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Chapter 8 Part 2 

There are a lot of things to prepare for a temporary wedding, but at this time, even if they have money, they don’t dare waste it. 

If someone reported them for being too rich for a farmer, you’ll be powerless and wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they jumped into the Yellow River.

As the leader of the production team, Su Weimin was able to invite some strong guys in the production team, and his son to bring back all of the things he bought for the wedding in one afternoon.

The wine hall is also ready for use.

It is a simple mud-brick bungalow.

A shed is built in front of it, a few earth stoves are built, a few big pots are put up, and even a kitchen.

There are more than a dozen old wooden tables, each of which has four benches.

The pots and pans were also completed. 

The place for their wedding used to be a large canteen many years ago.

All of the events were held in this place.

The meat, fish, vegetarian dishes, sweet cakes, and melon seeds bought by Han Cheng and Su Xiaoxiao can already be considered an extravagant feast in this era.

The man bought meat for his wife at their wedding banquet.

Just by doing this, it can be considered a grand wedding.

After the preparations for the wedding were completed, Su Weimin sent someone overnight to inform his relatives to come to the banquet tomorrow.

Su Xiaoxiao was to marry far away, and there was nothing they could prepare for her dowry. 

Li Yufeng took out the gold bracelet and safe buckle passed on to her by her grandmother and then took three hundred yuan from the bride price given to her by Han Cheng to secretly give it to Su Xiaoxiao as her dowry.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t expect that her mother, who was from a peasant family, still had a thick gold bracelet.

However, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t plan to take it, “Mother, I like this safety clasp very much.

I will wear it.

Keep the money and gold bracelet to yourself.

I can’t use it.”

The safety buckle is a high-grade emerald.

It was especially luminous and transparent.

The first time she saw the emerald safety buckle, she liked it very much.

Li Yufeng was speechless before this ignorant girl.

“Is this something for you to use It’s for you to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

This is something that your grandmother passed down to me.

Even if we encountered difficulties, I never pawned it.

What are you thinking I will also give you this money.

Whenever you go, having money is a must.” 

Su Xiaoxiao pushed it back to her mother, “So you should take good care of it for me.

It’s no different from putting it here.

Han Cheng’s camp is too far from here, it will surely be a long journey.

What if I lose it on the road You should take good care of it for me. 

As for the money, I should be filial to you and my father.

You should let Han Cheng know that your daughter deserves this dowry.

It would hurt me if you spent more dowry just for my marriage.

It seems that I don’t deserve it if you give it back to me.

Li Yufeng was so angry that she raised her hand and beat her.

“You silly child, why are you speaking nonsense This is your dowry from your mother.

If Han Cheng finds out that you didn’t marry him empty-handed, he will think highly of you.

When I married your father with a gold bracelet, your grandmother treated me better than your other aunts, understand”

Su Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand to rest on her forehead, and simply showed Li Yufeng the passbook that Han Cheng gave her.

“Mother, look, Han Cheng has given this to me.

Those he gave you are just bonuses for completing a mission, so you can take them without feeling uneasy.”

Li Yufeng, who had studied in primary school and was also literate, was also surprised to see the figures on the passbook.

She swallowed her saliva and said: “Han Cheng is so rich He gave you such an important thing”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded, “No, he said that every affair in the family would be under my control, and he agreed to buy clothes for Xiao Bao.

Mother, I won’t misjudge anyone, I didn’t marry Han Cheng because of his handsome face.

He is really good.

As you can see, as long as I treat him and the children well in the future, he will not treat me unfairly.”

Li Yufeng has nothing to say.

She touched her daughter’s head.

She sighed with emotion: “It is said that fools are blessed.

I didn’t believe it before.

Just like what they say, suffering can also be a blessing in disguise.

You have been kind since you were little, I’m always worried that you will be bullied by your mother-in-law after you get married.

It seems that God still has eyes.

Han Cheng has no parents and has a bad relationship with his adoptive mother.

You don’t need to be guarded against your parents-in-law.

Just make your family better.

Don’t be too extravagant.

Raising a child is hard, and there will always be somewhere to spend as the children grow up.

Su Xiaoxiao leaned her head on Li Yufeng’s shoulder and said, “Mom, I know.”

God didn’t forsake her.

It’s good to have a kind mother who kept reminding her what she should and shouldn’t do.

The next morning, Han Cheng, dressed in a military uniform, pinned a big red flower, and sat in a military jeep to greet his bride.

The driver was not him but a man of the same age as him, who also wore a military uniform.

Driving a big car with four wheels to take the bride, this was the first time anything like this had occurred in Sujia Village.

The car has just entered the village and has been widely spread by the community members.

Su Weimin originally planned to use the three-wheeled tractors of the production team to send Su Xiaoxiao to the county station, but Han Cheng unexpectedly came with four wheels.

He bought meat and drove a big car.

Not to mention Sujia Village, they can’t find anyone who would do this for a wedding in the entire county.

Han Cheng’s father-in-law, Su Weimin, was given so much face.

“Captain Su, is the person with the big red flower your son-in-law The soldiers are different.

They are very energetic and handsome, aren’t they”

Su Weimin’s face was flushed with joy, but his mouth was modest and he said, “What’s the difference He also has two eyes and one nose, just like everyone else.

It’s just that he’s better than the average man.

“That person is out of their league.

How can they be the same”

“Yes, yes, your son-in-law is really rich.”

Liu Shuixian ate melon seeds, spat out the skin of melon seeds, and said strangely: “He’s certainly different.

His wife died, and he still has two children left with him.”

The member who had just talked and laughed suddenly got stuck, and the temperature at the scene dropped several degrees.

Liu Shuixian continued to say as if she didn’t notice the atmosphere: “There is no certificate, no label, and she has no right to follow the man.

Can we be the same as people like Su Xiaoxiao”



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