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The Witch Hunter System Chapter 23 Vaan's Discovery

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An uncontrollable moan escaped Linettes mouth the moment Vaans dexterous pressed into her shoulders acupoints and stimulated her senses.

The pleasure quickly overwhelmed her and pulled her into a drunken dream of pure bliss as she relished in the feeling.

“Ooh~! Yes, right there!”

“Thats the spot! Ahhn~!”

Linettes moans continued to echo as she could not put any guard against Vaan. She was completely at his mercy.

“Sister, can you not act so erotic!” Lillias complained unhappily after regaining freedom of her speech.

In her mind, she believed that her older sister was exaggerating the effect of Vaans massage on purpose to tease her, and she was doing a pretty damn good job at it!

“Ahnn~! Yes, yes! That hit the spot~!”

Linette did not seem to have heard Lilliass complaint and continued to cry with sheer bliss and joy.

Without a doubt, she was utterly convinced of Vaans skills.

He certainly had a miraculous pair of hands.

Each of his touches was filled with peculiar warmth that easily made her stiff shoulders relax upon contact like the melting of ice blocks with fire.

Her pores opened, and waves of mana poured into her body, causing all of her cells to scream with joy as it filled her with an immeasurable feeling of euphoria.

“Hmph, stop it!” Lillias pouted and blocked her ears.

Her sister was too much.

Not only did she rob her opportunity, but she also teased her without restraint.

At the same time, Captain Rhys and the young warriors in the escort group were filled with frowns. They were affected by the young ladys stimulation.

“Dammit, this is too much. Why does Vaan get to flirt with the ladies while we are risking our lives fighting Hellhounds” a young warrior complained as he swung his blade at a Dark Hellhound.

Captain Rhys finished off the Dark Hellhound before he glanced over and asked, “You really want to know”


The young warriors immediately perked their ears to listen as if Captain Rhys answer would contain some profound truth and enlightenment.

“Because its our f*cking job, thats what!” Captain Rhys stated.

However, his answer only made them frown deeper.

“Dammit, we all know that! I wasnt complaining about the job, Captain! We just find it unfair that Lady Linette and Lillias show such particular favor towards Vaan.”

“Right Weve been traveling together much earlier. Why hadnt the two ladies shown interest in any of us”

The young warriors all wondered the same thing once the question was raised.

If any of them could become the servants of witches from noble households, they could easily escape the tough and dangerous life of an escort.

“Because youre not handsome!” Captain Rhys stated.


The young warriors all cursed in their minds.

The captain was also too much.

Not handsome… Not handsome… How could the captain say such a thing Whose side was he on exactly

“People werent born equal. If youre ugly, then just suck it up. I dont feel good either, but it is what it is,” Captain Rhys grumbled and said, “I will request for a short break later. So we can all take that chance to find a bush to beat our meat and release some steam.”

The young warriors could only grumble silently and continue with their job.

“Alright, drain the Hellhounds blood like we practiced and return to Lady Linettes side to continue our escort,” Captain Rhys ordered.

Although the flaws of the misdirection method had been pointed out, they still needed to use it as they had no other means of covering their trace of smell.

That was something they could only prepare on the next escort.

Vaan gradually decreased the intensity of his skillful massage before Lady Linette regained her sense of reasoning.

“Thats enough. You have certainly proven your skills,” Lady Linette stated calmly.

“Yes, my Lady.”

Vaan retracted his hands without hesitation.

Although Lady Linette appeared to be composed and calm, her flushed cheeks revealed her apparent embarrassment.

Even so, Linette was extremely shocked inside her heart.

Vaans pleasure skill was so high that it was terrifying. If she hadnt forced herself to end the massage, she would have eventually thrown herself at him.

“Then… its my turn now, right”

Lillias eyes brightened immediately after her older sisters massage ended as she quickly made her request.

“Do you, huh You should be careful with your words, my Lady.”

Vaan smiled humbly.

“No fooling around, Lillias. Youll get your chance later,” Lady Linette chided before adding, “We have already caused enough trouble for the escorts.”

‘We We! What do you mean, we! Lillias gritted her teeth.

She immediately wanted to throw a tantrum, but she was quickly pulled into Linettes sisterly embrace and suffocated in between Linettes voluptuous white peaks.

‘Kuh…! Ca-cant breathe…!

Lillias eyes began to roll back as she struggled for air.

Seeing Linettes smile as she put her little sister to sleep with all her love and care, Vaan felt like she was actually pretty terrifying in her own way.

“My little sister can be a bit mischievous at times, but shes a good girl. Its just that sometimes, she is too energetic and needs to sleep.”

“I see…”

Vaan wondered if Linette was what people call aYandere.

However, he noticed there was a trace of sadness in Linettes eyes when she gazed at her little sisters sleeping face.

‘How strange… Vaan thought.

The peculiar discovery made him curious, causing him to take a glance at Lillias body with his Magic Vision.

‘This is…

Vaans gaze immediately sharpened with greater focus.

Lilliass mana veins and magic circuit did not appear normal like everyone else. There were multiple points of disconnections in the lines formed by mana.

‘A broken magic circuit Vaan concluded.

Although there are cases of witches being born innately with broken magic circuits and disconnected mana veins, such disabilities are usually either self-inflicted or caused by others.

Nevertheless, Vaan decided to keep his silence.

While the two witch sisters were part of the more reasonable group of witches and treated him with respect, it wasnt his place to poke his nose into their business.

He couldnt help them even if he wanted to.

Furthermore, showing excessive interest in the matter would only invite doubts and distrust.


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