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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 22 - 21 Ambush

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After Marcus left the Lively Goose Inn, he wandered around looking for another place to sleep. Trying every inn, he could find, Marcus was met with disappointment as every single inn was already full to capacity.

'This sucks am I really going to have to stay up all night… ah there is a guard maybe he can direct me to an inn that still has some open rooms and hopefully he does not suggest that I can come home with him like the last person I asked for directions.'

Marcus approached the patrolling guard and asked him for directions to any inns he might know that are not fully booked. The guard told Marcus that if he crossed through an alley around a hundred feet down the road that on the other side there was a little-known inn that normally had rooms open. Marcus thanked the guard and made his way in that direction.

'Thank god that guy gave me some useful directions, judging by the way he described the inn it probably is not as nice as the others I have visited but I will take what I can get.'

As Marcus was heading down the alley, he noticed three men standing at the other end looking kind of menacing, and when he turned around, he noticed four men blocking the way he came, one of which was the guard he just asked for directions.

'You have got to be **ing kidding me did I really just fall for such an obvious trap. Whatever let's check these guys' levels maybe I can take them since they will not be expecting me to bust out some magic.'

Marcus then began to appraise the levels of the men surrounding him and recognized two faces, the men who had accosted him at the Lively Goose were among the numbers ambushing him.

'I guess I must have pissed them off and they gathered their friends to come for revenge, the problem is I can't see four of these guys' levels and the other one I can see is level nine. Most of them are holding some kind of weapon that resembles a blackjack, but the man dressed as a guard has a halberd.'

While Marcus was assessing his situation, the man dressed as the guard who appeared to be the leader began speaking.

"I would recommend that you do not offer any resistance and come with us quietly, at this distance you will not be able to chant any spells before we can attack, and we do not have to worry about roughing you up because of your regeneration skill."

Marcus was quite shocked when he heard this not only did, they know about his magic skills but also his lesser regeneration.

'How the hell do they know my skills, the only person who has seen my skills is… that bastard did he leak my status, it is either that or one of these guys has an extremely high appraisal skill and I highly doubt that. It looks like they mean to kidnap me, so I do not think it is just revenge for those two asshole that assaulted me earlier. I guess fighting them head on is probably a bad idea since they know all of my skills. Luckily for me I have another way to beat them, time to scare the ** out these assholes.'

Marcus then did something he had not done since being soul tethered to Irene, he unpossessed her body. After he left Irene's body it collapsed on the ground lifeless startling all of the men surrounding Marcus.

'It has been a while since the last time I was in my ghost form, and it feels kind of refreshing. There is a glowing line that connects me to Irene's body which I guess is the soul tether. From what I read about its description earlier I can only move a number of feet away from the body I am soul tethered to equal to my spirit stat. Luckily for me all of these guy are in my range.'

Marcus then allowed his rage to build up in himself causing the temperature in the area to rapidly drop until ice started to form. He also activated his ghost sounds ability making the sound of a chilling wind and low moaning wails. The would-be kidnapers began to become quite frightened by the sudden turn of events. They had already been told all of Marcus' skills and knew he did not have anything like illusion magic.

'Good they look pretty scared, that's right if you stay here something horrible will happen to you just run away and everything will be fine.'

Unfortunately for Marcus these guys were either braver or stupider than he thought and one of them started to approach toward Irene's body.

'I really did not want to do this, but they are giving me no choice.'

Marcus then floated over toward the level eight guy that had accosted him in the Lively Goose Inn and activated his possession ability. While Marcus and the man's soul fought for control, the man's body began convulsing and spasming stopping the advance towards Irene and further scaring the kidnapers. After about fifteen seconds Marcus managed to take control and started his next move.

"Hey Boris, are you alright what just happened to you."

As the other men showed concern for their compatriot Marcus put his hand on the stomach of the one closest to him and cast his spark spell. As the electricity moved throughout the man's body he began to shake uncontrollably before he collapsed unconscious.

The leader of the men then said, "Boris what the hell are you doing."

Without responding Marcus lunged towards the next closest guy hoping to take him out as well. However, after his last attack his element of surprise was gone, and the man slapped his blackjack right against the side of Marcus' head. The pain immediately assaulted Marcus but he fought through it and grabbed the man's wrist and cast his spark spell once again electrocuting him until he passed out. Once Marcus was sure the man was unconscious, he left the concussed body of the man he was currently possessing.

'Ow that hurt I nearly got shunted out of his body from that blow, but I guess it saves me the trouble of knocking him out myself. Now let's see what the remaining four guys are going to do.'

The other four men blocking the alley were currently trembling in fear at the devastation at the other side of the alley they could not understand. They no longer had any thoughts of kidnapping Marcus and began to run away screaming.

'Well, that worked out pretty well, this was my first time to scare people as a ghost and I have to say, it was quite fun. Now I can see why it cost me forty levels to become a ghost, I can turn anyone weaker than me into my own personal puppet. Though I did feel his soul continue to fight against me and I think I could have only possessed him for another minute or so.'

Marcus then reentered Irene's body and procced to check through the three unconscious men's belongings.

'They did try to kidnap me so it should be fine if I take some of their things as compensation. Nice between these guys I got four silver and seventy-eight copper.'

As Marcus was rifling through the failed kidnappers' pockets, he noticed another man begin to walk down the alley towards him.

'Crap is that that their boss or something he is still pretty far away, but my danger sense is going off like crazy.'

Unexpectedly the man began clapping slowly before opening his mouth and saying, "Most impressive I am not sure what you did to beat those three and make the other four run screaming, but I am impressed. I was hoping to get you into my dept by rescuing you from them, but I suppose I will have to resort to other methods."

The man then took out a book from under his cloak allowing Marcus' to see it before speaking again.

"I noticed you eyeing this in the magic shop and was wondering if you would not still want it, I have a little job I need you to do and if you complete it, I would be more than happy to give you this."

Marcus stood flabbergasted seeing the man holding the eight-gold book on fire magic and offering it to him in exchange for some type of job.


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