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Phantom Steps Beginner Level

His Spirit, which was originally 28.1, became 53.1, nearly double of its initial amount.

Song Shis eyes lit up and everything in front of him suddenly became extremely clear. The speed at which the fallen leaves flew was halved.

It was not that the falling leaves had slowed down, but that his perception had almost doubled. Under concentration, the entire world seemed to have slowed down!

For the first time, he sensed the exact location of the big-headed ghost that was originally difficult to capture.

“Its time to cut thiswatermelon!”

Song Shis eyes shone with a cold light. The Iron Ring Saber turned red and slashed at an empty area.


It was as if the blade had cut off a piece of beef. A string of black airflow appeared out of thin air. The big-headed ghost screamed under the blade as one of its ears was cut off.

It appeared in front of Song Shi, dripping with blood. The teasing expression on its face had turned into anger as it opened its bloody mouth and bit over.

Song Shi quickly dodged and turned around to slash it. However, the big-headed ghost knew that his Iron Ring Saber was restraining his movement and dodged him in a flash.

Song Shis expression darkened slightly. As he possessed Innate Divine Strength, his strength doubled. His Defense and Invincible Vajra also increased greatly.

However, his reaction time and speed were not enough. There was still a gap.

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He thought of the Phantom Steps he had obtained from the lucky draw and immediately started to learn it.

His originally straightforward steps immediately became more twisty. His figure swayed slightly and shadows appeared out of thin air, causing an illusory effect.

The big-headed ghost was not able to bite Song Shi. Its teeth cracked as it cried out in anger.

Crack! Crack!

The big-headed ghost chased after Song Shi like a gluttonous snake.

However, Song Shis movement technique was rapidly improving, and he was becoming more and more illusory.

Sometimes, the big-headed ghost would bite a shadow and its sharp teeth would make a crisp sound.

Under the terrifying power of his Comprehension and the pressure of ongoing combat, Song Shis Phantom Steps quickly reached the beginner level and approached the intermediate mastery stage.

“This movement technique can make up for the lack of speed and reaction time!”

Song Shi was secretly delighted. According to his speculation, his Connate Stats should be at 70 points now. Martial artists specialized in strength or speed while cultivators were spiritual energy.

His Spirit had just exceeded 50. There was still a gap between him and the Connate realm, but it was no longer a big gap, so he was able to capture the other partys trajectory.

As for his reaction speed, after using Phantom Steps, he could effectively dodge the attacks. However, it would be difficult for him to hit this monster.

Seeing the other party scream in anger, Song Shi added fuel to the fire, “You cant bite me, right Are you angry”

Just as he finished provoking, a tongue shot out like a blood-colored snake.

“F*ck, it has a hidden weapon!”

Song Shi could not dodge in time and was strangled by the tongue. The latter flicked his head and quickly approached!


“Ding! You have been beheaded by a Yin spirit. Fire Spiritual Energy 2!”

“You have absorbed power from death and obtained 1 Freedom Attribute Points!”

“You will be resurrected in three seconds!”

After dying for the fourth time, the reward was reduced to the lowest level but Song Shi was not in the mood to care about the reward. After reviving, he looked at the big-headed ghost suspiciously.

“This fellow is indeed much stronger than what I have encountered before. It actually has a binding tool like the tongue. Although my sensing ability has increased and my movement technique has increased, its still not enough. I can only fight it to death.”

Song Shi thought to himself, “Even if Im not afraid of him in terms of strength, he can avoid my physical attacks to a certain extent. If I cant kill him in one hit, I should try to wear him out slowly.”

After all, his greatest advantage was that he could not die. If the other party got injured, the injuries would not disappear and would weaken them.

“My Fire Spiritual Energy is the key!”

Song Shi tried his best to channel his Spiritual Energy into the Iron Ring Saber. The red blade trembled and began to emit flames, as if it was burning.

The scorching aura caused the air to twist and tear through the surrounding darkness. However, this light did not pour out to the surroundings. It was restricted to his body and formed a red ball of Fire.

Seeing the Fire Saber in Song Shis hand, the big-headed ghosts eyes flashed with fear. It dodged Song Shis attack and turned invisible.

Song Shi was already able to capture its position. He changed the trajectory of his saber movement and slashed sideways.

With a soft sound, a piece of hair fell. Before it could float away, it was burned by the blade and turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Song Shis neck turned cold. The big-headed ghosts tongue curled around his neck again, restraining him while it accelerated towards him like a spring.

He did not care that his head would be bitten off in the next second. He raised the knife and pulled at his tongue.

Blood splattered as he forcefully cut off its tongue. At the same time, Song Shis head was also bitten off.

Kill 100 enemies, lose 8,000 times!

The ghost head screamed miserably. This time, it did not attempt to eat Song Shis head. It spat out a large mouthful of blood, looking even more terrifying.

Song Shi died five times but he still revived unscathed. He looked calmly at the big-headed ghost who was vomiting blood, “Come on, lets hurt each other!”

If the big-headed ghost had enough IQ, it would definitely curse him out.

You wont even f*cking die. Every time you revive, literally nothing happens to you. Who the f*ck will want to fight with you

Unfortunately, it did not have much intelligence and only had the will to kill. Its tongue was cut off but this stimulated its ferocity and it charged over regardless.

Upon facing Song Shis saber, it first turned into an illusion and dodged, which caused it to only suffer light injuries. Then, it recovered its physical body and bit off Song Shis head.

After Song Shi was revived, he smiled. This ghost was very anxious. It was willing to risk injuries in order to kill him.

“This ghost is very powerful, but he is lacking in intelligence. He is inferior to the Red-dressed female ghost. Perhaps he sacrificed his wits to obtain strength.”


Song Shi further figured out the background of this big-headed ghost. If he guessed correctly, it was probably the owner of this big-headed ghost that had ordered it to kill the living people in this manor.

If it didnt kill him, it wouldnt leave.

But in reality, he had misunderstood.

It was not that this big-headed ghost was unafraid; rather, it was because it did not treat him as an opponent at all but as food.

Just like a hunter that has been injured by its prey, who would be willing to retreat

The big-headed ghost was originally formed from obsession. Now that it could not take down this piece of food, it naturally became even more persistent and attacked again.

“When it turns illusory, my saber that contains Fire Spiritual Energy still can hurt it but the damage is not much. This means that my strength is not strong enough!”

Song Shi recalled the past few attacks. “The best way to attack is when the other party materializes, like when I cut off his tongue just now.”

After finding a way to deal with it, Song Shi dodged while trying to attack the other partys physical body.

Without its tongue, the big-headed ghost could not restrain Song Shi. For a moment, both sides just hid and fought. Neither could do anything to the other.

Meanwhile, Song Shi continued to improve. After dodging more than ten attacks, his body suddenly trembled, leaving behind a flash of shadow.


Initial success in Phantom Steps could leave behind a complete phantom image to confuse the enemy.

If it was mastered, there could be up to three phantom images.

In an instant, the appearance of two Song Shi was enough to make it unable to differentiate them. The big-headed ghost was stunned for a moment before biting at one of the Phantom images.


It missed him completely. Song Shi appeared beside it and slashed out with both hands on his saber.

The big-headed ghost hurriedly turned illusory, but it was a little too slow.

With a bloody flash, half of its scalp was cut off by Song Shi.


The big-headed ghost screamed and turned around to bite him. With a crack, Song Shis saber broke like rotten wood.


Song Shi had taken into account many different consequences but he did not expect his weapon to be destroyed.

This was just an Iron Ring Saber made of ordinary iron. How could it withstand the bite of a wild Connate monster



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