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Su Xiaoling nodded.


She didnt ask further.

Madam Zhao looked at Su Xiaoling gently and asked softly, “Xiaoling, you often go to the Sun residence.

What do you think of that Young Master from the Sun family”


Madam Lian came today with the intention to arrange a marriage.

Madam Lian had also said a lot.

Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian were both knowledgeable and not bad.

Madam Zhao was really concerned when Madam Lian asked her to choose whatever she wanted.


After interacting with the Sun family for so many years, apart from being from a big family, the Sun family had an extremely good character.

They were a good family, so Madam Zhao had no objections to marrying her children to them.

Su Xiaoling thought of Sun Baoshan and smiled.

“Hes a good person, but Im a few years older than him.

I think Ill pass.”

Sun Baoshan was only 15 years old this year.


She often had to go to the Sun residence to get herbs to make medicine.

She was also familiar with Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian.

Su Xiaoling thought about it and decided to forget it.

It felt strange.

Even though she was only two years older, she still found it strange.


Su Xiaoling thought for a moment and said, “Mother, Sun Baoshan and Xiaolu are about the same age.”


Sun Baoshan was more than three years older than Su Xiaolu and was more suitable for her.

Madam Zhao said worriedly, “Xiaolu is only eleven years old.

Shes still young.”

Su Xiaoling was already seventeen years old.

Her marriage should be settled.

If they slowly followed the etiquette, when Su Xiaoling got married, she would be 19 years old.

When she got pregnant and gave birth, she would be 20 years old.

Calculating the time, they really didnt have much time to spare.

Su Xiaoling pursed her lips and lowered her head to focus on setting the dishes.

She actually didnt want to get married, but as a woman, this had to happen.

A woman who did not marry had to bear too much.

Without a strong heart, she really could not withstand it.

There was no other female teacher like Lin Yaoyao who was unruly, carefree, and loved freedom.

Seeing that Su Xiaoling had stopped talking, Madam Zhao sighed softly.

Her gaze was still very gentle.

Unknowingly, her daughter had already grown up.

She was graceful, gentle, and polite.

Marriage was a lifetime thing.

She had to choose carefully.

At night, Madam Zhao found Su Chong and Su Hua to talk.

Su Chong and Su Hua had seen Sun Baoqian before.

Su Chong was a little lost in thought.

He touched his nose and said, “Mother, Ill pass.

Dont worry about me.”

With that, Su Chong left.

He was only thinking about one person now, so how could he have the time to consider Sun Baoqian


What did Sun Baoqian look like He really couldnt remember.

After Su Chong left, Madam Zhao looked at Su Hua in confusion.

“Hua, does your brother… have someone in his heart”

Su Hua smiled and said, “Mother, I dont know.”

Madam Zhao thought that Su Chong might have a girl he liked, so she would ask again in the future.

Madam Zhao looked at Su Hua and said, “Hua, how do you feel about Miss Sun Tell your mother the truth.”

Su Hua thought about Sun Baoqian.

The Sun family had a foundation, and Sun Baoqian was a good person.

Xiaoling and Xiaolu both interacted with her.

Sun Baoqian was also a kind and intelligent woman, but he was a few years older than Sun Baoqian.

He looked at Madam Zhao and said, “Mother, Im six years older than Sun Baoqian.

If Sun Baoqian is willing, Im also willing.

Ill listen to you.”

Sun Baoqian was beautiful, educated, and sensible.

Marrying such a woman was a good fate.

If she was kind and easy to get along with, she would be able to serve her parents well in the future.

She also knew that if she was willing, they would get along well in the future.

With such a foundation, the Sun family still had a background.

It would be his fortune if this marriage could succeed.

Seeing that Su Hua had agreed, Madam Zhao smiled and said, “Alright, Ill reply to the Sun residence.

If it works, it will be settled this year.”

Madam Zhao felt that Su Hua should like Sun Baoqian, but since the child had grown up, she could not see through his thoughts.

She and Su Sanlang respected the childrens wishes.

If he was willing to agree, he probably liked her.

It was always good to have a good start.

Su Hua nodded.

“Alright, thank you, mother.”

Madam Zhao smiled gently.

“No need to thank me.”

She was gratified.

Thinking of Su Chong, Madam Zhao stood up and said before she left, “Hua, help your mother find out which girl your brother likes.

Your brother is not young anymore.

Its naturally best if he has a girl he likes.

Whether it works or not, Father and Mother will fight for him.”

It was best for him to like his wife.

She and Su Sanlang both hoped that the children would live happily.

Husband and wife would rapprochement, love each other, and support each other.

True love was the basis for mutual support.

Su Hua nodded.


Su Chongs reaction just now was indeed strange.

However, he really did not know who Su Chong liked.

Thinking back, he could not guess.

They were brothers after all.

In front of Madam Zhao, Su Chong might feel embarrassed and could not say it, but he did not have such concerns about him.

Brothers could help each other.

Only then did Madam Zhao leave and return to her room.

When Madam Zhao returned to her room, Su Sanlang was already waiting.

When he saw her return, he quickly asked, “How is it”

Madam Zhao smiled and said, “Ive already told them.

Hua has the intention.

Chong seems to have someone he likes.

I only said a few words before he left.

I wonder which girl he likes.”

Su Sanlang was a little surprised.

“Chong has a girl he likes”

Madam Zhao nodded.

“Yes, youre surprised too, right Im surprised too.”

Su Sanlang smiled and said, “Yes, I was too surprised.

I didnt notice it before.

I wonder when it started.”

Madam Zhao went to Su Sanlangs side to sleep.

Su Sanlang naturally reached out his arm and pulled Madam Zhao into his arms.

She rested her head on Su Sanlangs arm before Madam Zhao said, “Im worried about Xiaoling now.

The matchmakers talk a lot, but Xiaoling doesnt even nod.

Sigh… Im just afraid that over time, people will think that our Xiaoling is too picky.”

If everyone thought so, it would be difficult to choose Su Xiaolings marriage.

As for Su Xiaolu, she was only eleven years old.

She was still young, so it didnt matter if they waited a few more years.

Su Sanlang pondered for a moment and said, “Xiaolings marriage really should be settled.”

“Lets see more.”

Although he was worried, this matter could not be rushed.

There was no hurry for a good marriage.

“I wonder what kind of woman Heng will marry in the future.

Speaking of which, hes already 15 years old.

Hell be 16 after the new year.


Madam Zhao sighed.

Zhou Heng had been in this family for eight years and was also the child they had watched grow up.

They hoped that he could have a good marriage and a good future.

Su Sanlang smiled and said, “Dont worry, everything will be fine.”

“Its getting late.

Go to bed early.”

Su Sanlang turned his head and kissed Madam Zhaos forehead.

Madam Zhaos heart warmed.

She nodded.

“Alright, Ill reply to the Sun residence tomorrow.”

On the other side, Su Hua and Zhou Heng were sitting by Su Chongs bed.

Su Hua looked at Su Chong, whose head was covered.

He and Zhou Heng looked at each other and could not help but laugh.

Su Hua said, “Brother, tell me, when did this happen”

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