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Transmigrated as a Ghost Chapter 18 - 17 The Kingdom Of Borealia

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The village chief finishes scarfing down a large portion of stew with a satisfied expression when he turns towards Marcus and begins speaking.

"Before I start to tell you about the area and which direction, I think it is likely those slavers went, would you mind telling me how much you know about the area, so I do not spend time explaining unnecessary details."

Marcus considers exactly what he should say, he only has a few vague memories from Irene and does not know any details about where he is or the surrounding area. He really wants to get as much information as he can but also does not want to seem suspicious because there are certain things that Irene would have known.

'I guess I should just ask for everything about the area I am in even if it does seem a bit suspicious, they have already been incredibly nice, and I find it unlikely for them to get really wary of me at this point.'

After having mulled over how he was going to approach getting information he looks at the village chief and says, "I really do not know much about the area at all I have been living up here for most of my life so any information you have would be useful for me."

"Okay I understand, I know a good deal about the broader workings of our kingdom but there are plenty of details I know nothing about, but I will tell you what I can,"

The village chief then begins to explain about the kingdom that Marcus currently finds himself in. The kingdom is called Borealia and is located at the northern most inhabitable part of the continent. The chief does not know of the names of any of the surrounding countries as his village is one of the farthest north settlements in the kingdom. He tells Marcus that following the road south there would be a large river flowing roughly east to west called the Tortoise River. At that point there would be a large town called River Landing that is the largest trading hub in the region. The village chief explains how River Landing while not the most lawful place would be a horrible place to sell illegal slaves. This is because of the vested interest the kingdom has in collecting taxes from the largest trading hub in the northern region, so they watch out for illegal trade to make sure it does not cut into their profits. He then goes on to explain that heading east is impossible, heading south while possible is unlikely, and heading west is almost assured.

"To the east of River Landing is mostly small villages like ours that deal in agriculture and husbandry so other than the lords of the regions there would be no one who would have any money to purchase slaves. The farther south one goes the closer they get to the capital and their influence. The kingdom does its best to uphold and enforce its laws and the closer they are to the capital the more likely those slavers are to be found caring illegal slaves. No, the most likely direction they would go would be west after River landing towards the city of Loursend. Loursend is the only deep-water port in the entire kingdom as far as I know and is a hub of trade for foreign merchants. The area receives a constant influx of people from the nearby countries as well as the continent to the west making it much harder for the kingdom to monitor illegal activities. The city is also separated from the southern part of the kingdom by the Verkoudhied Mountains making the crown's power their relatively weak. In terms of distance from the capital they may be even farther than this village. Once in the city the slavers would have a plethora of people to sell to from merchants both domestic and foreign as well as nobles."

After giving a general explanation of the area and his thoughts on where the slavers are likely to go the village chief looks towards Marcus waiting for any of his questions.

Marcus then asks, "If slavery is illegal in the kingdom, then how are they able to transport so many people without being caught, I just do not see how they could have a successful business."

The village chief stares at Marcus and slaps himself in the face for not realizing just how clueless Marcus is about the laws of the kingdom.

"You misunderstand slavery in itself is not illegal in the kingdom, but the kidnapping of random citizens most certainly is. The majority of slaves in this kingdom are criminals or people that could not pay off their depts. So yes, there is slavery however, what those men did is considered illegal and the punishment if they are caught would be to be made into slaves themselves or even executed."

'Okay I have pretty good understanding about how slavery works in this kingdom now but there is something I just do not get. Why would someone want a criminal that is likely to stab you in the back and runaway as a slave They must have a way to control people probably through some form of magic contract or collar is my best guess.'

"Thank you for telling me all this from what you said I think your logic is sound and I will head towards River Landing first to look for clues and follow the trail from there. Could you also tell me how long it will take to reach River Landing from here"

"Ah yes I suppose that would be important if you are walking there, it should take you nine or ten days to reach as long as you do not run into any trouble. There are a number of other villages on the way, and you should be able to find some hospitality in them. However, I think you should wait for a few more days, as a unit of soldiers from River Landing comes up around this time during the summer to clear out the periphery of the woods of magical beasts and monsters. I believe it would be much safer for you to travel in their wake as many others do."

'Yeah, there is no way I can wait for the unit of soldiers I am already a month behind, and worst-case scenario Lilia gets sold to some merchant from across the sea and it becomes impossible for me to track her down. Wait and did he say summer, I thought it was fall, it has not gotten above the low seventies, this place really must be far north. Whatever I just have to do what I have to do.'

"Thank you for your advice but I plan to set out as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow, I am already too far behind to wait and play it safe."

The village chief nods his head as if expecting that answer and gets up and heads into another room. When he comes back, he lays a small leather pouch in front of Marcus and beckons him to open it. When Marcus opens it, he sees a number of brown coins laying in the pouch.

The village chief then says, "Its not much but it is what we can offer, I put fifty-three copper coins in there for you. While traveling through the small villages around here costs nothing for large towns and cities like River Landing there is an entrance tax. Also, you will need an ID to enter most large towns as well and if you do not have one, I remember the fee being around twenty copper coins to have one made, although that was some years ago so the price might have changed."

Marcus stares at the village chief baffled by his generosity.

'This man really is too kind he not only gave me information and advice but is now even giving me money.'

"Thank you very much, I promise to repay your kindness one day, you have done so much for me even though you barely know me."

"Ah it's no big deal you have gone through a horrible tragedy and your community has had a long-standing relationship with ours for a long time, since you are the last one left it is my duty to help you. Now it is getting late, and you have a long day ahead off you tomorrow. You can sleep in our guest bedroom tonight and we will see you off tomorrow."

Marcus then follows Marianna to the guest room and lays down on the bed, soon enraptured by the soft warm bed falling into a deep peaceful sleep.


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