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At this time, the state-owned restaurants were not as good as the roadside stores in the 21st century. 

The restaurant’s appearance was old and dilapidated, with a few scattered wooden tables and benches, and a dusty mud brick wall.

Only the man in military uniform who was sitting in the corner with a straight posture looked like someone who came out of the television. 

Everything around him looked like it was all grayed out, and he was the only one who looked bright in this era.

Su Xiaoxiao chased stars in her last life and has seen men in all forms.

Only this one is different. 

He had an aura that is unique to this era.

It’s like the words “righteous and extraordinary” were engraved on his forehead.

There was a button positioned on his collar that made him more attractive as he swallowed his saliva.

This type of sexiness is something that Su Xiaoxiao has never seen before.

It was the first time she had seen a man mix abstinence and seduction in such an advanced way.

This man’s face value was a little unexpected to Su Xiaoxiao.

She has never been satisfied with any man in her previous life.

It was really rare for her to encounter a man who met her aesthetic preferences.


After Han Cheng promised to give the matchmaker a good red envelope, the Matchmaker Xu would laugh so hard that the flowers would bloom.

With this promising reward, the Matchmaker Xu was even more determined to make this blind date successful. 

“Comrade Han, that’s right.

Didn’t you say you were in a hurry So in order to not waste your time, I simply called all the female comrades who met your requirements in Sujia Village to meet you, and I will help you propose a marriage when you find a suitable one.

Han Cheng frowned.

He was anxious, but how could Matchmaker Xu arrange it this way Isn’t this way too disrespectful to these female comrades

Matchmaker Xu thought he was dissatisfied and hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter if these female comrades are not suitable.

There are also a few qualified ones in Wujia Village.

You can meet them in the afternoon.”


Widow Liu took two big meat buns, twisted her small waist over Su Xiaoxiao, walked to Han Cheng, and sat down opposite him. 

Before Matchmaker Xu could speak, she began to introduce herself:

“Hello, Comrade Han, My name is Liu Shuixian.

I am 25 years old and I am a high school graduate.

My late husband was like you, he was also a great soldier.

But, unfortunately, he died three years ago for the country and did not leave a son or daughter behind.

I know the greatness of soldiers, and I know that it is not easy to be a military wife.

I also hope to be a military wife again.

I think we are predestined.

I can help you take care of the rear area and let you worry about nothing.

If you think I am suitable, I can go with you at any time.

Widow Liu then pushed the plate of meat buns over and said, “I have had breakfast.

Aunt Xu, Comrade Han, you can have it.”

Widow Liu’s coquettish operation made Su Xiaoxiao dumbfounded.

People in this era were far too introverted and conservative, right Why is Liu Shuixian so active She is indeed a person who has read books.

She speaks with no mistakes, no excuses, and is especially capable.

She wants to promise herself right away to Comrade Han.

This Liu Shuixian is indeed a strong enemy.’

Matchmaker Xu coughed twice and cleared her throat.

Matchmaker Xu doesn’t care whether they are suitable or not.

Anyway, if they are, she will receive red envelopes from both sides.

Han Cheng did not look at her face, but instead glanced at Widow Liu’s hand and said, “Go back first.”

Widow Liu stood still and winked at matchmaker Xu.

Didn’t I behave well’

Matchmaker Xu’s smile got stuck and asked, “Han, Comrade Han, what do you mean Is there anything that is unclear”

Han Cheng did not intend to embarrass female comrades, especially when there were other people in the restaurant. 

He did not know why Matchmaker Xu chose this place out of so many other places.

If he knew in advance that he would meet several female comrades at the same time, he would certainly not have agreed.

“Not appropriate.” Han Cheng still acted with good manners but still did not look at Widow Liu.

Widow Liu couldn’t keep a straight face.

She got up to go.

But of course, she remembered her meat buns and turned around to take them.

Matchmaker Xu stretched out her hand to grab it, and said, “Hey, why are you taking it away Isn’t it for me to eat”

Widow Liu doesn’t care about her.

The blind date was not successful and she still wanted to take her meat buns.

Passing by Su Xiaoxiao’s side, she deliberately bumped her and said coldly, “His standard is high.

Do you want to lose face He really thinks the female comrades in the village are waiting in line for him to be chosen.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled but did not speak, and did not follow her.

She always felt that comrade Han had his own rules, and she was not worried.

In this era, when you go to state-owned restaurants, you must bring your own lunch boxes.

If Widow Liu was not angry with Su Xiaoxiao, she would not have bought steamed meat buns, but now she can’t take them home with her, so she can only go to the table farthest from them to eat them.

