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You obtained Leather Boots

Durability: 06/06

Skill: Dash (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

Dash Lv 01 increases your speed by one per level while active.

Cost: 0.5 stamina per second.

You obtained Leather Gloves

Durability: 06/06

Skill: Concentration (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

Concentration Lv 01 - Increases passively dexterity by one point per level.

You obtained Normar

Durability: 10/10

Skill: 04 health (0%) master this item to obtain this bonus permanently.

,m Jake equipped the items, and he already could feel a difference in terms of looks alone. He didn't look like a weirdo in a medieval setting. Without wasting time, he turned around and headed toward the crystal server.

"Hey, Champ!" The golden armor guy shouted. "I am always here selling items for warriors."

"I will make sure to remember that," Jake said.

It was a pain to deal with other players to obtain items like that since most of them would try to scam him like that guy. Still, Jake didn't have any other choice. Until he reaches a certain level where his progress won't be that fast, he will have to rely on players to obtain items and save time. That was fine, though, since he didn't have any other use for coins for the time being.

Not like Jake cared about that, but people were no longer looking at him while laughing. While his name still wasn't famous, his gear made him look like a new player who had some talent. In a game where reflexes and fast-thinking determine more things than skills and equipment, talent and motor skills were everything.

In any case, Jake could always hunt fire slimes for the extra coins in order to get even better gear, but just grinding easy monsters wasn't that fun. Besides, he had another reason to select the mission to hunt Giant Bats. Becoming a solo player that doesn't have to wait for others to do every single thing was probably the best option for him. However, he needed several things to be able to do that. The most important was sustain… without a healer and potions, he could only rely on life steal, and he was betting all his coins that the Giant Bats would give him a weapon with that kind of skill.

After selecting the mission, Jake was immediately teleported to a dark and eerie forest. While in the crystal server town, everything was bright as if it was in the middle of the day. In that forest, it seemed that the sun had just set. He got teleported to a very far away place…

Jake equipped his sword and shield because he could hear some sounds here and there, but his visibility was as bad as it could be. He could barely see the trees ten meters away from him.

"Man… the developers went all out while giving no **s to fantasy maps," Jake smirked in excitement when he actually should feel pretty scared of that place.

Jake couldn't hear the sound of players, and they probably wouldn't be hard to hear in such a place. By the look of things, that kind of mission wasn't popular among players, that or no one lasted long enough in such a place.

Suddenly, Jake heard a squeak in the distance, and then the sound of wings flapping. Something was approaching, and he could tell that it was from behind. He immediately turned around, but the Giant Bat hit his shield much sooner than he had predicted. Still, Jake managed to get hit by the creature directly.

Giant Bat Lv 03

Health: 35/35

Mana: 50/50

Giant Bats were almost as big as a human, and that was why Jake almost was pushed backward in the impact. Big and fast… that could be a problem for Jake, who only increased his strength and recovery.

When Jake tried to strike the creature with his sword, the monster flew backward. He clicked his tongue in annoyance, but at least the monster didn't try to run away. He still moved backward a little bit. Instead of dashing toward the creature, Jake decided to wait patiently. The first battle was that important. He had to learn as much as possible from the target without making mistakes.

The Giant Bat decided to attack again, and the stupid monster did so in a direct attack. Jake smirked while he used Bash with his shield. While he didn't hit the monster's head. He hit its stomach and made the creature gasp for air. Jake used that chance to strike with his sword the left-wing of the creature, but while his hit had been clean, it didn't cut off the wing, but the monster was bleeding through its arm after it moved away.

The creature lost some flying speed, and Jake used that chance to attack. The Giant Bat used its feet to force Jake to stay away, but that didn't work. Jake ignored it and slashed his sword at the wounded wing, but at the same time, the monster approached its head toward Jake's. In a hurry, Jake jumped backward and did not land any attack, but he avoided the bit.

"Welp… that scared me a little bit," Jake frowned.

Jake's sword strike was making the creature lose health over time. While that was weird since his weapon shouldn't have that effect, Jake welcomed it. The monster got impatient and then flew toward Jake with its mouth wide open… the creature sure wanted to take a bite of Jake, and that confirmed that such creatures probably had vampiric skills. However, instead of his flesh, Jake made the monster taste the power of his shield and sword by using Bash in quick succession.


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