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Feng Qing asked curiously, “Do you think only you know”

Di Qianmo said, “At this moment, were driving at high speed on the Blue Wave Sea.

In a few hours, the Divines Light will enter the sea area under the Seven Stars Continent.

However, from five years ago, the Divines Light and I are no longer allowed to enter the Seven Stars Continent.”

Feng Qing raised her eyebrows.


Di Qianmo looked at her coldly through the mask and said in an evil and heartless voice, “So once the Divines Light enters the waters of the Seven Stars Continent, it will be targeted by the Seven Stars Continents sea battleships.”

With that, he sneered and said, “Im very curious.

Will we finally arrive at the port of the Seven Stars Continent together, or will we be blasted into pieces by the missiles of the battleship”

Feng Qing asked in confusion, “Youre Young Master Di of the Di Palace, the son of the Prime Minister of the Seven Stars Continent.

Youre actually listed as the target of the Seven Stars Continent”

Di Qianmo did not answer and only smiled bleakly.

“How much do you know about me”

Feng Qing shook her head.

“I just found out from Brother Xing Yue and Feng Yuanzhou that I seem to be the daughter of the Prime Minister of the Seven Stars Continent.

Im… the daughter of Feng Yiru and Di Tianxing.

I dont know anything about you and Seventh Brother, Big Brother and Second Brother dont let me come to the Seven Stars Continent.”

Di Qianmo placed his hands in his pockets and said with a lonely expression, “They didnt let you go to the Seven Stars Continent because they were protecting you, they did not want you to be seen by that crazy man.

Little Seven escaped during the holidays some time ago, and I was personally ordered by Di Tianxing to be expelled from the Seven Stars Continent.

I wasnt allowed to take half a step closer to the Seven Stars Continent.”

Feng Qing asked, “Why”

Di Qianmo first let out a terrifying sinister smile, then looked at Feng Qing and said word by word, “Because I personally killed the person Di Tianxing loved the most.”

Feng Qing: “!!!”

Di Qianmo said affirmatively, “Thats right.

I killed our mother personally.”

Outside the banquet hall, Mr.

Qing Er asked, “Eh, Ninth Master, wheres Qingqing Isnt she with you”

Xie Jiuhans expression was ugly.

“Qingqing went after Di Qianmo.

I didnt follow.”


Qing Er asked, “Who”

Xie Jiuhan said coldly, “Ziwei Star is Di Qianmo, the fourth young master of the Di Palace in the Seven Stars Continent.”


Qing Er : “…”

Xie Jiuhan ignored him and turned to walk in another direction.

He knew that Feng Qing and Di Qianmo had probably entered a mechanism, but he couldnt find it after searching for a long time.


Qing Er asked, “Ninth Master, where are you going”

Xie Jiuhan said, “Find Di Qianmo!”


Qing Er acknowledged and was about to look for Xia Qianxue when he heard the man ask, “Do you have any extra phones on you This way, itll be easier for us to contact each other here.”

Without another word, Mr.

Qing Er took out his phone.

“The password is three 8s and three 9s.

Theres my contact information, Xia Qianxue, and God Fu.”

Xie Jiuhan took the phone and said, “This is the territory of Ziwei Star.

Its best if the three of you stay together.

Protect that little fellow.

With him around, the two of you will be fine.”

A few minutes later, Xie Jiuhan walked out of a dark corner.

A crew member who had fainted was lying on the ground in the corner.

He knew where the Divines Light was going.

It was within the territorial waters of the Seven Stars Continent.

He also knew that Di Qianmo had been expelled from the Seven Stars Continent.

The word lunatic appeared in his evaluation of Di Qianmo.

At the thought of this, Xie Jiuhan slipped into the cockpit of the Divines Light.

After knocking out four guards, two crew members, and a first mate, he went straight to the switchboard in the pilots seat.

Xie Jiuhans fingers flew and typed crazily on the keyboard.

After a code was entered, the switchboard did not react.

Xie Jiuhan finally realized that the switchboard had already been given a death order by Ziwei Star with the authority of a super administrator.

Actually, he could use more advanced hacker technology to change this setting.

However, doing that would activate the switchboards self-destruct program.

Xie Jiuhan said hatefully, “Damn Di Qianmo!”

Fortunately, in a short while, Xie Jiuhan locked onto Di Qianmos location through a computer.

He even saw Feng Qing in the surveillance camera.

The only solution now was to change the direction of the Divines Light so that their ship would not be blasted into pieces.

Moreover, this place was very far from Xia country and the Sacred Island.

Even if he wanted to get someone to pick him up, he could not make it because the Divines Lights horsepower had already reached its maximum.

Before the plane arrived, they had already entered the territorial waters of the Seven Stars Continent.

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