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Lin Qiye smiled.

His smile was restrained, but it was full of killing intent.

“I single-handedly slaughtered four of the six great sects and killed half of the other two! I did not expect that you guys are still unwilling to take the warning!

“It seems that you really want to test the sharpness of my butcher knife.”


Ill let you experience it!”

Lin Qiyes eyes were filled with fury.

He was right.

There would always be malignant tumors holding him back when he wanted to do something serious.

It was the evil of human nature.

However, a vicious dog admits defeat to a rough stick.

Evil Malignant tumor How many cuts can he withstand from Lin Qiyes knife

Lin Qiye pursed his lips.

He reached out and gripped the void, and the long saber fell into his hand.

As his hands fell, the head of crooked-eyed cultivator instantly rolled on the ground, and blood spouted all over.

The bloody scene made the young bride tremble with fear.

Lin Qiye smiled gently.

“When your husband comes back, tell him nothing happened.

Leave the other half of the corpse to your husband.”

As he spoke, Lin Qiye turned his head with his long saber in hand.

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He looked at the group of cultivators following behind him.

“Pick up the head and bring it back to warn the other cultivators.

Let them take it as a warning.

Ill see who still dares to turn a deaf ear to what Ive said!”

Lin Qiye snorted coldly.

The cultivators behind him were silent in fear.

They skillfully picked up the head.

Then, they quickly followed behind Lin Qiye and continued to patrol and supervise!

In the next few villages, Lin Qiye would still encounter vicious scums.

For this kind of people, Lin Qiyes answer was violence.

Dont mess around with those things.

He would cut off their heads if they dared to drag him down!

It was the advantage of having superior strength.

If Lin Qiyes strength was not enough, he would have to be controlled by various forces.

But now, who had the right to control him

He could be unscrupulous and slaughter as much as he wanted.

However, what surprised Lin Qiye was that the toxic officials kept appearing one after another and never changed!

They dared to offend him again after repeated orders!

From then on, Lin Qiye killed even more ferociously.

He didnt believe that these corrupted officials were tougher than his butcher knife!

Thus, after several days, Lin Qiye beheaded thousands of people with his saber.

More than 200 cultivation families were found guilty by Lin Qiye and were exterminated overnight.

Thousands of bloody heads hung in front of the Qing Xuan Sects gate.

The expressions of fear, regret, and fright before death made peoples scalps go numb.

Thousands of heads hung in the hearts of the cultivators like a fishbone in their throats!

Who wasnt afraid of death

The cultivators and officials had dared to be presumptuous in the past because they were far away from the imperial city.

With the six great sects stirring up trouble, the imperial family wouldnt be able to control these trivial matters even if they wanted to.

But now, the seventeenth princes ultimate butcher knife was ruthless and unreasonable.

If the seventeenth prince saw them committing crimes, the only outcome would be for their heads to fall to the ground on the spot.

After thousands of killings and rolling heads, the officials and cultivators were finally terrified.

However, they were still unconvinced.

There were even some complaints that circulated among the cultivators.

“The seventeenth prince is so ruthless.

Didnt we work hard to cultivate for the sake of being superior

“But he killed thousands of cultivators for the sake of the common people, who were like ants.

Who will protect the country in the future People who cant fight”

A few Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators were gossiping behind Lin Qiyes back, but a long knife went straight through their necks.

In a split second, six bloody heads flew into the air.

“You Foundation Establishment Realm ants could even be threatening the people when I asked you to rebuild the kingdom!

“You would drag me down.

If I send you into the battlefield, wouldnt you make me lose

“How dare you talk nonsense Youre courting death!”

Lin Qiyes cold voice sounded out, causing the surrounding cultivators to tremble in fear, and a chill ran down their spines.

“Your… Your Highness… Theyre the ones talking nonsense.

We didnt say anything!”

“Well listen to your orders!”

“You see, we recite the New Law every day.

We can memorize them all!”

Trembling, the group of cultivators took out the book of New Law from their pockets and began to recite it respectfully.

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Read it well into your heart! If you commit any crimes, think of those hanging heads.

“If you think your necks are harder than my butchers knife, you can continue to provoke me!”

Lin Qiyes words were filled with killing intent, intimidating the group of cultivators into silence.

How could they dare to do it again

Thus, in ten short days, Lin Qiye used the simplest and most violent method to establish a deep deterrence in the peoples hearts within a radius of 500,000 miles of the Qing Xuan Sect and the western province!

Whether it was the imperial cultivators or the rogue cultivators, they all realized that the seventeenth prince was an ultimate tyrant who would never go back on his word.

The New Law was not a joke.

The seventeenth prince had the strength, perseverance, and patience to put the New Law into practice.

No one could disobey it, and those who did would die without a doubt!

How could they forget the thousands of heads hanging on the Qing Xuan Sects stone gate staring straight at them

Lin Qiyes act of senseless killing without blinking had conquered the group of cultivators and officials.

They held the New Law and read it through the night.

After a few days, the cultivators and officials finally changed their superior mindset.

When the cultivators were constructing a village, they did not dare to be arrogant.

Instead, they were patient and did every minor detail well.

The people were flattered by their earnest and pious attitude.


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