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The female attendant replied expressionlessly, “We never bathe Lord Ziwei Star.”

Feng Qing asked curiously, “Then did you help him put on his clothes”

The female attendant nodded.

“This is our responsibility.”

Just as the two of them were asking and answering, another female attendant walked in.

Without a word, the female attendant squeezed out the shampoo and applied it on Feng Qings hair.

The female attendant massaged her head as she rinsed her hair.

From the female attendants technique and strength, she was definitely a professional beauty nurse.

Feng Qing transformed into a hundred thousand whys, as if she had countless questions.

“Then will Di Qianmo usually be angry at you for no reason”

This time, the two female attendants did not answer her because they did not know if they could answer this question.

Di Qianmos personality was temperamental and unpredictable.

Moreover, he had mysophobia and his own rules in life.

For example, when he wore a tie, they had to tie it in a fixed way.

Otherwise, they would be scolded or even beaten by him.

There was also something that Di Qianmo did not allow.

He did not allow anyone to touch his skin, so they were very careful when they waited on Di Qianmo to put on his clothes, afraid that they would be accidentally thrown into the sea by Di Qianmo to feed the fish.

There was once a female attendant who accidentally splashed dirty water on Di Qianmos arm when she was waiting on him.

In the end, Di Qianmo personally broke the tendons in the female attendants hand.

With the professional service of the two female attendants, the dirty stains and blood stains on Feng Qings body were cleaned up.

For the first time, the two female attendants saw Feng Qings true appearance at a close distance.

Although the two of them did not say much, they were both stunned by Feng Qings sweet and cute appearance.

Just looking at Feng Qing sitting in the water was like seeing a fairy who had accidentally entered the mortal world.

The beautiful scene of a fairy bathing made them intoxicated.

Finally, the female attendant who washed her hair could not help but say, “Miss Feng, your hair is almost waist-high, and the quality of your hair is black and bright.

Most importantly, its not split.

Theres not even a strand of white hair.

To be honest, Ive served many people, and theres no lack of rich ladies, but they dont have such good hair like yours.”

Feng Qing smiled and said, “Hair mainly depends on genes.

Isnt Di Qianmos hair quite good”

Another female attendant also praised her, “Compared to hair, I feel that Miss Fengs skin is better.

When I helped you with the shower gel and massage just now, it felt like I was touching a soft and smooth jelly.

Any woman who has skin like yours will definitely be so happy that they wont be able to sleep.”

The female attendant who washed her hair took over and said, “Lord Ziwei Star is obsessed with cleanliness and doesnt allow anyone to touch his body.

Although weve never touched his skin, we knew that your skin is better than his just by looking at it.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Qing couldnt help but smile.

“Its probably because Im soaking in the hot spring at home every day that my skin has become so good.”

The female attendant asked curiously, “What kind of hot spring is Miss Feng soaking in Can it improve your skin so well”

Feng Qing revealed her white teeth and said, “Of course its the hot spring of the Xie family in Xia countrys Capital.”

Upon hearing this name, the female attendant said in surprise, “Miss Feng, youre actually from the Xie family”

Feng Qing asked in confusion, “Didnt Di Qianmo tell you who I am”

The female attendants all looked at Feng Qing curiously.

They knew that this woman definitely had other uses for Di Qianmo.

At least, they could tell that Di Qianmos attitude towards Feng Qing was completely different from how he treated other women.

In their impression, there were outstanding beauties who deliberately approached Di Qianmo, but Di Qianmo did not like these beauties at all.

He did not even look at them, let alone let them bring any woman into this presidential suite to shower and change.

Seeing that the female attendants were silent, Feng Qing understood that they definitely didnt know her background.

Hence, she said, “My name is Feng Qing.

Im the First Madam of the Capitals Xie Corporation and the madam of the Capitals Xie family.

Im Xie Jiuhans legal wife.”

The two female attendants looked at each other and saw shock in each others eyes.

The female attendant who washed her hair said, “Oh my god, so youre the First Madam of the Xie Corporation.

The beautiful wife who is said to be hidden in the golden house of the Capitals Ninth Master is Miss Feng”


The two female attendants let out all sorts of exclamations, as if they had seen some magical existence.

The womens gossip instinct was ignited at this moment.

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