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After killing a few more bats, Jake received the notification that Swordsmanship had leveled up. A couple of moments ago, Appraisal had also leveled up, so he increased his speed in two points and now he could stop the bats with his sword before they could touch him. With his sword in their mouth, Jake had to wait for ten seconds to kill them, but he was satisfied with that.

It was weird the fact that speed also increased his reaction speed, but then Jake confirmed that he also got almost two faster times. That being said, he also was using more stamina while running.

"If speed is enough against the bats, now I should focus on luck," Jake thought. "The drop rate of those monsters is too low, but by raising my luck, it should solve the problem."

Eventually, Jake found the exit of the dark forest. However, he didn't find anything in the distance aside from a long dark grassland. There were some mountains in the distance, but Jake couldn't find a single trace of players or monsters.

"The bats only spawn here" Jake rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "This might be troublesome…"

Eventually, Jake was attacked by another giant bat. While they didn't leave the forest, it seemed that they still attacked those close enough. With that in mind, Jake decided to walk around the forest in hope to find the dungeon of the map, or at least some new herbs.

While the outside of the forest wasn't exactly bright, the visibility was much better, so Jake had a pretty easy time attacking the bats when they flew at him, he got a few scratches here and there, but nothing serious. Fortunately, even before he could raise his luck, he finally found something.

Old Dark Cape

Durability: 06/06

Skill: Stealth (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

Stealth Lv 01 - it decreases the amount of sound you make by five percent per level while the skill is active..

Cost: 1 mana per second.

"Hmm… I suppose I can use this for the time being," Jake frowned.

Jake was worried because he couldn't imagine the same type of monster dropping several types of different equipment. He wanted to believe that the drops would be decided by the guy who gave the last hit on the monster, but he already knew that the game wasn't that convenient. Nevertheless, while he wasn't getting the items he wanted, he was gaining a lot of coins.

"If things are going to be like this, I really need to have connections with some groups of players in order to buy decent equipment," Jake thought.

There was no point in being stubborn, while it was troublesome to get involved with a bigger group of players, Jake didn't have to be that competitive against those who have been playing for months already.

After moving around for a while, Jake eventually found the place where the bats were spawning. Surprisingly enough, they were coming from outside the forest. Jake imagined that they would be coming from a copy of Dracula's castle, but while they were coming from some sort of building, the stone walls were just the entrance of the underground dungeon. The walls of the entrance made Jake recall the arc of the triumph, but in the walls there were too many drawings of giant bats. It was really creepy… Jake noticed all that from a distance since the bats were leaving that hole one at every ten seconds and that was too much for him at the moment.

"I guess this area is the best place to hunt… now I just have to find a weapon that will grant me life steal," Jake thought. "On the other hand, this is the worst place to plant that herb…"

Just to make sure that he won't bump into an unexpected group of players, Jake moved away from the dungeon a little bit. While he was basically a newbie, many PKs found pleasure in defeating newbies just to cause trouble to them, not for items, gold or experience.

Congratulations! The skill Hyper Body has leveled up.

You obtained 01 status points.

Using the same tactic over and over again, Jake managed to slay hundreds of giant bats in the next hours. However, even after increasing his luck two times, he didn't notice any changes in the drop rate. That was pretty suspicious since Jake was sure that he was defeating more monsters than a newbie could do it by himself. In the end, Jake was left speechless since he completed the mission without getting any item that actually would benefit his fighting style. Still, despite that, he decided to accept the mission yet again.

Class: Squire/--/--

Race: --/--/--

Fame: 40

Health: 49 (0,0128)

Mana: 41 (0,0128)

Stamina: 41 (0,0128)

Strength: 13

Dexterity: 06

Speed: 12

Intelligence: 06

Endurance: 09 01

Control: 05

Mentality: 07

Luck: 03

Recovery: 08

Willpower: 09

Coins: 1989

Status: 00

Skill List

Active Physical Skills: Bash Lv 03, Dash Lv 01,

Passive Physical Skills: Hyper Body Lv 03, , , , , , , Pain Resistance Lv 02 Bronze Skin Lv 01, Swordsmanship Lv 02, Concentration Lv 01

Spells: Analysis Lv 01, Appraisal Lv 03, Barrier Lv 01, Stealth Lv 01

Support Spells:


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