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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 25 - 24 Ivar Poulsen

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'There are just too many possible scenarios that can happen, I will have to be flexible and go with the flow. Hopefully, this is just an in and out procedure with as little pain as possible. Oh, who am I kidding from what I have heard this guy is certainly going to try to get me into bed. Great now that I think about it, he may even try to drug me, since I am soul tethered to Irene even if I pass out, I do not get forced out of her body. I am going to need to be careful of what I eat. Wait he is less likely to feed me any drugs if he thinks I am going to do it willingly, I need to act flirtatious and find a way to back out at the last moment. The problem is I am a guy and know nothing about seduction techniques, am I supposed to flash him some cleavage, laugh at everything he says, god this is difficult.'

Marcus spent the better half of the night obsessing about whatever he could do to plant the evidence and get out without suffering any consequences. At a certain point he gave up and finally went to sleep. He woke up soaked in cold sweat from how nervous he was, and he was not certain when the person who was going to take him to Lieutenant Poulsen would arrive.

'I guess I should just go get some breakfast and wait around downstairs until whoever it is comes to get me.'

Once Marcus got downstairs, he headed towards a lone table and waited for the server to come take his order. When she got to Marcus, she gave the same cold an impersonal service as yesterday. Marcus once again ordered whatever the special was and began to observe the server. After watching her take the orders of the other guest he realized that she was not just cold to him but everyone else as well. Soon his food arrived and this time it was two fried eggs, a few pieces of sausage, and a fried potato.

'Wow this is just like a classic breakfast from Earth except the eggs are a bit bigger and the potato is sweeter.'

While Marcus was scarfing down his meal enjoying familiar tastes from home, a female guard entered the Invincible Tortoise and started looking around. Marcus acted like he did not notice her and when she spotted Marcus, she made a beeline towards him.

"Hello there is your name Irene."

Marcus then acted startled and looked at the guard before nervously responding.

"Yes, I am Irene am I in some kind of trouble or something."

The guard then started to smile before saying, "No you are not in any trouble, in fact my superior officer, Lieutenant Ivar Poulsen heard about your impressive status and wanted to invite you for an interview to become one of the town guards."

'It is exactly as that royal investigator said, now all I have to do is follow the plan and plant the evidence.'

"Oh, that is a surprise, and I am a bit interested in this opportunity, however I really do not know what being a guard entails, are you sure I am qualified."

"Yes, the guards are always looking for talented young people to join and I believe you could learn how to be a guard with ease. So, if you would follow me, I can bring you to Lieutenant Poulsen and he can explain more details about the guard to you."

Marcus then got up and followed the guard out of the inn and deeper into the town towards the river. The guard led him to a large four-story building made out of white stone that had banners and flags all over it. The flags and banners had the depiction of a snowflake crossed by two spears on it depicting the symbol of the Borealia royal family.

"This here is the pride and joy of River Landing the army headquarters for the northern region of the kingdom, impressive is it not."

Marcus stood mouth agape staring at the largest building he had seen since coming to Mirrion.

'Damn this building is big, even on earth this would be considered a large building, and while it has nothing on a skyscraper in this world it is probably the equivalent of one.'

While Marcus stood marveling at the intricate architecture, the guard who was leading him began to get a bit impatient and opened her mouth and said, "Yes, it is something to look at, but the lieutenant is waiting for us, and he is a busy man so we should head on in."

Marcus quickly snapped out of his daze and followed the guard into the building and led him towards the left side. Going down many hallways and walking up stairs to the fourth floor before entering onto the roof where Marcus saw a man standing out looking over the town.

'Is he trying to look stoic or something, would we not normally hold a job interview in an office or at least inside the building.'

After staring at the town for a few more seconds the man turned around and walked over towards Marcus and the guard. While moving over towards them he never once took his eyes off Marcus and looked like he was appraising an animal.

"Well, you must be miss Irene, it is a pleasure to meet you I am Lieutenant Ivar Poulsen, thank you for bringing her here Hallie you are dismissed."

The guard that Marcus had been following gave a salute and quickly left, leaving Marcus all alone with Lieutenant Poulsen. Lieutenant Poulsen then led Marcus over to the edge of the roof and began speaking again.

"Well, is this not a lovely town, when I look at it from up here, I can get a real feeling for what it is I am protecting… Now the guard who made your ID was so impressed by your status that he told everyone in the mess hall about it. When it reached my ears, I knew I had to at least invite such a promising person to join our guards, and while you have no weapon skill which is a requirement to formally join the guard, I am sure that you could learn one soon with your talent and dedication. While learning how to use a weapon I would be more than happy to train you myself and allow you to be a guard apprentice, and with your three magic skills you have a good chance of moving up to be an officer within a short amount of time. So, what do you say, would you like to be my personal apprentice and join the noble town guard

'Wow this guy is laying it on thick, he really has learned his nice guy devoted to the state act well, but my instincts tell me he is a real creep and to run away right now.'

After acting like he was seriously considering the offer Marcus soon opens his mouth and says, "While I appreciate the offer very much and I am interested would you allow me to have some time to think about it, I was traveling down south to meet with my family to work in their shop but now I must seriously consider your offer."

At Marcus' response Ivar's plastered on smile twitched for a second before reforming and he then says, "Absolutely please take your time and think about it, however a person with your skillset would be able to accomplish much more as a part of the guard then working in some shop. While you think it over let me show you some of the many installations that are the pride of the town guard so you can get a better understanding of what we do."

Poulsen then grabbed Marcus' shoulder and ushered him towards the door of the roof to continue his tour of the city guard's installations.


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