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I don know what, but they all had a way to mess up our **.

I was now kneeling in front of my best friends grave. Numb. My wolf howled to be let out and rip apart the neck of that so-called mate she had.

Betrayal comes from those we least expect it. It rarely comes from your enemies.

My body is burning, a fever is slowly starting to make its way into my system.

All the feelings from the rejection, losing a child, and now having to deal with the death of someone close is finally getting to me.

Its been a hard week all over, as soon as I woke up I had to be rushed out of the pack territory and was immediately made into a rogue. My brothers fought their hardest to have me stay in the pack, but I was tired of letting people fight my own battles, it was time to grow up and stand on my own two feet.

For a long time, people thought that Lyla and my brother would be mates, but the goddess can be sick and cruel sometimes and she showed that side of hers when Lylas true mate showed up in the packhouse as a warrior in training, my brother having to train him.

Hunter came from a very traditional pack where women were seen as less than men. Not only that but they were used to marking each other on sight, so everyone knew right away who their mate was. The women didn have a say in their own lives. It was the men who ruled and had the last word.

Lyla was a free-spirited wolf, the only men I had seen her bow to was the alpha and her father so I knew that Hunter would have his hands full.

Lyla and Alexander were very aware of the risks there could be if they both found their mates and they weren acceptive of whatever they had going on.

Even though they were no longer together as a couple, Lyla was very much pregnant with Alexanders child. There was a lot of love between the two, but they weren as compatible as they thought they were and once she got pregnant and went to live with him, she was very quick to realize that everything was just a mistake.

Hunter was not happy to see that his mate carried another males child, but he cared too much about Lyla to do something he would regret.

Or so we thought.

How could he?

He could never be her mate.

Mates are not supposed to hurt each other.


e one to talk.

He is not our mate. Even if he begs for another chance, I will never go back to him. I will never be humiliated like that again. Nobody else could be nearly as cruel as him.

Damn right.

But I knew that was wishful thinking on my part, I knew that if Jacob would turn around and say that he regretted everything, I would go back to him. I know what it feels like being in my mates arms and even if I did accept his rejection, he wasn man enough to rip his mark off of me and free me completely, I still bear his mark. I can still feel everything he does to different she-wolves. I could ripe the mark myself but is the last thing I have of him and I want to hold onto that for just a little longer.

I wish I could see Alexei one last time. Hold him and tell him that everything would be okay. That even though his mom is gone, he still has his godmother who might not love him as much as his mom did, but I

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I don have to turn around to know who it is, the familiar smell filling my nostrils making me feel safe.

"Hello, Michael," I say and feel an instant smile on my face. "Alexander". My older brothers. The only family I had left. I turn around and its like staring at clones. Identical, except, Alexanders hair has been a lighter shade, ever since he was a kid, but it goes unnoticed, you only realize it if you

e close to him and paying a lot of attention.

Both are wearing a full black suit and shades covering their blue midnight eyes. The eyes we got from mom. Its one of the things that stand out, the dark skin with the blue eyes.

"She wanted us to take care of him" I frown, and he hands me her diary. "She wrote it in there, I didn read it all, but I figured you

e her best friend, you should," he says and I nod.

I take a deep breath and shake my head, "I can take care of him, he can grow as a rogue. And I can put his life in danger. Ill never forgive myself if something bad happens to him". Im starting to cry again and Michael is quick to embrace me in his arms.

"Thats okay, I will take care of him, and don worry, Ill make sure he knows about you and make sure he knows the truth when hes old enough," he says and I frown.

"What truth?" I ask and he takes a deep breath, running his hands through his hair.

He takes his shade and his eyes are bloodshot red, I gasp at the sight of my brother, I can only imagine how much he is hurting. Even though Lyla wasn his real mate, he loved her like one. It hurts seeing my brother like this. "She didn tell nobody any **ing thing! Just read this damn book and then give me a call"

I simply nod and we stand there in comfortable silence, just enjoying each others presence. The wind blows my dark curls back as we watch the leaves fly away. "You

e leaving" Michael is the first to break the silence. He didn ask a question, he made a statement, he knew. I nod looking at the ground, watching as my dress flows lightly. "London?" now he asks and I nod again.

Then I feel Alexander hugging me as well and the tears Ive been trying so hard to hold, finally fall. My legs get weak and I drop all of my weight on them. The fact that I won be seeing them anytime soon finally catches up to me.

My brothers, were the only family I had left and now I would have to leave them behind, in any other circumstances they would be excited for me getting to visit our hometown, but right now. I know how heavy their hearts are and they know that I do not wish to leave them like this.


