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Unscientific Beast Taming Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Backstabbed by Ones Talent

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“Wait, wait!”

The community was providing warmth, and if no one was around, they were preparing to break in

This was too heartwarming.

Instantly, 10,000 Iron-Eating Beasts rolled across Shi Yus heart.

At the same time, four words appeared in his heart.

He had been exposed!

It was most likely that his conversation with the stone statue had finally been discovered.

Actually, Shi Yu had already expected this outcome.

If the appearance of the mystic realm really was a big deal, the reason would definitely be investigated.

Although there were no cameras in places like the park, it wasnt difficult to find someone in this world using supernatural power.

Scouting of aura, divination, time reversal… It was very normal for some extraordinary creatures to master these strange abilities.

“I hate it.”

Shi Yu hated his curious personality to death.

Then, he ran to open the door in a depressed mood.

According to the young doctor, this incident didnt seem to be a bad thing. He didnt do anything illegal either. Even if the evidence pointed to him, he could say whatever he wanted.

“Its finally open.”

When Shi Yu opened the door, a cold voice came from outside, stunning him.

Because there wasnt a crowd of people from the relevant departments outside as he had imagined. Instead, there was only one person.

Moreover, this person wasnt the cold and aloof Big Sister of the Street Committee that he had imagined. Instead, it was an even younger beautiful woman, probably still in her twenties.

“This is the Wind Demon Lion!”

Shi Yu hadnt paid attention to her for long. The thing he noticed was the creature beside her. It was a restless Wind Demon Lion.

This Wind Demon Lion seemed to really be preparing to blast open the door!

The Wind Demon Lion was a creature that looked like a lion and a hound on the surface. It was nearly two meters tall when sitting. It had fluffy white hair and dignified blue eyes. Black cloud patterns lingered around its neck, limbs, body, and long tail. It was especially domineering.

[Race]: Wind Demon Lion

[Attribute]: Wind

[Race Level]:


Due to the fact that Shi Yu was unlikely to come into contact with higher-level creatures at his level, he had only memorized the information about certain extraordinary creatures during school.

As for the Wind Demon Lion, it was clearly a higher-level creature. Shi Yu had only seen its picture before, and he hadnt paid attention to the other information.

However, among the ranks of transcendent, commander, monarch, overlord, and myth, he guessed that the Wind Demon Lions species should be at commander rank.

“Roar…” The Wind Demon Lion grinned.

“Let me introduce myself. Lu Qingyi. I have a doctorate in archaeology from the Dong Huang Capital University, and Im a member of the Dong Huang Archaeological Association.” Lu Qingyi looked up at Shi Yu.

“I want to know something from you. I hope you can cooperate.” The woman smiled.

Doctor of Archaeology

And it was even one of the nine great academies, Dong Huang Capital University!

Shi Yu looked at this young lady and felt his liver hurt.

She seemed like such a good girl.

Apart from being a little bossy, why did she make things so hard for herself

Archaeology had no future!

“Shi Yu, unemployed wanderer, trainee Beast Tamer. Please come in.”

After the other partys introduction, Shi Yu was completely certain of the reason.

After he came to this world, wasnt the only thing related to archaeology he had contact with… the mutation of the stone statue

Shi Yu opened the door and prepared to receive interrogation with a stifled heart.

Then, Shi Yu led Dr. Lu into the courtyard.

At this moment, the Iron-Eating Beast had already obediently folded up the steel plates and hid behind the tree to peek.

The Green Silk Worm had also crawled back into the birdcage, as if whatever would happen had nothing to do with it.

After entering the courtyard, Lu Qingyi and the Wind Demon Lions gazes immediately looked at the Little Iron-Eating Beast behind the tree and the Green Silk Worm in the birdcage.

Then, they looked at Shi Yu again.

“Ill get straight to the point. The shattering of the stone statue of the Beast Tamer Association in Ping Cheng has something to do with you, right

“I mean no harm. Dont worry.

“I just want to know, did you hear a voice coming from that stone statue”

Shi Yu said, “That stone statue is a living thing”

His question implied tacit agreement.

Lu Qingyi answered, “No, the stone statue is dead. Your talent is telepathy. According to your understanding, telepathy should only be able to communicate with living beings, correct.”

Shi Yu nodded. He even specially checked again, but unfortunately, he didnt find anything new.

“However, there are exceptions to everything.

“When some dead things that carry the faith, will, and emotions of many life forms undergo the baptism of time, its possible that they can give birth tospirits.

“‘Spirit is an ethereal concept, unrelated to life, mind, or soul. The archaeology world calls itechoes of history.

“Only a very small number of people with special talent can hear this echo. Therefore, the archaeology world also calls Beast Tamers who have mastered such a gift of telepathythose who can listen to the Voice of History.”

Shi Yu said, “In other words… Im that special talent”

Lu Qingyi nodded and said, “To be able to hear the Voice of History is a very impressive talent. In our long history, there have been many gaps, and countless truths were hidden. And ruins are therefore the most important way for modern people to understand history.

“However, these preserved ruins are often protected by extraordinary powers, and its also very difficult to decipher or even find them.

“But someone who can listen to theVoice of History is far easier to find. They can crack the key information of the ruins much better than ordinary people.

“This time, because you woke thespirit of that stone statue, it triggered an ancient ruin to surface. The truth of the areas history might be found within.”

Shi Yu had a bad feeling. “So the purpose of your visit is…”

Lu Qingyi said, “Youre very talented and a natural archaeologist. I want to invite you…”



It was impossible to do archaeological work in this lifetime.

He could earn some money, raise a Giant Panda, and then find a beautiful girlfriend to raise a cute cat with her.

Wouldnt it be good to go to a safe city and live a happy and relaxed life

“Sorry… Im not interested in archaeology. I dont want to join any Archaeological Association, nor do I want to go to any Archaeological University,” Shi Yu apologized.

Lu Qingyi was puzzled. “Who said I wanted to invite you to join the Archaeological Association”

“Eh No”

“With your talent, its a little wasteful to join the Archaeological Association. Currently, in the entire ancient country, there are only eleven knownlisteners of history, including you.

“They are even fewer than legendary Beast Tamers, even fewer than the number of myth-level creatures in the country. Do you know what this means

“You were invited by another organization.

“Besides, you dont have to be in a hurry to refuse. Men are all creatures who say one thing and mean another. Having this talent means that you must like this field. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for you to hear the voice of the stone statue.”

Lu Qingyi walked to the bottom of the birdcage and looked at the Green Silk Worm. Her words made Shi Yu feel uncomfortable.

Why Why! Why was it that even after transmigrating, he had to have some relationship with archaeology

Wasnt this telepathy talent super common or something What was all this all of a sudden How could this talent stab me in the back!


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