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The Wolf Lord clutched his beating heart andlet out a low and rampant laugh.

“What should I do You dont seem to have the Golden Dragon of Fortune.

You must be in a lot of pain after losing your heart, right

“You cant circulate your cultivation You no longer have the ability to fight.

You can only wait for death.

Even if someone saves you, youll only be reduced to a corpse with your heart broken.

“You are truly miserable.”

The Wolf Lord shook his head as he stood up.

He raised his long saber and suddenly slashed forward.

A frightening saber light shot straight towards Zhu Yuhengs head.

“Damed woman, you wasted my precious resurrection chance! Go to hell!”

The Wolf Lords expression was ruthless.

The Golden Dragon of Fortune only had one chance to resurrect him.

He did not expect it to be wasted by this damned woman.

How hateful!

Killing intent filled the Wolf Lords heart.

He had to kill this damned woman!

However, Zhu Yuheng, whose face was pale, suddenly floated up with a solemn expression.

At the same time, she reached out and wiped her heart, freezing the wound and stopping the blood.

Her sword blocked the Wolf Lords killing move.

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“I forgot to tell you that I have two hearts! I can still fight! Lets see who can last longer.

One of us will definitely die today!”

As soon as her words fell, aterrifying shockwave once again exploded outside the pass.

One after another, tremors and thunderous explosions sounded as if they were blowing up.

Both of them wanted to kill each other.

Both of them were gravely injured.

Hence, every time they fought, they would spit out large mouthfuls of blood!

The intense battle caused the three generals of the Meng family and the Heavenly Lords to be terrified.

“Should we go over to help”

“How We have only lit up the First Gate of Heaven.

If we run over, well only be a burden.

Even the Wolf Tribes Heavenly Lords would be a burden! Lets just quietly watch and not cause any more trouble.”

The old general shook his head.

Not far away, Lin Qiye and the old emperor had already destroyed the remaining three sects in a lightning-fast battle.

They rushed towards the National Fate Pass because Lin Qiye suddenly felt that Zhu Yuheng was in danger.

Thus, he rushed over without resting.

“Phew… Ive finally arrived.

I hope nothing bad had happened.”

Lin Qiye leaped onto the National Fate Pass andlooked at the distant battlefield.

When he saw that Zhu Yuhengs heart had been pierced through, shock, unwillingness, and even a little suffocation appeared in his eyes.


“Why is the fight so fierce Didnt I tell her to stop the Wolf Lord for a while Was the Wolf Lord too strong”

Lin Qiyes gaze scanned the Wolf Lords body and discovered that there was also a hole in the Wolf Lords chest.

A red Golden Dragon of Fortune was maintaining that broken heart.

Seeing such a tragic scene, Lin Qiye raised his brows and fell into shock.

“So its a fight to the death This woman is really one-track-minded.

Im afraid that her strange desire to win is causing trouble again.”

Lin Qiye took a deep breath, flapped his wings, and rushed toward the center of the battlefield.

“Little Seventeen, dont go.

Its dangerous!”

The old emperor was stunned.

A cultivator of the Fourth Gate of Heaven butting into a fight between experts of the Seventh Gate of Heaven

Was he courting death

However, he didnt have the time to stop Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye rushed towards the Wolf Lord.

Thousand-year Dragon Body!

Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body!

Innate Divine Body!

Qi Refinement technique!

Thirty-six Strikes of the Ancient Sage!

Lin Qiye exploded and burned his Four Gates of Heaven, releasing all his trump cards.

An ancient sage slashed behind Lin Qiyes as if he wanted to shatter the galaxy.

Sensing Lin Qiyes attack, the Wolf Lordsuddenly became alert.

He realized that something was amiss.

Even though Lin Qiyes cultivation was not high, he could sense an approaching danger.

“My strength has decreased drastically.

I have to retreat! Theres something strange about this youth.

I cant entangle with him!”

The Wolf Lord did not linger in the battle.

In the blink of an eye, he had retreated a thousand meters.

