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The Young Masters Bride Chapter 4

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An Intimidating Man

He had inadvertently tooted his own horn while boasting about his sons.

Ye Qingge lifted her gaze and turned toward Dong Wenqian, who had widened her eyes in disbelief.

Her little aunt was as pretty as ever, but she had snatched her father away, taken over her family, and…

The humiliations of the past and her mothers passing, from which there were still grievances, made Ye Qingge snort unexpectedly.

Dong Wenqian, who was an arrogant, vicious, and merciless woman, instantly felt insecure and cautious…

Ye Qingge knew that the Li household was an elite family but never wanted to get involved.

Even so, she enjoyed seeing the constipated look on Dong Wenqians face.

She was not rebellious. She never had been.

“Ill do it!”

Three blunt words gave Li Xingming the most straightforward answer — Ye Qingge had agreed to his proposition.

“Old Li, this unruly girl… Actually, it was…” Dong Wenqian immediately spoke up when she heard Ye Qingges answer.

However, Ye Wenwen, who was next to her, tugged on her arm and shook her head tremblingly, indicating that she should keep her mouth shut.

How could Dong Wenqian possibly have expected this outcome

It was her daughter, Ye Wenwen, who had rammed into Li Nanchengs car.

Due to the pressing circumstances, she threatened Ye Qingge, who had just gotten off her plane, to take the blame for her daughter.

Countless women would crack their heads trying to think of ways to marry Li Nancheng, even if he were currently lying in the operating theater with a murky future…

How many women yearned to become a daughter-in-law of the Li family It didnt really matter if he were a human vegetable or paralyzed.

The Li family was the most powerful clan in Cloud City. Her guts were turning green with regret from the very thought of it…

That uncontrollable girl, Ye Qingge, had managed to gain the upper hand. How could she possibly stand for this

Nevertheless, given the situation, she could no longer reveal that it was really her daughter, Ye Wenwen, behind the wheel…

Dong Wenqian shot Ye Qingge an angry glare.

The old one was finally dead, but now the young one has returned. Will I ever have a moments peace

Ye Qingge smiled delicately as she saw the rage in Dong Wenqians eyes.

The sound of orderly footsteps drew everyones attention.

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They saw an intimidating and uninhibited man marching steadily toward them, escorted by bodyguards.

The words “gloriously radiant” immediately came to Ye Qingges mind.

His tall and proud figure was wrapped in a purplish-blue suit.

His entire body radiated lofty dominance, but his eyes held the unfathomable depth of precious jade stones.

The only man in this world who could flawlessly wield a balance of power and gentleness was Li Beichen.

“Dad!” The mans voice resounded with a rich, robust, and steady grimness.

For some strange reason, the mans voice seemed familiar to her.

“Hes here. Hes been inside for two hours,” Li Xingming explained, nodding at his youngest son.

“And hes been standing for two hours too” Li Beichen frowned as he asked the butler, who had been dutifully serving at Li Xingmings side.

“Yes, sir!” the butler replied helplessly.

The stubborn Old Masters temper rose.

Despite serving me for more than thirty years, he still hasnt learned to watch his mouth.

“Are you sneering at my old age I can stand here all day, let alone two hours.” Li Xingming smacked Li Beichens leg with his walking stick.

“I wouldnt dare. Your leg is fitted with metal screws, which certainly gives you more than enough stamina to withstand torture!” Li Beichen replied with a habitually icy tone.

However, a hint of heartache flashed across his eyes.

“Its my prerogative. By the way, girl, this is my youngest son. You will address him as Little Uncle, just like Nancheng!” Li Xingming said, tapping Ye Qingge on the shoulder.

Seeing the ceramic jar in her arms, he did not ask her to stand up. Anyone at his age would know what it contained.



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