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Since that map was basically a giant forest, Jake thought he would find many herbs like those red, blue, and green. However, he didn't find any. After thinking for a while, the green ones would be surprisingly difficult to find due to the color of the surroundings. In any case, even after half an hour, Jake didn't find any.

"Why does it seem like you are looking for something you lost" Lana asked.

"I am looking for herbs like this one," Jake said and then grabbed one of the red herbs that were hidden inside his Cape.

While Jake wanted all the herbs on that map to himself, he decided to give that information to Lana in order to confirm if there were herbs in that forever actually. He could always come later alone to gather them once he confirms that they can be found there. Lana and Louise can help him confirm that.

"Hmm… putting that aside, this forest is like a maze," Lana said. "I am not sure if we are walking in a straight line or If we are walking in circles."

It seemed that Jake was a fool for thinking that Lana would understand the value of those herbs. How could she when she was a healer that didn't have to attack and didn't use mana to heal Regardless, Jake was sure that they weren't walking in circles. After all, the bees bled, and he didn't find any sign of their blood around. While there was a chance that a spawning point would repair itself while no player was around, Jake decided to think that it wasn't the case. Otherwise, the server would have too many things to register and do. Leaving all that work to be done in a single day to clear the logs was probably the best idea.

In any case, upon defeating the next group of enemies, Jake sighed when he saw the dropped item. It was a wand…

Magic Wand of the Wind

Wind Ball (0%), master this item to learn this skill permanently.

Durability: 07/07

Wind Ball: a sphere of wind that can cause damage equal to your intelligence plus ten percent level.

Cost: 05 mana

"... Give me back once you two master it," Jake said and then tossed the wand upward that, ended up falling on Lana's hands.

"Aren't you going to master first" Lana asked. "How weird…"

"Magic is for pu… I don't need offensive magic spells on my skill list," Jake corrected himself.

Jake felt the judging gazes on his back, but he decided to ignore them. Now that he thought about it, he had no real reason to be so against the use of magic. Still, he had no intentions of even mastering the wand. It seemed a waste of time in many ways.

In any case, Lana ended up using the Wand first since she had no offensive skills, and she felt like doing that now and then. She was starting to think that monster hunting was great for stress relief.

Congratulations! The class Squire has leveled up.

Your health and strength increased by two points, and your mana, stamina, endurance, and speed increased by one point.

Congratulations! The skill Hyper Body has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

After defeating another group of Deadly Bees, Jake obtained those notifications. He was getting strong quite fast… he even had more mana than mages like Lana and Louise. Still, he basically only used mana to level up Appraisal. That was probably the best thing he could do with his mana.

The next wave of enemies appeared, and Jake frowned when he saw five of them… that would be tough. Louise quickly killed one when the monster tried to use Wind Ball. Lana tried to do the same, but she missed… the Wind Ball didn't even scratch her target.

"Damn! Why I can't hit anything" Lana said, and then she stomped her right foot on the ground.

Since she didn't have to use mana to heal Jake, she had been using all her mana to use Wind Ball, but while she had tried six times until now, she had yet to hit anything with it. The other Deadly Bees tried to surround Jake, but he decided to make use of the extra stamina he just got. He dashed toward one of the bees and then smashed the creature's head with Bash after jumping. His legs felt more powerful than usual, so he easily reached one and a half meters of height. The critical hit finished off the monster.

One tried to attack Jake from behind, but Louise covered for him and hit the monster with a Fireball. When Jake landed, he quickly turned around and finished the creature. As for the remaining two, Jake spun around with his sword and activated Bash four times in quick succession to kill them. It was weird how attacking like that felt so natural to him…

You obtained 08 coins.

"Hey, what is that" Lana pointed their way ahead while Jake was looking for drops.

After not finding any loot, Jake noticed that the forest was finally ending. After two hours of walking, they finally found an exit. However, they found a mountainous region covered by snow instead of finding something like a grassland, lake, or river.

Class: Squire Lv 03/--/--

Race: --/--/--

Fame: 240

Health: 63/63 (0,0176)

Mana: 22/53 (0,0176)

Stamina: 11/52 (0,0176)

Strength: 17

Dexterity: 06

Speed: 15

Intelligence: 06

Endurance: 11 01

Control: 05

Mentality: 07

Luck: 03

Recovery: 11

Willpower: 09

Coins: 19822

Status: 00

Skill List

Active Physical Skills: Bash Lv 03, Dash Lv 01,

Passive Physical Skills: Hyper Body Lv 04, , , , , , , Pain Resistance Lv 02 Bronze Skin Lv 01, Swordsmanship Lv 02, Concentration Lv 01, Lesser Vampirism Lv 01, Improved Recovery Lv 01,

Spells: Analysis Lv 01, Appraisal Lv 03, Barrier Lv 01, Stealth Lv 01

Support Spells: Fire Resistance Lv 01


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