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Chapter 1166: I Killed Mom

Xie Jiuhan used Mr.

Qing Ers phone to enter an unfamiliar number and dialed it.

At the same time, in the embassy of Country F in Xia country, Xing Yues phone rang, startling Tessa, who was secretly opening Xing Yues password box in the living room.

This was because the sound of the phone was coming from the password box.

Tessa had always been very curious about what was in this password box.

Today, when Xingyue was not around, she used the special agent lock picker to try.

She didnt expect that it would really succeed.

After the password match was successful, the password box was finally opened, but there was only a phone inside.

Tessa took out her phone and realized that it was an unfamiliar number.

Hence, Tessa pressed the answer button.

However, she wasnt in a hurry to speak.

Instead, she pricked up her ears to listen.

She wanted to hear if it was Feng Qing on the other end of the phone, but very quickly, a low mans voice came from the other end.

“Xing Yue, something happened on the Divines Light.”

Just as Xie Jiuhan finished speaking, he sensed that the atmosphere on the other end of the phone was not right.

His voice instantly turned cold.

“Xing Yue”

Even though she did not see the man who spoke, Tessa was still suppressed by this mans aura.

She said in fear, “Brother Xing Yue is in a meeting.

Why are you looking for him If its convenient, you can tell me.

I can pass it on to him for you.”

This time, Xie Jiuhan did not speak.

Instead, he snorted coldly and hung up the phone.

Xing Yues private phone was actually picked up by a woman

Tessa put down her phone and took out a plastic tube from the secret compartment of the password box.

There was actually a small amount of hair in it.

Tessa could obviously tell that this was a womans hair.

Tessa didnt know whose hair this was, but since Xing Yue cherished this hair so much, it meant that the owner of this hair was very important to Xing Yue.

Hence, Tessa took a look and pulled out a few strands of her hair to replace her original hair.

After doing all of this, she carefully placed the password box back.

Then, she left Xing Yues office without anyone knowing.

Since Xie Jiuhan could not rely on Xing Yue, he made up his mind and hacked all the broadcast equipment on the Divines Light through the computer.

He picked up the microphone and said, “Gentlemen and ladies, I have something very interesting to inform you.

At this moment, the Divines Light is driving in the direction of the Seven Stars Continent as quickly as possible.

In about three hours, we will be able to enter the attack range of the Seven Stars Continents navy.

According to what I know, the Divines Light is not loaded with heavy defense missiles.

Therefore, in three hours, it will be the time we die at the bottom of the sea.”

With that, the mans teasing voice sounded again.

“But this is good too.

Letting you people from the Seven Stars Continent die in the Seven Stars Continent can be considered returning to your roots.”

Xie Jiuhan had thought it through very clearly.

Why doesnt he let a ship full of people think of countermeasures with him He didnt believe that so many guests wanted to die on the sea.

These guests were either rich or desperate.

It was impossible for them to sit back and do nothing.

As expected, Xie Jiuhans actions worked.

When the guests heard that they were driving towards the Seven Stars Continent, some of them panicked.

One of the guests who was related to the Seven Stars Continents navy immediately made a satellite phone call.

The other guests also contacted the other departments of the Seven Stars Continent.

They would never allow themselves to die here.

Most of them were cursing Ziwei Star.

Di Qianmo sneered.

He didnt expect Xie Jiuhan to actually discover the direction of the Divines Light.

Moreover, Xie Jiuhan had cleverly used all the guests connections in the Seven Stars Continent.

This move was smart.

Even he couldnt help but want to applaud.

Feng Qing looked at Di Qianmo in a daze and said, “Did you really kill Mom No, Mom died of illness!”

Di Qianmo sneered.

“Die of illness Moms health is very good.

Shes still young, so how can she die of illness”

Feng Qing said, “You went to Penang five years ago”

The corners of Di Qianmos mouth curled up.

“Thats right.

If I could have met you at that time, I would have realized sooner that you were my sixth sister.”

Feng Qings eyes were red.

“Why did you do this”

Looking at Di Qianmos cold and heartless appearance, Feng Qing felt a tightness in her chest.

When she thought about how the face behind the mask was identical to hers, this incomparable heartache was even more unbearable.

Di Qianmo replied crazily, “Because… Mom begged me to kill her…”

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