Soon after, the five Heavenly Lords cleaned up after him.

“I suggest you stop chasing me.

Use your last bit of time to get along with that b*tch! She only has half an hour left.

“Running here to kill a super expert of your human race is not a loss at all!”

The Wolf Lords laughter echoed in the distance.

“However, your human race is quite tenacious.

After declining for thousands of years, you still managed to produce two geniuses.


When I return, Ill use the strongest killing move Ive comprehended to cut off the human races fortune.

“Exterminating the human race and unifying the Qin Dynasty Universe is the first step for me to conquer all worlds!”

The Wolf Lords voice was full of confidence.

Lin Qiye could feel it.

The Wolf Lord wasnt bragging.

When he returned, he would really use his strongest killing move to cut off the human races fortune!

Lin Qiye frowned and wanted to chase after him, but millions of Golden Core powerhouses and five Heavenly Lords stood before him.

Lin Qiye wanted to chase after him, but he would definitely be delayed by the crowd tactic.

Killing millions of Golden Core cultivators would take several hours and consume a large amount of spiritual energy.

The Wolf Lord would have been long gone after a few hours!

Moreover, Zhu Yuhengs injuries were grave.

If she was not treated in time, she would definitely die.

Lin Qiye shook his head.

He immediately turned to look at Zhu Yuheng.

At this moment, Zhu Yuhengs breathing was rather chaotic.

She was a little stunned because her plan had gone wrong.

She thought that she had two hearts, so it would not be a problem for her to break one.

She didnt expect that even breaking one is fatal.

Hence, Zhu Yuheng suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Her breathing was weak, and she fell straight down from the sky.

Lin Qiyes image flashed, and he instantly caught her soft body.

Zhu Yuheng sucked in a breath of cold air.

For the first time in her life, her face was pale and weak, and she looked lonely.

However, her beautiful phoenix-like eyes were still brimming with heroic spirit even though she was on the verge of death.

“I… have returned your favor!”

She grabbed Lin Qiyes shirt and said as she spat blood.

Lin Qiye was moved.

“…Thank you.

Actually, Im not asking you to risk your life.

I just want you to stall him for a while.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Zhu Yuheng gritted her teeth.

Her exquisite facial features were filled with an indescribable desire to win.

She was terrifyingly stubborn, to the point that it felt inexplicably cute.

“I will not allow anyone to be stronger than me.

“I am the Empress whose sun and moon shock the sky and shine for all eternity.

I want to be invincible for the rest of my life!”

“Its a pity that this time… I seem to have lost.

My heart cannot be broken…”

As she spoke, Zhu Yuheng twisted her beautiful eyebrows.

It was obvious that her heart was in crucifying pain.

She lay in Lin Qiyes embrace.

She slowly closed her eyes, and a trace of loneliness appeared on her face.

It was an honor to die in battle.

However, she did not complete what she bragged about.

It was very embarrassing.

It was so embarrassing that she did not want to die.

However, her heart was feeling more and more painful.

She lost one of her two hearts, and the other heart also began to lose its balance.

Zhu Yuhengs body began to feel cold, and her breathing gradually became weaker.

“Im a little cold.

I dont want to die from the cold.

“Can you hold me tight

“I dont want to die from the cold.

When I was young, I was abandoned in a world of ice and snow.

I dont want to die from the cold…”

Zhu Yuheng muttered.

Although she used the power of ice and snow, she was most afraid of the cold in her bones.

Before she died, the cold reminded her of the pain of being abandoned when she was young.

She was afraid to experience it again.

Hence, she gave up all her arrogance and asked softly.

Looking at Zhu Yuheng, who had always been arrogant, revealing such a desolate and soft side, pity surfaced in Lin Qiyes eyes.

“To give up your life for a promise… Although you are straightlaced, arrogant, and want to win all the time, youre quite cute.”

“Dont be afraid.

Im here! I wont let you die! Even if Hades comes, I wont let you die!”


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