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Unlimited Power 03The Sinful Ruler Chapter 16 Another One (1)

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It had been a while due to those dreams, but Jake finally had a good night of sleep. He woke up at sunset and then went for a run. After one working out a good sweat, he returned to his apartment. He began to prepare his breakfast after taking a shower.

"Phew… I feel alive like never before," Jake said while he was drying his hair.

Jake thought he wouldn't sleep all that well since those assholes made him remember something unpleasant. Still, that had been just his imagination. Nevertheless, after filling his belly, Jake decided to log in and then looked for the golden armor guy. He was there again, in the same spot. He probably was there with another goal in mind instead of just selling items for newcomers.

"Hey, Champ," The golden armor guy said. "It seems you made a lot of progress since yesterday."

Jake wished that he couldn't find a skill that would prevent him from Appraisal working on him. At least he now knew that such an item existed.


Health: /

Mana: /

Stamina: /

"How much can you offer for this" Jake asked while showing the Vampiric Dagger.

"Hmm, that is something we don't see often," Luke scratched his chin. "How about five thousand coins"

"Forget about it, I will sell to someone else," Jake said.

"My bad, my bad, it was a joke," Luke said. "I can buy it for the market price. Ten thousand coins is what I can offer."

It was the same value Jake found it on the forum… was that a coincidence Maybe Luke was someone who was well-informed about the market price of rare items.

"And about all this" Jake asked.

"Three sets of gear… have you been doing something you shouldn't" Luke asked after he furrowed his eyebrows.

"That is none of your business," Jake said.

"True enough… I can offer you everything thirteen thousand coins and I can also recommend you to a certain good party," Luke said.

"No parties, I want 15k," Jake said.

"Jake!" Lana's voice echoed in the area.

Jake facepalmed… Why did she have to appear and shout just at that moment Jake could imagine what she wanted, but her actions made something annoying happen. Luke was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well… it seems you have already a pretty good party waiting for you," Luke said. "It must be nice be so young and full of energy, I am jealous."

"Dude, give my money and shut up," Jake said.

"Hello, my ladies, "Luke said while ignoring Jake. "I have some good items here for mages and priests, are you interested"

Jake frowned when he heard that, and then he turned around and then noticed that Lana had bought someone with her. It was a tall woman who had long and straight black hair. She smiled at Jake and then waved her right hand, but he ignored her. There was something in her brown eyes that made him feel that something was off.

"No, thank you," Lana said.

"You are pretty much rich now, champ," Luke said. "Why don't you buy something for your friends"

"I have never met them before," Jake said. "Rather than that, what kind of items do you have there that increases recovery"

"Oh You are pretty smart…" Luke said, visibly impressed. "Let's see… this ring here will teach you the skill of improved recovery and the skill will increase it by one point per level. Aside from that, there is nothing that you can buy. It will cost five thousand coins."

"What about a long ranged sword skill" Jake asked.

"There is a certain sword, that it will grant you a certain skill, but it costs fifty thousand coins," Luke replied. "Until you obtain that sum, I would recommend you use crossbows."

"I am not interested in long ranged weapons, but I will buy the ring," Jake said.

Ring of the Regeneration

Durability: 06/06

Skill: Improved Recovery (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

Improved Recovery Lv 01 - It passively increases your recovery by one point per level.

"Here is a free tip for you: monsters tend to drop more items if you kill them with a critical hit," Luke said while whispering.

Jake frowned when he heard that Luke had no reason to give that kind of information for free to Jake. He also didn't like to be helped for no particular reason… Maybe he should look for someone else to buy certain items. In any case, he finished his shopping, but he still had some problems.

"What" Jake asked when he turned around. "You didn't find enough members for your girl band"

"What are you talking about…" Lana said while looking away since she had really thought of making a party of only girls.

"Your acting skills need some work," Jake said. "Anyway, I can't help you. While you were playing around, I made sure to cover my bases, so I don't need your help."

"Please, just this one time," Lana said. "We need to make Louise obtain a new elemental spell and I don't want to owe any favors to weirdos."

"Oh, man… I can imagine now, you formed a party with her and went to hunt fire slimes without imagining that she would learn a fire spell," Jake said. "You are not very good at thinking ahead, are you Nevertheless, it is not my problem."

"I knew you would say that so I came prepared," Lana said. "Go on Louise, do it."

"Hey, just don't decide things by…" Jake said.

"Please, be a good friend and help us, oui" Louise said.

Louise also had a pretty sweet voice, and since she was obviously from France, her accent was also pretty sexy. Jake felt like it would be great to hear her voice while she scolded him for whatever reason, but at the same time, he also noticed that she was better at acting than Lana. Her friendly act was forced.

"B minus," Jake said.


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