Matchmaker Xu didn’t have much hope for Su Xiaoxiao. 

Han Cheng didn’t even look at the gorgeous and capable Widow Liu.

Su Xiaoxiao, who is poor and can’t work, may not be able to get into his eyes.

“Will you meet other female comrades in the afternoon” Matchmaker Xu asked Han Cheng.

“No need.” Han Cheng got up, looked at Su Xiaoxiao, and asked, “Do you want to eat meat buns”

Su Xiaoxiao blinked.

‘Something is wrong.’

Han Cheng went to the cashier, paid the money and meal tickets, bought some meat buns, and brought them back. 

Han Cheng said to Su Xiaoxiao, “Sit down and eat.”

Don’t mention Su Xiaoxiao.

Even matchmaker Xu is confused.

Su Xiaoxiao walked over and sat down. 

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t bother to act polite to someone who invited her to eat meat buns.

After all, she has not smelled meat for nearly ten days.

They are freshly baked, fist-sized, steaming white fat buns.

They are made of natural organic wheat flour and authentic local pork that has been raised without feeds for more than a year.

Su Xiaoxiao can’t bear to swallow a bite.

This is…… what kind of immortal food is this It’s too delicious!

Matchmaker Xu is not stupid.

She must have a share of so many big meat buns.

She picked up one without saying a word.

“My name is Han Cheng.

How old are you” Han Cheng asked the female comrade who was reluctant to swallow meat buns.

“My name is Su Xiaoxiao.

I’m twenty-three years old and I’ll be twenty-four years old after the Chinese New Year.” This is a hard-to-come-across meat bun.

Su Xiaoxiao ate the meat bun slowly and carefully.

In Han Cheng’s eyes, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t look like a twenty-three-year-old female comrade.

He thought she was at most twenty years old and thought she was too young for him.

However, twenty-three is appropriate.

“Have you ever read a book” Han Cheng asked again.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded: “I have read for several years.”

Han Cheng: “Do you mind taking care of two children”

Su Xiaoxiao took the time to take a look at the handsome face of the male comrade opposite her.

She remembered that matchmaker Xu said that he had two sons, one of whom was five years old and the other was less than two years old.

According to his looks, wouldn’t his two young boys be cuter than the meat buns

Su Xiaoxiao nodded, “I don’t mind.

I was the one who raised and took care of my two nephews.

Su Xiaoxiao has never raised children, but Dabao and Xiaobao were raised by the original owner.

Han Cheng planned to pick his wife based on her character.

In fact, from the moment they entered the door, he had determined Widow Liu and Su Xiaoxiao’s character.

Han Cheng never thought that Su Xiaoxiao was also his blind date.

She was well educated, neither overbearing nor inferior.

She just laughed when she was mocked.

She wasn’t cowardly.

She looked like she just didn’t want to be involved in someone else’s business.

Her skin was as white as milk, and she looked more like a girl born in the city.

So, Han Cheng didn’t think that she was his blind date at all.

Han Cheng himself had two children with him.

He didn’t expect to find a good partner.

Widow Liu is someone who is quarrelsome.

Even without Su Xiaoxiao to make a comparison, he couldn’t bring such people back to the army.

Su Xiaoxiao really exceeded his expectations too much.

“If your parents agree, can you go with me immediately after we have our certificate” Han Cheng asked again.

After Su Xiaoxiao ate the big steamed bun, she was satisfied.

She nodded and said, “Yes, I can leave with you right away.”

This female comrade has a soft voice, a soft disposition, and a face that looks like she could be easily bullied.

Han Cheng’s voice also softened, “What do you want to ask me”

Su Xiaoxiao thought about it carefully and asked sincerely, “Will you take care of the meals Can I eat until I am full Can I eat meat”

In marrying a husband, clothes and meals are the top priorities in this day and age.

The corners of Han Cheng’s lips were curved in a rare way, and the adam’s apple on his collar rolled: “Yes, I can.”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Then, there’s no problem on my side, but you still need to go home with me and ask my parents for permission.”

Matchmaker Xu never imagined that the two of them would make an arrangement just after eating a meat bun

The Widow Liu on the opposite side cast sharp eyes on them.

Matchmaker Xu threw her heart and said simply: “Comrade Han, don’t blame me for not reminding you, Su Xiaoxiao is a well-known lazy girl in our Sujia Village and never goes to the ground to work.

She committed suicide for an educated youth a while ago.

You have to think about it carefully and say that I cheated on you after.

Don’t ruin my image.”

Han Cheng took an incredible look at Su Xiaoxiao and said, “You committed suicide for an educated youth”


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