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"What are you doing?" I ask, slowly opening my eyes, getting adjusted to the brightness, the newfound clarity invading my pupils, I rub my eyes slowly and feel two strong hands pulling my hands away from them.

"Don rub your eyes" He leans down and kisses my neck, leaving a trail of feather-light kisses down to my chest. "You smell so good baby," he says and I blush. He keeps planting kisses from my chest to my jaw making me whimper. Excited about the new feeling on my body. Tingles and sparks fly everywhere he touches. "Good morning baby girl" His husky voice woke me up from my thoughts, making me focus on reality.

Our reality is a dream

He chuckles, being able to hear my wolf, the mutt has no shame. but I do have to agree with her, as our reality did indeed become a dream ever since we set foot in London. "Shower with me, my love," he says and I groan in protest. I want to stay in bed a little while more and feel warm and cozy in the comfort of my self-made blanket cocoon. I pull the covers to my face and pretend I didn hear him at all. Maybe if I pretend he doesn exist, he will go away "Come on, don be lazy" He kisses my mark, making me shiver and moan. "Fuck, my beautiful goddess"

My life was amazing, I could have not asked for any more. I have an amazing best friend who is also my boyfriend and chosen mate. The moon goddess gave me a second chance, so why not take it?

I am treated the way I always dreamed of being treated. With respect, love, and treated like a priority, not a choice. This man worships the floor I walk on. I love him so much. And I know its real and not because of a bond. I chose him to be my mate. He was still kissing me when I grabbed his face in my hands, pressed his cheeks, kissed him senselessly, got up, and ran to the bathroom locking the door behind me.

"Kallisto!" He bangs on the door while I hum to myself, taking my clothes off and hopping into the shower.

Allowing the cold shower to flow freely around my body, washing all the sinful thoughts I had of him just about a minute ago. Just completely relaxing, letting the waterfall, a gazillion droplets falling simultaneously causing to completely cover me in their dance.

I grab my favorite body wash from the shelf and start pouring it on my hand, the scent immediately filling the bathroom into something sweet. As I add the body wash to my skin, I hum a foreign sound to my ears and try to contact my brothers through our mind link, but as per usual, I am met with emptiness. It took me a while into being accepted into the Royal Pack and with more time as a rogue, the more I lost some of my abilities as a werewolf. I need to be close to them again, not only because they are my last family, but because my wolf misses her siblings.

I rinse the soap mixture off of my body and step out of the shower. Grabbing the fluffy baby blue towel and dried myself before entering the walking-in closet.

Today I feel like flowers and cute high heels. My eyes scan the closet for any flowery item and they land on the perfect dress, hanging close to all the other hundred flowery dresses I managed to buy after landing a job in a flower shop. The irony.


"Zion?" I call out making my way to the kitchen while holding the ends of the long dress I chose to wear, that sweeps the floor, even though I am wearing very high heels. I follow the smell of bacon and eggs and soon find my very god-like mate making us breakfast, wearing a white T-shirt and some blue ripped jeans. Id Zion wore a potato sack, I would still drool over him.


Horny dog


"Hello, beautiful" he walks over to me and kisses part of my mark, making my whole body shiver under his touch.

Who would have thought that a stormy night would lead to this? A night that was supposed to be for drinking hot chocolate and watching horror movies would end up becoming the most unforgettable night of our lives.

Zion is the best mate I could ask for.

Even though we started on the wrong foot and I still believe that he was only nice to me after finding out that I am related to Michael and Alexander.

He looked down at my small frame, smiled at me showing his perfectly white pearly teeth, and kissed my forehead making heat rise to my cheeks. "I love you, Kallisto Marshall"

"I love you Zion York" with that said he pecks my lips and turns around to finish breakfast for us.

As I sit there waiting on my bacon and eggs, I receive a message from Cassie, my best friend ever since I arrived here.

Check channel 6 tonight around 8 -C

Okay, weird text, but then again, Cassey has her moments and even more now that she is pregnant.

