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C90 – The Happy Forest


Just as she exited the item space, Lo Yu, who was beside her, burped and spat out a small flame from her mouth in contentment.

However, not even a minute later, she blinked her eyes and said, “Lo Ya, I want to eat something again.”

“Huh It has only been a few minutes.

Are you Luo Tianyi Eating all day”

“Huh Who is Luo Tianyi Lo Ya, did you secretly give birth to a baby again”

“No way! Don’t get wrong ideas.”

Hiding under a slanting rock, the two Little Insect Girls stared blankly at the rainforest outside.

As the rain hit the tender branches, the green leaves swayed and a gust of wind blew past from time to time.

The pouring of rain splashed onto Insect Girls’ faces which were already slightly cold.

Lo Ya curled her tail and covered her upper body in the middle like a coiled snake.

Doing so could not only resist the cold, but also it was quite comfortable.

Seeing her action, Lo Yu did the same and piled up into a lump of meat.

Thus, the two cute Little Insect Girls, one big and one small, were wrapped by their tails just like that side by side, only revealing their heads and blinking their eyes in a daze.

They looked at the sky outside quietly with a foolish expression.

About half an hour later, the rain became considerably lighter.

Lo Ya felt that it was their cue to go, so she prepared to continue forward.

The surroundings were mostly shrubs and there were also miniature plants similar to pine trees everywhere.

The height was only one meter and the leaves were edible.

They were quite delicious.

Suddenly, there was Lo Yu’s excited voice, “Lo Ya, we found a turtle!”

Lo Yu carried a creature that was similar to the turtle and ran over.

Upon the closer look, it was indeed a turtle.

It peeped around vigilantly and would shrink back into the shell if someone touched it.

Lo Ya smiled and said, “Alright.

It’s time for the meal then.”

Without sparing any mercy for the turtle, the Dark Melting energy slowly corroded the turtle shell, trying to bare the turtle inside.

After a few minutes, the two Little Insect Girls obtained the bare turtle meat.

Once the turtle was cut to death with a dagger, a silver box was dropped in front of them.

“Eh, this is such a good luck.”

Lo Ya quickly opened it.

[Opening silver chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained the mysterious bra.]

[Mysterious bra: A very beautiful (10,000 years old) old virgin’s bra with a faint body temperature.

It’s rumored that everything she wears has a special effect.]

“Pffft.” Lo Ya burst out laughing as soon as she heard this.

What the hell

With an amused look on her face, Lo Ya put the bra on her chest to compare and found that it was a human size AA cup.

To Insect Girl, it was too big and definitely not suitable to use.

Lo Ya was at a loss of what to do with this useless thing.

Then, she turned her head to glance at Lo Yu and suddenly had an idea.

“Lo Yu, quickly lower your head.”


Despite her confusion, Lo Yu obediently did as she was told.

With the bra in her hand, Lo Ya put it on top of her head.

After that, she made a circle around her face and tied a knot on her chin, making use of it as both a hat and a scarf.

Lo Ya was satisfied with the result and she nodded.

“Very good.

This thing seems to have a special use for your head.

This is for you.

Do you like it”

Lo Yu was stunned as she looked at Lo Ya.

An unfamiliar feeling of warmth and safety came from above her head.

After a long time, her heart felt suddenly touched and she wiped away her welling up tears, saying, “I like it.

Lo Ya is really good to me.”

“That’s good.” Lo Ya nodded her head repeatedly.

This way, this bra item would not be wasted.

It really had some good effect for them after all.

Next, it was better to enjoy the delicacy in front of them.

The evolution points that made Lo Ya happy rang in her ears constantly.

After enjoying the turtle meat together, the two Little Insect Girls leaned back against the two sides of a tree and burped comfortably.

“Hahahaha… I’m so happy.”

After a while, with a distant gaze in her eyes, Lo Ya thoughtfully said, “Lo Yu, actually, I know it’s really good to live like this every day, but we have to pursue greater things.

Don’t you think so”

When she didn’t get any reply from the other person, Lo Ya was confused and she turned around.

“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything”

However, there was only an empty space beside her and she found that Lo Yu was gone.

“Huh, where did Lo Yu go”

Lo Ya went to the other side of the tree in search of her, but still could not find her no matter where she looked.

