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She cried and wailed as she knelt on the ground and kowtowed, shouting things likeOh my god, God, open your eyes.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang also lowered their tone.

“Chong, Hua, your grandparents were muddle-headed in the past.

Now that they know their mistake, theyll change.

You cant leave your family.”

Su Dalang and Su Erlang only wanted to say something soft now.

Even if they knew that it was useless to say anything, they could not help but say it.

They felt that saying something soft might work.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao also got up.

Madam Wangs sharp eyes saw Su Sanlang and she immediately placed her hands on the ground.

Then, she threw a tantrum and cried loudly, “Third Brother, Im your mother.

Im your biological mother.

You were born from my womb.

Why are you still holding a grudge against your mother God, open your eyes.

Dont let us be separated again.

Otherwise, I wont die in peace…”

Old Master Su did not say anything about Madam Wangs argument.

He also looked at Su Sanlang hopefully.

He could not help but hope that Madam Wangs cries were useful.

Su Sanlangs expression was cold.

He had been up for a long time.

He had heard everything Su Hua had said.

With so much pain, how could he be qualified to say anything else

His eyes hurt faintly every winter.

When his empty eyes hurt, the past would appear one after another.

It was the same for Madam Zhaos hands.

If they couldnt recover, they couldnt recover.

Su Sanlang did not answer, and Madam Wangs wailing gradually subsided.

“Who said that the heavens are blind Its precisely because the heavens have opened their eyes that our family has come to where we are today.

Father and Mothers hard work, Eldest Brother and Second Brothers hard work, they have all walked down the road.

The heavens will never let down those who work hard.

As for those who cheat and are evil, they will definitely receive retribution.”

“Its not that I dont want to take revenge.

Its not time yet.

Like what the ancients said.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Madam Wang and said.

“Old Master Su, we know very well what youre up to.

Everything from the past is still vivid in our minds.

If you provoke us, Im afraid youll really die with grievances.”

Su Hua said with a cold expression.

They actually did not want to kill Old Master Su and his family because they were Su Sanlangs parents.

However, they could not forget the past, so it was impossible for them to get any benefits.

They had never seen them grateful for what Su Sanlang had given them.

They would not interfere with Su Sanlangs actions, but it was impossible for their brother, the old master of the Su family, to be grateful.

Therefore, no matter how high he and Su Chong went, Old Master Sus branch would not gain any benefits.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao said nothing.

Old Master Su looked at the cold Su Sanlang.

Exhaustion and embarrassment only surged in his heart.

He sighed heavily and said, “Stop talking.

Lets go home.”

Old Master Su turned around and left.

He recalled that many years ago, Su Sanlang was always the most diligent at work.

He was honest and did not wheedle or make people happy.

But he was also the most obedient.

He did whatever they arranged, including getting a wife.

In the beginning, Madam Zhao was bought, and Su Sanlang did not like her that much.

It was only after a long time that he gradually fell in love.

Madam Zhao had a weak personality and was obedient.

He did not say anything even when Su Chong and Su Hua turned out to be stupid.

They were their grandsons.

Why didnt they agree to hire a doctor back then

Old Master Su couldnt remember why.

Perhaps it was because of his ridiculous desire to be in power, or perhaps it was because he was used to belittling his son.

The more he begged, the more he didnt want to fulfill his wish…

Because he didnt treat him as his son from the start, he had always been cheap and didnt let him have an easy time.

He had bullied him and treated him unfairly until today.

Now that they were filled with regret, there was nothing they could do.

Now that they were thinking about the past, they felt very stifled.

They were no different from before.

They wanted to take all the benefits and trample Su Sanlang into the mud.

They had actually never liked this son.

Realizing this, Old Master Su came to a realization and blushed in shame.

It turned out that it was not that Su Sanlang was ruthless, but that they were shameless.


After Old Master Su left, Madam Wang immediately got up and followed him.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang were a little indignant, but when they saw Su Huas cold expression, they could only smile awkwardly and leave.

Not long after they left, Madam Wang began to curse viciously.

“These heartless things should have drowned in a bucket of urine back then.

Even a few little bastards have their hearts broken.

I curse you to death.

In the future, your children and grandchildren wont have any skin.”

“Heartless bastards, none of you are good people.

Pfft—if you still want to be an official, sooner or later you will be cut into pieces—”

The more Madam Wang thought about it, the more frustrated she became.

She cursed as she walked.

Su Dalang and Su Erlang were used to hearing this, so they were not in a good mood.

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