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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 4 - 3 Getting To The Core Of The Issue

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Marcus continued to fall through the ground around him as the speed of his descent increased with every second that passed. Marcus tried everything that he could think of to stop his decent into the world. He tried to flap his arms around wildly free style swim through rock, he even resorted to praying to come to a stop. Alas everything he did was futile as he only sunk deeper and deeper into Mirrion. The ground passed around Marcus's eyes with the changing of color of the rock around him and the subtle feeling of falling alerting him that he was still falling. At one point he came into a massive open cavern that was full of brilliant colors and housed a massive metropolis. This scene managed to distract Marcus from his predicament for quite some time as he looked around in wonder at the beautiful cavern and sprawling underground city. His descent even seemed to slow down while he viewed the city and its splendor however, the cruel embrace of the ground once again covered Marcus. For hours then days Marcus kept slipping deeper into Mirrion, after trying everything that he could think of to stop he finally gave up hoping that he would eventually come out on the other side of the world. Unfortunately for Marcus this did not happen, he did eventually come to a stop but instead of coming out on the other side of the world he was stuck in its core.

'No no no don't stop now, don't take away the little hope that I had left to escape this nightmare. This was supposed to be a new start in an amazing new world yet so far all it has been hell. I'm literally now trapped in a fiery molten prison.'

Marcus had already tried everything he could think of to use his float ability but for some reason he could only move down and never up. He had even read the newbies guide he was given but the only information that he got from it that could help was that skills could be purchased and upgraded with skill points. Unfortunately, with Marcus only being level 1 he had no skill points to spend on a skill that could get him out of his current situation.

'Maybe this is all just a dream. Yeah, I'm going to wake up in my hotel room any moment now and can continue with my life. Please wake up I don't want to spend all eternity stuck at the center of this world. I miss my old life I wish I could just go back to how everything was before. I want to see my family again. Everything has just happened so fast I hadn't even considered how I'll never be able to spend holidays with my family, I'll never go see another movie with my brother and sister or meet my newborn nephew. This world is horrible I thought it would be a cool adventure exploring a new magical world but instead I will be stuck in the core of the planet until eventually I lose what semblance of sanity I have left.'

As Marcus's thoughts became bleaker and darker as he begged to anything and everything to escape the hell life's cruelty had bestowed upon him, when his thoughts and emotions were at their darkest Marcus moved ever so slightly downward until bouncing back up into the center of Mirrion.

'What the hell just happened why did I just move down farther only to bounce back up. I know gravity must have some affect on me otherwise I would have just floated out to space instead of the core of Mirrion so why did I suddenly move down again after reaching the center of gravity.'

After searching his memories from his beginning on Mirrion to his rapid descent into the center of the world Marcus slowly begins to piece together how his float ability really works.

'I do not remember starting to sink immediately on my arrival to Mirrion, at first I checked out my body and the surroundings and was certainly not moving in any direction. I only began to fall through the ground while I was reading my status. I was becoming quite angry because I had been screwed over by the system administrator. Then when I noticed that I was sinking into the ground I started to panic and began to sink faster. However, there was one point when I felt like I began to slow down, when I saw the amazing underground cavern and city, I was so enamored that I almost forgot that I was falling though the ground. In the few minutes in which I was marveling at the city my descent really did slow down. And just moments ago when I was feeling at my lowest it felt like the whole world was waying down on me I moved slightly for the first time since being stuck at the center of the world. The thing that affects my float ability is my feelings, my own negativity was waying me down so if I think positively, I should be able to move up instead of fall down.'

With Marcus's first spark of hope since he began falling into the ground he began to rise instead of fall and as the feeling of hope continued to swell, Marcus began to ascend faster and faster making his way back to the surface of Mirrion.


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