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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 6 - 5 Fighting For The Next Level

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After defeating a random beetle as his first opponent Marcus went looking for stronger more exp foes to fight. Even though both Marcus and the beetle were level 1 the amount of exp a beetle has is nothing compared to what Marcus needs to level up. The strength of a creature is not solely determined by level but also by race. A level 1 dragon is still far stronger than a level 10 horse and thus would give more and need more exp.

Marcus searched around for a while until he found the perfect being for him to fight against for exp. He managed to find a silver furred ferret that was eating the body of a smaller rodent.

'The perfect situation that silver furred ferret is already distracted by its meal and will never notice my ambush. It is time for you to become the foundation for my first level up.'

Marcus then moved along the branches of the trees as quietly as he could slowly positioning himself above the silver furred ferret that he had found. Once he was in position, he was ready to pounce on the unsuspecting ferret.

'Here we go one two three death from above.'

Marcus then jumped towards the ferret teeth and claws ready and when he was only a foot away from the ferret it suddenly leaped to the side dodging the sneak attack forcing Marcus to slam into the hard ground.

'Ah that hurt that crafty ferret dodged me, how the hell did it know I was here. Whatever I will just have to fight it head on and hope I get a victory.'

Marcus and the ferret then squared off against each other with Marcus attacking fist lunging towards the ferret teeth first hoping to score a nasty bite only for the ferret to dodge out of the way once again. This time however, the ferret also struck back racking its claws across the side of the squirrel that Marcus is currently possessing.

'Ow that really **ing hurts not having a physical body has almost made me forget how bad pain can be I cannot believe that this stupid ferret is beating me right now.'

Of course, the ferret had far more experience in combat then Marcus who was also fighting in an unfamiliar body as well as having sustained an injury at the beginning of the fight, there was no way Marcus had any chance of winning. After exchanging a few more blows, with the ferret taking almost no damage the ferret had pinned down Marcus and was about to deliver the final blow when Marcus abandoned the squirrel's body.

The squirrel let out a deafening cry as the ferret bit into its throat to finish it off.

'Good job Mr. ferret, you managed to defeat me in squirrel form however, it is I who shall have the final victory as your body is now mine.'

Marcus then floated towards the ferret that had begun to eat the previously possessed squirrel and activated his possession skill. Once inside the ferrets body the two souls fought for control over the body and after quite a bit longer than Marcus would like he finally obtained control over the ferret's body.

'Huff-huff that was harder than I expected it to be, this thing must be higher than level 1 otherwise taking control of its body should have been easier. Let me check out my new status and see if this thing has any good abilities.'

Name: Marcus Ferrous

Age: 28

Race: Unbound Ghost (Silver Furred Ferret Level 2 Possessed)

Level: 1

HP: 150/150-80/80

MP: 140/140

STR: 6( 1)

AGL: 12

VIT: 7( 1)

INT: 14

SPR: 15

Stat Points: 0

Skill Points: 0

Unique Skills: Personal Status

Skills: Small Item Box

Blessing of Iron

Race Abilities: Invisible, Ethereal, Chill Zone, Float, Possession, Undying

Possessed Race abilities: Claw, Bite, Silver Hide

Specter Powers: Ghost Sounds Level 1

'Okay this ferret is level 2, from the fight it put up I was expecting little higher but it has higher stats than the squirrel so I will take it. It has both claw and bite just like the squirrel but instead of flight it has silver hide which increases resistance to physical damage. No wonder I could barely hurt the thing and it felt like my attacks were bouncing off. Oh well time to use this ferret to level myself up.'

Marcus possessing the ferret headed out in search of more creatures to fight. He went searching for more of the winged squirrels, but they would always fly away before he could get close to them and none of them were dumb enough to attack Marcus head on.

'Why won't these stupid squirrels come down and fight like a man. This forest sucks there are hardly any creatures that I can take over and even fewer that I can fight for exp once I have a suitable body. I really did not want to have to resort to killing bugs for exp, but I can't waste all my time looking for something that gives better exp and that I can fight. At least this way I will be feel like I am doing something.'

Marcus then went on a bug massacring spree for a few hours killing every insect her could find. This of course hardly gave him any exp even after killing many dozen beetles, moths, and what else he could get his paws on. Marcus finally caught a break and managed to find a small mouse and after chasing it around for a couple of minutes had pinned it down ready to make the kill.

'I finally got you hopefully you are going to give far more exp than those stupid bugs I have been killing. Do not look at me with those eyes you lost and no I am going to kill you for the exp staring at me with so much fear will not stop me. Damn it, fine go you get to live you would barely give me any exp anyways.'

The little mouse then scurried away from Marcus thanking its lucky stars that it managed to survive somehow.

'Whatever it does not matter it probably would have been about equal to 10 beetles anyway. I am basically immortal so if I have to spend a few months killing insects to get my first level up it is not that big of a deal.'

Marcus continued his hunt for exp killing whatever insects he could find slowly but surely making his way to the next level. However, moving all over the forest without regard for stealth eventually would lead anyone to ruin as Marcus came across a beast, he had no chance against.

'There there nice doggy your massive like the size of a truck you don't want to eat this tiny ferret I would barely be a snack for you. Let's just be friend and walk away from each other okay.'

As Marcus tried to turn around and run away a massive claw decapitated the ferret he was possessing in an instant shunting him out of its body.'

'Ah ** that hurt, it still hurts damn what the hell, god what is this my body has a crack in it.'

After checking his status Marcus noticed that he had lost about a quarter of his HP after being forced out of the ferrets body upon his death.

'Ow ow ow, I guess my soul takes damage if I am killed while inside another creatures body. This is just great now I have to be even more carefully about using other creatures bodies. And ** you gargantuan wolf I hope I never see you again. Woops got to be carefully I've already sunk up to my waist in the ground.'

After pulling himself back out of the ground Marcus floated away from the wolf in search of another body to possess. After searching around for a few days without finding a suitable body to occupy Marcus noticed something that really piqued his interest.

'That is definitely some smoke over there in the distance and where there is smoke there is fire and where there is fire there might be people.. Time to go investigate if I follow some people around, I may eventually find a treasure that will help me level up.'


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