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461 Dont Die

There was silence.

Now they were just waiting for news.

Meanwhile, in the palace.

Zhou Heng also saw the empress.

After a cold bow, Wei Ling calmly asked him to get up.

Ever since they fell out, she couldnt be bothered to give him any face.

She said coldly and sarcastically, “I dont know what day it is today.

The sun has risen from the west.

Both of you brothers have come to visit me, your mother.”

Zhou Heng looked straight at Wei Ling.

He knelt down and choked.

“Mother, dont hurt Xiaoling.

I beg you.

Tell me, where is she Mother—”

Wei Lings expression was cold.

“Arent you protecting your precious darling How would I know where she is”

“Dont come to me for everything.

If I were that capable, would you still be standing here questioning me”

Wei Ling was very unhappy and mocked herself at the same time.

What did this have to do with her How could she know how Su Xiaoling was

She couldnt wait for her to die.

Even if she knew, she couldnt say it out loud.

She couldnt be happier that it would resolve the thorn in her heart.


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Zhou Heng looked at Wei Ling with determination in his eyes.

He slid the dagger from his sleeve into his hand and raised his hand to aim the dagger at his heart to threaten Wei Ling.

“You, what are you doing”

Wei Ling was shocked.

Even her questioning voice was trembling.

Zhou Heng wanted to threaten her with death She was stunned for a moment.

Her heart seemed to have skipped a beat, and there was a moment of panic.

Looking at the dagger on Zhou Hengs neck, Wei Ling tensed up.

She didnt know why this was happening.

She was nervous and looked at Zhou Heng in disbelief.

“Are you threatening me”

Wei Ling had no other choice.

Zhou Heng looked at Wei Ling.

There was pain in his voice as he said, “Yes, Im threatening you.”

“Didnt you not believe me Didnt you want me to die Then Ill do as you wish.

Ill die.

Can you send Su Xiaoling home The Su family has done me a great favor.

After so many years, Mother doesnt know what kind of family I grew up in.

Mother didnt ask.

Today, I want to tell you.”

“Su Sanlang, a very ordinary farmer with two sons and two girls.

The year I went, Su Hua and Su Chong were still fools.

Their intelligence stopped developing at three or four years old.

At that time, they were already more than ten years old.

At that time, Su Xiaolu was not a divine doctor.

She was just a three-year-old girl.

Su Xiaoling was nine years old.

She was everyones elder sister.

She had the purest and kindest heart in the world.

She used everything she had to protect her brothers and sister, but she forgot that she was only a child.

With me around, she took care of me as a younger brother.”

“In those few months, I couldnt walk yet.

Su Chong and Su Hua took care of my daily needs.

They didnt know anything, but they took good care of me.

In the countryside, I ate fur grass that grew in the farmland, wild grass in the forest, and wild fruits.

Su Sanlang didnt have much means, but he was gentle and magnanimous.

What Su Chong and Su Hua had, I also had.

Mother, even if I had money, true love couldnt be bought with money.

Did you know that”

“And now, if Su Xiaoling has to die because of me, then Ive really committed a huge sin.

Whats the use of the throne for me In this world, it doesnt matter who becomes the emperor.

I can abandon the royal family and my identity, but I cant abandon Su Xiaoling.

Mother is suspicious, just like my maternal grandfather.

I dont blame Mother, but what Mother wants is only my life.

It was Mother who gave me life in the first place.

Now that Mother wants to take it, just take it.”

“The suspicion of my family and the suspicion of my mother makes me wish I were dead.

I will commit suicide in front of you.

I only hope that you can be forgiving and let Su Xiaoling off.”

Zhou Heng vented the pain in his heart.

Perhaps he was not strong enough, so he could not even withstand this blow.

He was not interested in the struggle for the throne or power.

He could not survive being alone and helpless, especially if he had to carry Su Xiaolings life for the rest of his life.

He would rather die than let Su Xiaoling be implicated.


Wei Ling felt pain in her heart.

Her heart was in a mess, and she seemed to have been cruelly divided into two.

She did not even dare to look into Zhou Hengs eyes.

Seeing Zhou Heng in pain made her heart feel like her heart was being squashed.

Why was she like this She shouldnt be like this.

“Mother, let Xiaoling go.


Zhou Heng looked at Wei Ling pleadingly.

He aimed the dagger at his chest, closed his eyes, and was about to stab the dagger into his chest without hesitation.

At this moment, Wei Ling only felt a pain in her heart.

Before she could react, her body had already pounced on Zhou Heng.

Wei Ling was very strong.

Zhou Heng couldnt stand still and was pushed down by her.

She also fell to the ground.

She snatched the dagger from Zhou Hengs hand and threw it out.

“Dont die.

Mother doesnt want you to die.”

Wei Ling said this with a trembling voice.

She was really afraid.

Even if she still suspected Zhou Hengs identity, she did not want Zhou Heng to commit suicide in front of her.

Wei Ling felt that she was about to go crazy.

She lowered her eyes, calmed herself down, stood up, and turned around.

She said hoarsely, “Thats just a woman.

Youre willing to give life for this woman You have to know that she cant be your only woman in the future.”

“Without her now, I have no future.”

Zhou Hengs heart was still filled with pain.

He could not predict the future, but he knew that he could not live without Su Xiaoling now.

Without Su Xiaoling, he would have no future.

Even if he and Su Xiaoling did not pass the test of time in the future and eventually became enemies, he was unwilling to lose Su Xiaoling now.

“Get up, Ill tell you.”

Wei Ling looked at the stubborn Zhou Heng and suddenly felt tears well up in her eyes.

Her vision was a little blurry.

At this moment, she felt that Zhou Heng and Zhou Zhi were really identical.

She turned her back so that Zhou Heng would not see her emotions.

Zhou Heng got up from the ground and said sincerely, “Thank you, Mother.”

Wei Ling said indifferently, “I didnt want her life.

She was the one who refused to leave you.

I sent a letter to your grandfather and got them to think of a way to make her lose her innocence and marry someone else.

This matter had to be done flawlessly.

We had to find someone who has to keep her no matter what.

Your grandfather has investigated the Su family.

Su Xiaolings mother is General Qis lost granddaughter.

Madam Zhao is a precious lady.

She was once married to Sun Yangxin, a descendant of the Minister of Rites.

Sun Yangxin is famous for being affectionate.

His wife, Zhou Wenjing, has put in a lot of effort to keep him.

Su Xiaoling is 70% similar to Madam Zhao in terms of appearance.

Shes the perfect substitute.”

“I dont know how your maternal family negotiated with Zhou Wenjing.

Im not sure if Su Xiaoling is in the Sun family.

Im just telling you the original plan.” Wei Ling told him the truth.

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