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The Young Masters Bride Chapter 2

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You Dont Want To Do It, Directly

The girl reached out to stop him, but the man easily caught her hands and placed them on top of her head. There was barely any resistance.

“You dont want to do it directly” His voice was perfectly husky.

In the quiet room, it sounded deliciously enticing.

The girls shivering body promptly stopped as the mans grim yet melodious voice rang out. A sliver of hope was ignited in her heart. Was he agreeing to artificial insemination

She could give him a child, but she really couldnt do it under such circumstances — sex with a strange man...

His finger was still on her lips, so she could only answer with a muffled noise.

He withdrew his hand, carrying a moist heat along with it. The mans eyes flashed with a desire to continue his assault — a rare moment.

“Hmm, you want a kid, right You dont necessarily need thedirect route...Would that be okay” She gave her opinion bluntly with no excessive explanations, excuses, or pleading.

Despite her nervousness, she refused to let herself back down.

She had never given up on anything that was within her grasp. Trying meant no regrets.

She might lose out on half the money, but she was willing to do it anyway. Every girl had dreams of having a perfect first time…

Actually, she knew that if this man refused to agree, she would have no choice but to accept it.

She, an eighteen-year-old girl who was far from home, needed money more than anything. She had no other choice.

“Has anyone kissed you here” The man seemed to like the girls lips. His long fingers began stroking them again, tracing lightly over their shape.

His deep voice carried a sense of gentleness, yet was more overpowering than ever.

“No!” She never lied. Her first kiss was still unclaimed.

“So pure!”

The man was quite satisfied with the girls answer. The corners of his mouth inadvertently curved into an indulgent smile.

Suddenly, she found herself completely breathless.

Underneath the silk blindfold, the girls eyes widened in astonishment. A masculine energy filled her mouth.

Forceful hands cradled the back of her head, pulling her toward him. His red tongue slithered deep inside, powerful and fierce, giving her no chance to catch her breath.

The kiss was intermingled with a faint smell of tobacco, coarse yet potent.

The man released his entire aura onto the girl beneath him. It was as if he wanted to suck her into a vortex and never let her go.

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Just as the girl was about to lose her breath, the man nipped her tender lips.

“Hsss! That hurt!” Her mouth immediately filled with the taste of blood.

Within such a nerve-wracking and seductive atmosphere, the fishy yet sweet smell of blood seemed to hold an enticing taste,

“There should be some blood on your first time. It saves me the effort too!”

The man flipped himself off the bed and headed toward the bathroom as if he were unaffected by his rising desire.

“Youre a good man, mister!”

The girl gasped loudly as the man left, like a stranded fish that had been thrown back into the ocean.

Crystal-like tears at the corners of her eyes streamed across the black silk…

The mans footsteps paused when he heard the girls voice. He smirked.A good man No one has ever called me, Li Beichen, a good man.

He turned his head around and glanced at the girl. She had relaxed and was lying on the bed.

A gloomy yet subtle expression flashed across his dark, unfathomable eyes.

The girl really wanted to take off the silk blindfold. She wanted to see whose child she would soon bear.

What kind of a man would have such a deep yet melodious voice Unfortunately, she couldnt…

This was because this ten-month pregnancy would result in the separation of flesh and blood…



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