She immediately felt a little panicked.

She took a deep breath to calm down before raising her head to carefully observe her surroundings.

She gradually realized that something was not right.

The surrounding trees seemed to be arranged a bit too neatly in a circle and located ten meters away from her.

Sensing that something was wrong, she hurriedly looked up and realized that the leaves and branches on the trees had been tightly bound together.

Only a small half of a white tail was exposed from the middle as it swayed slightly.

“Lo Yu!”

Lo Ya was shocked.

She immediately wanted to use the Wind Blade to cut the branch, but was afraid that the power of the Wind Blade would be too great, resulting in Lo Yu also getting cut in half.

So, she could only change the skill to Dark Melting energy and pressed it against the tree.

The black viscous liquid began to spread and gradually eroded the tree.

Immediately after, a large number of branches shook due to the stimulation.

They couldn’t bear it and finally dropped the act, extending their branches to attack Lo Ya.

Without any hesitation, Lo Ya used her new skill.

“Earth Wall!”


A loud rumbling sound echoed as a wall suddenly rose from the ground, breaking countless branches that came to attack.

At the same time, Lo Yu let out a scream as she was suddenly loosened and fell down from above.

Fortunately, Lo Ya was quick to catch her in her arms.

“Oww, my tail hurts so much.

Lo Ya, I hit my tail with your earth wall.”

Lo Yu lifted her tail to examine and found that the end was swollen.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” Lo Ya immediately rubbed it gently for her, saying, “It looks really bad.

Could there be any problem with giving birth in the future”

This tail clearly had not reached the split stage yet, but it had already suffered such a severe blow.

This would be detrimental to the future reproduction.

The current situation was still very dangerous.

The tree in front of them was struggling due to the attack of the Dark Melting energy.

However, its size was obviously too big, so the effect was limited.

Hence, Lo Ya gathered her energy and released another stream of lava to speed up the target’s death.

At this moment, Lo Ya didn’t know that a large group of trees in the surroundings had actually approached a few meters to her.

No one noticed because they clearly did not move, but they had the ability to inadvertently closed in on the target within a matter of time.

When Lo Ya found out about this, she couldn’t help feeling bewildered.

“What the hell are these things”

Lo Ya was so scared and she used a probing technique to figure out, but she did not find any information.

She thought to herself, ‘Could it be that these are not living creatures’

At that time, her eyes happened to move to the ground and her attention was attracted by a row of words floating on the soil.

“Wait…what’s on the ground”

Happy little forest, Level 23, Silver Level, Magic Beast.

Happy Forest

Lo Ya’s expression changed slightly as a thought floated in her mind.

‘There are so many trees around, including the one that attacked Lo Yu.

Could it be that they are all controlled by the same creature

Does that mean the entire forest is a magical beast’

She sharply turned her head and realized that the trees behind her had already animated.

Those tree branches waved down and tried to bind Lo Ya.

Lo Ya shouted, “Small Earth Wall!”


Another wall blocked the tree’s branches, breaking them down.

The surrounding two groups of Sickle Insect entered a berserk state at the same time and began attacking the trees.

Their sharp blades could easily cut off the branches and leaves, and even slowly cut off the trunks like saws.

That way, if one Sickle Insect was trapped by a tree branch, the others could still quickly come up to help.

After going berserk, the Sickle Insects with attributes ×1.2 caused huge damage to these trees with their flexible bodies and powerful strength.

Some of the trees would spurt out a kind of poisonous liquid after being seriously injured.

What was interesting was that this kind of liquid would take a long time to poison an ordinary creature to death.

The 20 Sickle Insects crazily rushed to the aid of the two Little Insect Girls.

Then, with the support of the wave after wave of Dark Melting energy, the Happy Forest was soon unable to withstand it.

The black liquid began to seep into the ground as well.

Not long after, the ground trembled and countless roots broke out of the ground, charging towards the Sickle Insects guarding the surroundings.

These roots stirred up the soil and sent it flying in all directions.

Like bone claws that were alive, they spread out layer by layer, portraying a face that was completely made of tree bark.

It was as if after being corroded by the lava, the tree face immediately lost its smile and began to feel pain.

The happy little forest gradually lost its joy.


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