

It was already a despairing matter that the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune was killed.

If the human race felt extreme despair and fought back without a care, the Wold Tribe would also lose millions of Golden Core cultivators.

Thus, to reduce the casualties, the Wolf Lord started to play the art of war.

He prevented the humans from falling into complete despair, lest they became desperate and fight to the death.

Instead, he gave them a glimmer of hope, causing their resistance to plummet.

It had to be said that the Wolf Lords goal had been achieved.

In the Qin Dynasty, countless cultivators, officials, rogue cultivators, and dignitaries all had the same thoughts.

“As long as we serve them the Wolf Lord wont kill us!”

“Wont we be massacred in the Qin Dynasty The six great sects are gone, and countless officials had their whole families killed.

We royals even have to stand on the same level as ants!”

“In comparison, the Wolf Lord is even more merciful!”

“Were also serving in the Qin Dynasty, but it was even worse than the Wolf Tribe!”

As such, the nobles and cultivators who were fantasizing were all tempted.

In the Qin Dynasty, many high-ranking officials and cultivators started having disloyal thoughts.

Their minds started racing.

“Lets not make a move now and use the commoners to test the old emperor.”

“Didnt the old emperor and the seventeenth prince value the peoples hearts Lets use what they value to make it difficult for them to back down!”

At this moment, the nobles came up with a plan at the same time.


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