Where my parents had met.

Him being the Royal Beta and my mother a human, but from what I read in her journal, it was love at first sight. She loved him instantly, she didn know if it was the pull of the mate bond, but she refused to believe that it was only that.

They met during the yearly winter ball, my brothers would tell me that ever since she met him, she would wear a similar dress to the one on the night they met.

A red, blood-colored gown, I always told myself that if I ever went to a Royal Ball, I would make sure to wear one of her dresses.

My mother kept a journal where she would write about her feelings and leave us letters as if she knew she would not be here for long.

I love him, and with every fiber in my being, I am willing to do anything for him, I will go to the bottom of the deepest ocean and the darkest side of the universe for this man.

My man.

I smile remembering one of the quotes in her journal about the love she felt for dad. I wish I could have met her, Im sure she would have shown me and taught me so much. Not that my dad hasn . Its just, certain things Id rather have a womans perspective on it.

That and she would have been able to help me with the loss of a child.

She died giving birth to me. It was already a miracle that she was able to give birth to the twins and still live six years to give birth to me.

Dad said she died an hour later.

He says, she knew and I believe that too.

Shes in her crib, sleeping safely. My boys are outside celebrating the birth of their little sister with Zion. My husband sleeps on the couch next to my bed, next to him were Sofia and King Xavier Dionysus.

My husband. Alastor. I love this man. My man.

Kallisto coos lightly in her sleep and I get up, hold her in my arms and go back to bed. My little doll. The happiness I feel by holding one of my children in my arms is unexplainable.

I hold her tight, I know I don have much time anymore.

My love,

If you read this, is because Im already gone. Don worry, I know you will be a great father to our kids, I wish I had more time to spend with you and watch our daughter grow into a beautiful woman and our sons into beautiful Royal warriors, but my time has come.

Take care of yourself and our babies.

My darlings,

Alexander, Michael, and Kallisto.

Alexander, you

e the eldest by ten minutes, help your father take care of your siblings, I know you will become an exceptional warrior. I have faith in you.

I love you, baby.

Michael, take care of your brother, he needs you even when he won admit it. Be there for him and your father. You will be an amazing beta.

I love you sweetheart


There was nothing written for me. Dad said he woke up feeling suffocated and looked over at her who seemed to be asleep, but found her cold, the next morning, with me laying in her arms, sleeping soundly. He likes to believe she didn have time left to write me something. So he wrote me something instead, along with my brothers.

I think you

e going to be a pain in the butt, but hey, Im not complaining, will be nice to have a pranking partner around to prank Zion and Alex. I love you already sis. Grow up fast will ya


Be nice. I know you will one day be an amazing woman with a great heart. You got our mothers eyes after all. I love you, little sister. Take your time growing up. No rushing and no boys until you

e fifty.


My little bundle of joy. Papa is already very proud of you. Im so happy you came healthy into this world. You are meant for great things. I have faith in you, my princess.

I love you so much, you remind me so much of your mother, but I wouldn wish for any other way. I vow to protect you and your brothers, always. And yes, no boys until you

e fifty.

I love you princess


They made sure I never felt guilty for my mothers death. Made sure I never felt left out in any way and despise being the only girl in our little family. Of course, I had certain privileges, but they would always say, "The world won treat you the way we treat you, but never settle for less than what you deserve"

So I was trained, to defend myself and always, always go for the kill.


e going to miss you" who knew words could hurt you as hard as a silver bullet. Those words coming from a person that rarely showed emotions struck the air out of my lungs. Alexander grew quite emotionless after our father passed away. Leaving the royal pack he was trained to not show any kind of emotion. He was told that emotions would make him weak, and make enemies come for him. He grew with that imprinted in his mind.

"Im going to miss you guys too," I say and hug them tighter. Want to stay just a little longer in their arms. My body shaking from crying and from the cold. They pull away and wrap their jackets around my body. Micah kisses my forehead and Alexander does the same, then both of them kiss my cheek and blow raspberries on them making me giggle. "I love you boys"

"We love you too, take care of yourself little one. You

e all we have left" Alexander says and I nod at him. We were the last Marshalls, it was up to us to keep the bloodline going.

I look at Micah and he winks at me "Well come to visit soon, I could use some London air" He says fanning himself and I throw my head back laughing "Also if you ever bump into Zion, tell him, I still think hes a pu$$y"

"Language" Both Alexander and I say at the same time and we laugh.

"Be safe princess" They say and I nod. Then the same way they appeared, they left. Leaving me with their jackets and tear-stained cheeks.

One fact about the Marshalls: we hate goodbyes.

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