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That happened around ten days ago. Lana received a certain package in her apartment. When she opened it, she found the VR helmet of Dungeon Masters Online. She thought that it was a prank, but then she confirmed in her email that the developers had sent her the helmet and a manual for whatever reason.

Lana had decided to leave that alone since she wasn't interested in games, but when she mentioned that to one of her friends, she heard something unexpected.

"I have heard that the game is quite action packed and I saw some videos where monsters bleed a lot. If you play that game, perhaps you can overcome your fears over blood."

While Lana certainly wasn't the first person who wanted to be a doctor but couldn't withstand the sight of blood, whe certainly didn't want to be one of those who gave up because of that. The idea seemed crazy, but Lana decided to at least try it.

On the next Sunday, Lana decided to test the game and was surprised when she discovered that she couldn't change her appearance. Thanks to that, she saw many people looking at her. So, she logged off to put on a sweatshirt that had a big hood and that worked to keep her from attracting attention.

At first, she had no idea what to do, but after walking around for a while, she learned the most important parts of the town and eventually found thousands of people around the crystal server. She eventually accepted a mission and then chose a weapon that granted her the Heal spell. Since she wanted to become a doctor, it seemed logical for her to also do the same kind of thing inside a game…

In the end, Lana learned in the worst way that one can't become a healer and hope to play Dungeon Masters Online alone. She tried to fight a slime by kicking it, but she quickly gave up since the pain didn't leave marks, it sure was annoying.

Lana decided to join a group, but there was a problem, players spawned in different locations. The parties that showed up quickly disappeared since they already had their goals and knew the best spots to hunt. So, Lana didn't have the chance to join them. When solo players appeared, they were quickly wiped out by the fire slimes since they weren't fast enough to dodge the attacks.

Lana sighed while she was hiding in the grove near the starting village… the game was too hardcore for newbies like her. It seemed that she had to wait patiently and hope that the slimes won't find her for the next five hours. While she was thinking that, she noticed that a solo player who was barefooted and wearing his pajamas appeared. Unlike her, he didn't try to change his clothes when he noticed that he couldn't customize his avatar. Nevertheless, Lana saw Jake killing slimes one after the other and even though, he was a newbie, he dodged and blocked their attacks with weird precision. Then she saw his health, he wasn't a newbie… but his clothes made him look like one. After a weird conversation and a weird request they teamed up.

At first, Lana thought that Jake came to the beginners area to show off and look cool in front of girls. However, he paid her no mind and ignored her whenever possible. He wasn't a newbie or a show off, he was worse. He was an extremely self-centered guy, who was quick to say harsh things without worrying about what others might think. Still, he was educated enough to explain to her the basics of the game. Even though he was quick to give up on that when he saw a monster around.

In the end, Lana assumed that Jake wasn't a bad person, but he wasn't a good one either. The things he did were decided if something would be convenient for him or not. While he didn't try to hide that, it was also troublesome since it was obvious that he couldn't care less about the opinions of others.

In the end, they parted ways when Lana finished her mission since Jake was just too prideful to ask for help and too annoying to talk to for more than a couple of seconds. On that same day, Lana waited around the crystal server in search of new players. While some of them appeared, they were never alone. Lana thought that it would be easy to find someone new and pleasant to play with, but it seemed that she was wrong.

Still, Lana persisted and after a couple of hours she found someone. She was a tall black haired woman who seemed to be in her twenties and she walked as if she was full of confidence. She was exactly the type of the woman Lana was aspiring to be and even better, she was ignoring the players who were calling for her because she knew what they wanted.

In the end, Lana approached her and they started to talk. After a while, Lana taught her the basics and then decided to hunt some fire slimes. As soon as they arrived in the village, Lana confirmed that Jake was nowhere to be seen. So, without wasting time, they began to hunt, but eventually, Lana noticed that they had a problem… The woman had decided to become a mage and her first skill was Fireball. Neither of them could attack the fire slimes…

Lana decided to look for some parties, but they quickly left them after a while, since the male players were suspiciously friendly and the female players were too rude due to the jealously so, they expended five hours talking about their lives.

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