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Unlimited Power 03The Sinful Ruler Chapter 14 Solo (6)

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In the end, Jake at least gained the herbs that those idiots had farmed for who knows how many days. They had three reds, one blue and one green. They also left him a good present…

Vampiric Dagger

Durability: 06/06

Skill: Lesser Vampirism (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

Lesser Vampirism Lv 01 - It restores one point of your health per attack.

"My guess was right, but it is annoying the way I had to obtain this…" Jake furrowed his eyebrows. "Nevertheless, I will have to fight using his dagger for a while."

While that would be difficult, Jake already knew how to make things easier for him. He just will have to put away his shield and use the Vampiric Dagger alongside his sword. Usually, that wouldn't be the brightest of the ideas, but since the squire class leveled up while he was fighting those assholes, he imagined that it was possible.

With the dagger on his left hand, Jake looked for another bat, when the creature appeared, he stopped its advance by pointing the tip of his sword toward its mouth. However, the attack had been slower since he used only one arm, thanks to it, the monster moved to the left side at the last moment. That being said, Jake sliced its throat with his dagger. The creature tried to scream in pain, but it failed, and due to the pain, it couldn't move properly, so Jake had enough time to finish it off with the longer weapon.

You obtained 01 status points.

"This will do for the time being…" Jake nodded to himself. "Still, it would be too much of a waste to leave all this behind… I will sell it to that guy."

The equipment left behind by three stupidest siblings should be worth at least two thousand coins and that was more than the current value of all of Jake's equipment.

In any case, things improved considerably when Jake obtained Lesser Vampirism. Now that he could afford being a bit more reckless, he walked toward the dungeon while killing the giant bats nonstop. Even better, the skill worked even when Jake caused damage when he attacked with his shield.

"This dagger should be pretty valuable considering how much difference Lesser Vampirism does," Jake thought.

While Jake solved the problem of his health, another one appeared. It was his stamina, fighting eo many times in a row consumed a lot of his stamina, even when he wasn't using skill. The reason for that was his high speed movements… While his stamina increased, his body still was getting heavier at the same pace.

"There is also the fact that I have been playing this game for ten hours straight…" Jake rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I guess I should calm down now since I already obtained one very useful skill so soon."

By calming down, Jake began to hunt Giant Bats and defeat them once every thirty seconds instead of the rate near the entrance of the dungeon. Maybe he should try to complete the third mission of the first area since the fire slimes now could be easily killed by a single hit. The only problem was the boss, since he knew that a group of six failed at defeating it.

In any case, eventually the mission was completed and Jake was transported back to the crystal server town. While it was night in the real world, it still was day in the place.

Congratulations! You have unlocked a new area to travel: Deadly Forest.

"That Golden armor guy isn't here… I guess I will sell this tomorrow," Jake muttered.

Until now, he didn't notice it, but Jake was quite tired. It was weird considering that his real body didn't do much. It was probably due to mental exhaustion… Nevertheless, Jake logged off and then prepared his dinner while he was making a mental note to wake up earlier the next day and then go for a run.

"The money already is in the account… and they gave me a bonus for completing the second area as well…" Jake frowned. "As much as I am earning money to play this game, I can't overlook my health. Maybe I should start playing soccer again somewhere… or at least run for an hour every day."

After having his dinner, Jake began to look for some commerce forums related to dungeon masters online. In the end, it didn't take long for him to find it. Most of the things there were being sold by using real money, but some players also accepted coins. Jake didn't find anyone buying the Vampiric Dagger using real money, but there was a guy willing to pay ten thousand coins.

"I guess I will call him tomorrow… no point in keeping holding an item that won't do anything for me," Jake said.

Jake tried to find a way to sell the garbage items that he had, but there was no people asking for those. In other hand, there was all kinds of players asking for special items. Jake even found a list of items that had a low drop rate, his Vampiric Dagger was among them… it seemed that drop chance was one in two thousand...

"Hmmn… those effects are crazy," Jake nodded himself in shock when he saw items that could paralyze or freeze targets for a full second depending on their status.

There was even the mana and stamina versions of his Vampiric Dagger, but they could only be dropped in areas that Jake had no access to yet.


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