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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 2 - 1 Terminal

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My name is Marcus Ferrous and welp, I died.

I was just your average guy on Earth with pretty much my whole life ahead of me. I did not think that I was going to die so young or that I deserved to die for some reason, but the world is often cruel and unpredictable so here I am.

I was a 28-year-old man of average height around five foot nine inches and was working for a law firm as a lawyer. I had recently been given a pay raise and decided to go on a vacation to celebrate. Turns out it was my last vacation as I happened to die somehow.

But back to what is currently happening. I am in some sort of long automated line of what I assume are souls.

When I suddenly appeared in this line, I received a message in my mind that I had died and to wait for my turn to be served.

That's it, that was all I got before having to stand, well float in this long line of souls. I can no longer move, hear, touch, taste, or smell. The only thing I can do is see around me what appears to be an infinite number of souls in lines moving forwards.

'Well, this is bleak, hopefully it does not take too long for me to get served because this is incredibly boring. I don't even know how I died, I just went to bed and then ended up here.'

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (in all actuality it was only a few hours) I am finally able to see some sort of structure.

At long last I am at the front of the line waiting to enter a small white building that I can only assume is the service station that I have been waiting for.

Now that I am here, I am incredibly nervous, if I could sweat there would be a massive puddle under me, I do not believe I ever did something bad enough to get sent straight to hell, but the thought is creeping in the back of my mind.

The door into the white room then opens and I am pulled into the great unknown.

All of a sudden, I just appear in front of some sort of desk with what looks like a white blob in a vaguely human shape in front of some sort of monitor.

I then hear in my mind "hello welcome to the soul terminal, I am the officer that will be helping you with your soul placement today. Let us get started now, I will give you a time for questions after my explanation of what is going to happen to you is complete, please refrain from asking any until that time."

"To start you died on your home planet of Earth via a gas leak in your hotel that caused you to suffocate. Now that you have died there are two options for how we can handle your soul."

"Normally there would only be one option where your soul is wiped of your memories and randomly assigned to a new world however because of special conditions you have been given a second option."

"Your second option is to transfer to the world of Mirrion with your memories intact. This option is only available to every ten millionth soul that dies on your planet. Which option will you choose"

"Um can I ask why exactly I have the option to be transferred to a new planet with my memories still intact like what is actually going on here."

"Now is not the allotted time for questions please make your choice or one will be made for you there are many more souls waiting for their turn to be served."

'Well, this is unexpected I either get to have my memories wiped and my soul sent to who knows where or I can go to some unknown specified planet because I won the death lottery or something. I also can't get anymore information on either option because I am not allowed to ask questions right now.'

"Please promptly make your choice you have 15 seconds before one will be made for you."







'Ah I don't need a countdown.'



"Okay I decided I want to transfer to Mirrion."

'At least this way I'll be able to keep my current memories and not become someone else.'

"Understood you have selected to transfer to Mirrion, I will now give you a rundown of the transfer procedure and some general information about Mirrion."

"Mirrion is a world that is quite different from your previous world in many ways. It is over 36 times bigger than Earth and is a world with what you call magic. It would be considered by you to be a world that is similar to many of the fantasies depicted in fiction on Earth. Mirrion is also supported by a system that helps people to advance in strength and learn skills more efficiently." Mirrion also has many other intelligent races other than humans unlike your former world."

"The transfer process can follow either one of two methods. The first in which you will be reincarnated as a newborn to any possible intelligent race along with four random blessings, or you can be transferred using your old body as a template for a new one on Mirrion along with one random blessing and starting at level forty."

"In either case you will also receive the unique skill personal status, a small item box, a single language token, and an introduction to Mirrion booklet. At this time, you may ask any questions you have in the allotted ten minutes before you need to make your choice of transfer process or one will be chosen for you. Also, there may be some question I am unable to answer your time starts now."

'Okay I need to think about these questions carefully I have a limited amount of time and information could invaluable.'

"Earlier you mentioned blessings could you give me some more information on what effect they have on me".

"Understood a blessing is a boon granted to people that gives them special abilities. For example, the blessing of fire would give a person a higher affinity and a boost in power for fire related magic and skills as well as some minor resistances to fire. Blessings are normally given to people at birth, but it is possible to obtain them later in life. As there are hundreds of different blessings, I will not be able to give any more specific examples."

"You told me that every ten millionth soul from Earth are also given the option to go to Mirrion how many other people from Earth are there."

"Currently there are 127 other individuals from Earth residing on Mirrion."

"Okay my next question is what is the average level for intelligent life on Mirrion."

"The current average level for intelligent life on Mirrion is 13."

"Then what is the average level of all life on Mirrion."

"The current average level on Mirrion is 21."

'So, starting at level 40 would definitely put me well above the average level but I should also ask about how high the levels can go on Mirrion for all I know level 40 is still pretty weak.'

"Next question what is the highest level possible on Mirrion."

"I cannot answer that question."

'Well, that sucks guess I'll have to find that out later.'

"Then what is the highest level anything currently has on Mirrion."

"I cannot answer that question."

'Guess they are not going to make it easy on me huh. I can't really think of anymore good questions to ask about Mirrion itself without more information. I really don't want to go through infancy or puberty again, so I am definitely not picking to be reincarnated as a baby. Maybe I can barter for some better starting rewards it's worth a shot worst thing they do is say no.'

"I have seen in plenty of fantasy stories where the main character would get some special ability that makes them untouchable would it be possible for me to get something like that in exchange for the blessing or levels."

"I am afraid that that would be… wait I have received a message from the system administrator allowing it. Very well you request has been accepted and your starting level has been lowered in order to facilitate the necessary changes."

'Wow that was surprisingly easy, I now get some broken ability that makes me untouchable, and it only cost me a few levels that I should be able to get back later. I guess I should ask about what kind of ability that I just got.'

"What type of ability was I given and how many levels will I lose for it."

"The ability that makes you untouchable is given via."


"Ah I am afraid that is all the time you have been allotted for questions and I will now begin your transfer to Mirrion."

'Wait that's it I could have sworn I had more time left to ask questions.'

"Transfer initiated thank you for your patience during this process and enjoy your new life on Mirrion."


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