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C92 – Jumping Into The Water For Picking Up The Body

Although it was a 10-minute effect, these two were still master and disciple after all.

So, the old man couldn’t bear to hit his disciple too hard.

Not to mention that the words ‘ridicule the enemy’ were a little subtle in this situation as the two were not exactly enemies.

“Teacher, I was wrong.

This was actually the curse of that monster.

I definitely didn’t mean to say those words just now,”

the man said aggrievedly as he covered his butt and stayed not far away from the old man with a frown on his face.

“You didn’t mean it Do you think I would believe you Rascal, do you know how much you deserve a beating from your expression and words just now!” Master was so angry to the point that his whole body was trembling.

Worrying that his life was about to come to an end, his mind had been constantly filled with thoughts of refining medicine to prolong his life all the time.

However, this disciple dared to even use this concern of his to ridicule him.

“Aiyo, my head is dizzy.

I feel like I’ll have to live a few days less because of you ungrateful brat.” Thinking of this, his physical condition seemed to be getting even worse as he coughed.

The disciple felt a little guilty and raised his hand, apologizing sincerely, “Master, I was wrong.

I swear I didn’t mean what I said just now.

Of course, I care about you.

As long as you can live, it’s better than anything.”

“Shut up! Do you think I would believe you” The old man wasn’t moved as he widened his eyes and scolded.

His disciple who was named Zheng Zhong took a deep breath and said, “Teacher, I swear that if I really want you to die, I will jump into the river and never come out.”

Just as he finished speaking, he immediately turned around and jumped into the water with a ‘boom’.

At this moment, the sound of a prompt appeared in Lo Ya’s ear.

[The Toxic Oath Actualisation Instrument is in effect.]

The old man was stunned.

“This is…”

Lo Ya was also stunned.

She quickly took a look at the item that popped out of the diamond chest and then understood what was going on.

The poison oath generator was effective when making an oath.

Could it be that what was happening now was the effect

In a strange silence, the old man blankly rushed to the riverside and looked at his disciple who had completely sunk into the water.

“What the hell is going on” By now, he seemed to suspect something as he sucked in a breath of cold air.

When he thought about it carefully, there was indeed something strange about the whole situation.

After all, his disciple’s character was not like this and even if he didn’t like him, he shouldn’t have said it out loud, right

Gradually, he began to understand what was going on and turned around to look at Lo Ya.

“You… What kind of monster are you”

He pointed his finger at Lo Ya as he asked.

His tone was trembling.

The upper half of this little girl’s body was that of a human while the lower half was that of a bug.

This could perhaps be regarded as a rare devil monster.


“Could it be that you are… God No, it’s impossible.

You are obviously a monster!”

His expression changed several times as several thoughts crammed into his head and he shook his head in panic.

Then, he scrambled back into the house, picked up a package, and ran away without looking back.

He seemed to have forgotten about his disciple who drowned.

A few seconds later, Lo Yu arrived, hiding in a small pot by the side of the room.

She poked her head out of the pot and laid her arms on the sides of the pot, calling out quietly as possible as she could, “Lo Ya! Lo Ya, are you safe”

“Yes,” Lo Ya replied back as she nodded her head.

Seeing that the old man had indeed left with his tail between his legs due to unknown reason, she decided to go to the house to take a look at the situation.

The two Little Insect Girls wiggled to the place that looked like an alchemy room and began to observe the items inside.

There were a lot of strange-looking medications.

At the sight of this, Lo Yu drooled and wanted to run over to drink instantly, but was grabbed by Lo Ya who said coldly, “If you want to die, then rush up.”

“Oh.” With a disappointed look on her face, she wiped her mouth and pouted.


Who knew if there might be some kind of ingredient that could poison Insect Girl to death in these medications.

“Lo Yu, don’t try to eat everything you see in the future.

Some things can kill us.”

Lo Ya warned her and approached a bottle of medicine to figure out what it was.

As she sniffed, a frown appeared on her face.

There was a line of words written on it, ‘Neutralizer’.

Lo Ya thought for a while and gave up.

“Alright, I don’t understand.”

This medicinal alchemy should be similar to the chemistry of the Magic World.

It was better not to touch it.

“Lo Ya, there’s something here.” Lo Yu caught sight of something and pulled out an exquisite iron box from under the table.

“Let me take a look.” Lo Ya wriggled over and gently opened it.


In the box, she found that there was only a round silver metal ball.