"what was that?" Zion asks from across the kitchen island as he puts our breakfast on plates. The bacon and eggs are followed by a cinnamon bagel and a bowl of freshly cut fruits and to finish, a glass of orange juice for me. And for him, bacon, sausages, oatmeal with fruits, a protein bar, a cup of coffee and to finish he sips on my orange juice now and then.

I smile at him "Just a text from Cassey, no big deal" I say and he nods, sipping on his coffee and then on my juice "That is not healthy" I giggle at his new habit and he frowns.

"I know, but I can help it" He seriously replies and I chuckle, shaking my head and taking my glass away from him while he frowns and rolls his eyes at me. "Excuse me, maam," He says grabbing the glass again and drinking it all at once.

I look at him with my mouth hanging open at the audacity this man has.

"Rude," I say and he kisses my cheek, making a blush creep onto me. I love this man so much. "Should I wait for you tonight?" I ask and he shakes his head.

"No, there is training and well probably be till late, I hope you don mind, but I rather not have you waiting up, you need your rest. Also don make dinner for me, cause I will probably eat something with the guys" he says while grabbing his hoodie and walking away from me, I instantly pout. I hate staying away from him. "Ill come sleep home though, its just with the events coming up, things are out of control"

Events? I frown "What events?" I ask and he kisses my forehead, afterward looking deep into my eyes, those dark eyes, his eyes slowly turning blue, and back to dark. So mesmerizing. "Ill be at the cafe all day," I say and he nods

"Good girl" He replies in a husky tone, while still looking into my eyes and I can feel myself getting warmer down south. He kisses my lips passionately before grabbing his keys and backpack, "I will go now, please be home early, no staying till late at the cafe" He says and I just nod, afraid of what might even come out if I were to say anything. He nods to me once more before his eyes go back to their normal brown and he is out of the door.

Those eyes are like Kryptonite.

After a while I also decided to leave, I grab my bag and walk out to my car that is parked right in front of our home. The red Porsche now parked all pretty close to the flower pots that Zion planted himself because I said I liked them. That man is amazing!

I get in the car and start driving to the coffee shop, I lower my windows to get some fresh air and am greeted by the pack people and the horrible traffic. Youd think that because we are superior to humans we would be more intelligent in traffic, but nope!

All the same really and even worse as its not only humans as pedestrians but also wolves running around.

I look at the billboard in front of me and see a picture of the king. Come to think of it, Ive never met the king, nor have I ever seen a picture of him. Not the new one at least. I do remember meeting the old king Dino something and the queen when I first got here, soon followed by all the rumors about the queen not being the kings true mate. Nobody knows what happened. Some say she is dead, some say she rejected him and ran away. Although if the latter is true, then is a curse that runs in the family, because as far as Im aware, the woman who was going to be the future queen, also rejected the upcoming king.



e quick to judge, you don know the reason behind it.

I don care. A mate is someone who is supposed to stay beside you through whatever, thick and thin. Thats your soulmate. They have your back like you got theirs.

What if he is abusive?

You hit him back!

Youd end up killing him.

At least I wouldn reject him!

Could you live knowing that you killed your mate?

She went quiet.

Thats what I thought.

How come I never felt the kings presence?

You are a half-breed. Sure all of us have some human in us, but while the others are like 25% yours is 60% being way more than the normal percentage, your senses are thus not as strong. Why you also can stand up to alpha. Which would you make us an amazing Luna.

She sighs at the last part, but I understand.

Thus, you can feel a higher presence. There are of course the bad parts of it. Not being able to fully shift is one of them and being weak to poison and not having the proper amount of strength etc. If you weren trained since a kid, I wouldn advise going into a battle, but I figured our father knew of this way before, which is why he would train you like crazy, its a pity he didn get to see you shift for the first time, maybe he could have pushed the shift out fully and helped us with all the powers that come with being a Marshall.

I drive silently while listening to my wolf as she talks about our dad and our lineage, being a Marshal does indeed have its perks and sure its great when you are recognized, but no one mentions the curse that comes with it. No one mentions why we are trained so hard ever since being a kid. Why we weren allowed normal childhoods.

As I drive past a billboard, I decide to finally look at the picture of the king they were putting up. I put my head slightly out and see a picture of Zion.



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