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The Void God Chapter 5 Demon

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The earth dragon knew it was definitely getting stronger but the bastard in its stomach was absorbing the whole energy like crazy,

meanwhile Jake was trying to absorb the whole dragon, without fusing with it, and it was proving quite difficult,

suddenly he slapped his head for being stupid how couldn he realize all this while, he could simply corrode the earth dragon by transforming it into a void creature from the inside out, it turned out to be quite easy to pull off, but the energy of an X rank creature was enormous, but he continued nonetheless, after a while it became an immobile XXX rank creature, that was when Jake cut the void energy from rushing in if not, the dragon would be summoned for a bloodline promotion, in order to enter the demigods rank, all his efforts would be wasted and he would have a huge bounty on his head.

A year later, Jake took a big breath and sighed in relief, it was a long process but now he had finished absorbing the dragon, and successfully reached SSS rank, but then he needed to do something, the inheritance void space, he wanted to devour it, and he did so, a day later he had finished absorbing the whole god legacy void inheritance and merged the ones he couldn into his own void space, right now even a newly ascended god rank powerhouse couldn kill him, as his defense was now god rank and if he willed it, he could borrow the power of his void space to kill a newly ascended god rank powerhouse. right now he was an X rank powerhouse, although there were terrifying god rank void beasts, but Jake just saved them for later, he would come back again, but this time he had to go back home. he started a long journey after three years of running away, he was now more than strong to finish them off, his uncle and everyone of them, after three months of travel, he finally reached a town close to his hometown, and lodged into an inn, ate like a suicidal maniac and slept like a baby, the reason he slept was because he had scanned the whole town and the strongest was a SS rank battle mage, an old one at that.

waking up early in the morning, Jake vanished from the, inn, hotel or whatever it could be called and now he was in the outskirts of his own hometown.

Hey you stop there, who are you and what do you want, the reason the guards asked was because while others were walking into the town or going out, he was actually standing on a spot, staring at the ground for some unknown reason, heck he was damn right for asking the youth.

I am going home, he replied without looking up , the guards felt puzzled, who is this young noble youth, what an attitude, the guard who asked the question instantly felt he could be an important person, better safe than sorry, young man what is your name, I am Jake Silva, the guards quickly heaved a sigh of relief, they had just dodged a bullet, welcome young master, in fact they knew that the Silva family had a lot of children, but they decided to call each one of them young master, after jake had long gone, one of the old guards as if struck by lightning, gasped and his face instantly turned pale, Derek was once a guard in the house of the late patriarch zord whom they claimed suffered a backlash while cultivating and thus led to his death, after the new patriarch came up, he disbanded the guards and sent them to the towns gate, so he knew one or two things, the son of the former patriarch has returned, there would definitely be blood shed, Jake was walking leisurely and steadily, or more like the owner of this place, demeanor,

meanwhile in the grand hall patriarch zal was having a big celebration, it has now been three years since he took the seat of the clan patriarch, it was worth celebration, but he was also celebrating the fact that he was now a SS rank battle mage, he would become invisible in this town, perhaps he could even fight to become the new town lord, he was really happy. he had invited a whole lot of friends and acquaintances, with the hope of flaunting his progress, but someone vaguely familiar walked in accompanied by a stifling pressure, walking like he owned the whole place, but the most surprised was the town lord of frost fire town, isn that the kid his former companion beast swallowed and he returned even more powerful at that, everyone was looking wary and strange, they were all sweating profusely and trembling all over, seeing as everything was about to turn south, patriarch zal instantly took the liberty to strike a conversation, such strong entity should not be here in the first place,

ah welcome senior Im sure you must have had a very tiresome journey, please bear with us and after the party I will assign the servants to prepare a room to your liking, however Im not sure if I know senior anywhere, please give at least a name or alias for verification purpose, Jake Silva, ah that naughty boy, sorry to disappoint you senior but the kid died a few days after his fathers death, he must have been killed by a magical beast as we couldn find his remains,

he probably thought Jake was asking about Jake, hehe, who asks about himself when hes right there.

but then he noticed something, why does this senior looks like the perfect version of Jake Silva, especially the 12/10 looks,

Jake suddenly had an idea while he was thinking of either killing all his relatives for good or not, he then decided to pretend and play a new game with this people but this game was called life and death, strange but self explanatory.

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