[Obtained Stargazer]

[Stargazer: After the alchemists modify the technology side projector, they use it to record the starry sky.]

This type of thing was new to Lo Ya and so, there was a confused expression on her face.

“Celestial Phenomenon Instrument”

She noticed that there was a small button on it, so she pressed it lightly.

Crack, crack, crack, crack…

The metal ball opened the lid on one side and shot out a ray of light towards the darkness of the room.

Then, a strange, but beautiful starry sky chart appeared on top of it.

The picture was similar to the cosmic pattern that she had seen on the LCD screen in his previous life.

The difference was that the projection area was quite large and took up almost half of the room.

“This is so beautiful.

Lo Yu, look… Eh, where did Lo Yu go again”

Lo Ya suddenly found that Lo Yu had disappeared again and quickly looked for her.

“Ahh, Lo Ya, save me!”

At that moment, Lo Yu’s panicky voice came from outside.

When she ran out to take a look, she found Lo Yu struggling for breath in a small river not far away.

“The heck!” Lo Ya was shocked and quickly wiggled over.

On the way, she grabbed a long branch and brought along.

Then, she shouted, “Quickly grab it.”

Lo Yu’s voice was incoherent as she struggled, “Gulp, gurgle, gurgle ~”

After struggling for a while, she could finally grab the tree branch.

The little Insect Girl desperately waved both her hands and tail and returned to the shore.

Lo Ya angrily scolded, “If you can’t swim, why did you go into the stream”

“I wanted to eat meat.” Lo Yu felt wronged as she said aggrievedly.

“Do you want to eat that man’s corpse”

“Yes, yes.” She nodded.

Lo Ya sighed and tried to console her, “Fine.

Then, I’ll go and get it for you.”

Then, she also jumped into the water.


Not even a moment later…

“Wah! Lo Yu, save me!”

Lo Ya shook her tail with all her might to stay afloat and both her hands were wildly fumbling around.

No matter how much she wanted to stay still in the water afloat, her body did not listen as it kept spinning around in the water.

Then, she sank completely.


“Lo Ya, don’t panic.

I’m here to save you!” The little fellow was also frightened stiff.

Then, without thinking, she also senselessly jumped into the water with a ‘thud’ with the intention to save Lo Ya.

“Wahh, Lo Ya, save me!”


Just like that, there were two Little Insect Girls struggling in the water.

Lo Ya knew that this couldn’t continue, so she tried her best to hold her breath and directly dived to the bottom of the river.

Then, she wriggled over towards the shore with much difficulty and climbed along the river to the shore with the support from some stones.


Coming out of the water, Lo Ya felt that she had used up all her strength to take a breath.

Then, she quickly handed over a tree branch for Lo Yu.

“Quickly climb up!”

“Wuwu, I am coming.” Lo Yu tried her best to wiggle forward a few meters and hugged the tree branch tightly.

Under Lo Ya’s shocking strength, she was finally able to safely return to the shore.

The two Little Insect Girl’s bellies were facing the sky as they struggled for air.

Their faces were dispirited.

“Ah!” A few seconds later, Lo Yu suddenly had an idea.

It was as if all the tiredness had been washed away as she said enthusiastically, “Lo Ya, I have a good idea.

I think as long as we give a branch to that guy in the water, he will swim up to us and feed himself to us!”

Lo Ya said, “Wow, you are so smart.”

“Eh, really Lo Lo also said that I am smart,” Lo Yu proudly said, but her face blushed red.

Lo Ya shook her head and said, “Smart, my ass.

You just stay here obediently.

I will think of a way.”

A few minutes later, Lo Ya brought out a glass cover from the alchemy room and wore it on her face.

After making sure that there was no gaping space which could let the water in, she jumped into the water again.

Relying on the air in the glass cover, breathing underwater was not a problem for the time being.

Moreover, she could open her eyes and see the situation below.

She searched for the corpse and slowly pulled it up.

“Hu ~”

The moment she went ashore, she heard Lo Yu crying.

Lo Ya was dumbfounded and asked, “What are you doing”

The little Insect Girl stopped crying and sniffed, saying with a wrinkled nose, “Lo Ya, are you alright”

“Why were you crying Sigh, forget it.

My impression of you has changed.

It seems like that was just an illusion.

You really are a big idiot after all.”

Lo Ya seemed to have forgotten that her performance just now was actually the same.


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