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C89 – Protecting Their Generation

As soon as the level increased, something was dropped on the ground as usual.

Lo Yu excitedly picked it up and threw it into Lo Ya’s inventory.

[Congratulations, you have obtained 2 Leaf Balls, 1 Basic Healing Potion, 1 Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potion, 2 Species Agility Book.]

[Opening Bronze Treasure Chest, you have obtained 5 general currency, 5 Ballad Silver Coins.]

“Eh, it turns out we can also obtain Origin Space currency in the Treasure Chest.”

Lo Ya found that there were too many silver coins in her hands now, so she opened the entrance of the Origin Space and exchanged for the DLC item inside: Dark Magic Book (Rank F Magic: Corrosive Mucus Arrow).

[Dark Magic Book: Corrosive Mucus Arrow]

[Magic Damage: 8]

[Usage: 20 / 20]

[Occupation: Dark Mage]

[Proficient Level] [Proficient Level: F]

[Effect: Penetration bonus]

[Note: Magic book equipment cannot be used in physical battles.

Magic books with dark properties will have a certain amount of curse damage.]

It was a black book with a black eye and a thin arrow drawn on it in mysterious manner.

Its cover was surrounded by strange plants that resembled vines.

When Lo Ya opened it, the vines seemed to be alive as they moved and wrapped around her hand.

She bit her lip and said, “8 points of magic damage should be an additional bonus, right”

Lo Ya suddenly remembered that there was an item called “external use” in her DLC item that could double the number of times the equipment could be used.

She took a proper look at it and found that she could exchange it.

The item could be exchanged with 2 silver coins.

With a flash of white light, the exchange was successfully completed.

The valid number of the usage of the magic book increased to 0.5.

Next, Lo Ya walked towards the fire-spitting beast’s corpse and roughly made a cut.

Then, she took out a dagger and peeled the skin.

After all, she had comprehended some of the life skills.

So, this kind of matter was very easy to deal with.

Lo Ya struggled alone for a while before she could finally cut off the whole skin and threw it into the inventory.

Then, she ordered, “Sickle Insects, quickly come and cut the meat.”

A few Sickle Insects jumped over and began to enthusiastically cut the body of the fire-spitting beast.

A huge piece of red meat that was dripping with blood was divided into many parts.

A portion was a share of the Sickle Insects Insect Girls while another portion was the delicacy of Lo Ya and Lo Yu.

Awoo ~

Lo Ya happily grabbed a piece of meat which was the size of a fist and stuffed it into her mouth enthusiastically, taking two bites.

Chewing, she turned her head to take a look and Lo Yu, whose mouth was bulging, also looked over with a stunned expression.

Lo Ya asked, “Delicious”

“Yes, yes.” Lo Yu happily nodded her head.

“This is also for you.” Lo Ya gave her the best piece of thigh meat.

“Nom Nom ~” Lo Yu’s mouth was slowly stuffed constantly and she happily waved her hand while chewing.

Her small tail swung left to right and she almost wanted to hop and dance.

“Wuu, let’s eat together.

Lo Ya should also eat a lot.” She generously tore the meat in her hands and offered her, expressing that she wanted to share the good stuff with her.

Thus, the two Insect Girls harmoniously enjoyed it together.

To the humans in this world, hunting large creatures every day like this while wandering between life and death, only for searching all kinds of raw food was probably unimaginable.

Nonetheless, there was indeed a different kind of fun.

[Evolution points 10]

[Obtained components: Fire Elemental Crystal]

The ‘ding’ sound of the components being obtained could be heard.

Only when there was the activity of hunting higher level creatures, there would be a chance of components being given.

However, many of the obtained components would be ignored by Lo Ya because after they were installed, they might not necessarily have a good effect.

As for the Fire Elemental Crystal, she always felt that it was not bad.

After eating a few more mouthfuls, the beautiful light also appeared in front of her.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a chance to draw cards.]

Immediately after that, different patterned cards with an ancient aura appeared, containing all possibilities from R to SSR.

Lo Ya was pleasantly surprised and randomly clicked the card in the middle.

[Congratulations, you have flipped to 3 Star (R) Race Skill Card: Small Earth Wall.]

[Small Earth Wall Level 1: Earth Element, First Grade Magic.] The highest Level was 3.

A solid earth wall which was 50 cm high and 30 cm wide could be raised within 3 meters to block the opponent.

This skill couldn’t be used on the surface of the water and “hard and soilless” sites.

The effect would be weakened on “soft and soilless” sites.

Lo Ya was surprised to discover this.

“Eh, there’s finally another skill”

Even though it was another First Grade skill, the effect was actually limited.

A height of 50 centimeters and a width of 30 centimeters was already very good for the current Insect Girl Clan’s condition.

After all, an adult body was only about 30 centimeters and the height of a wall was comparable to that of a half Insect Girl.

“In the future, when I encounter a fire snake, as long as it is not an attack from the sky or from the ground, I should be able to block it.” Saying this, Lo Ya released an earth shield towards the ground in front of her.

With a rumbling sound, a tall grayish-brown wall instantly rose from the ground.

In the heavy rain, mud stained her clothes, but under the washing of the rain, it slid to the ground.

Thinking of this, it seemed like only the wall in front of her remained sturdily under the hard pouring of the rain.

She muttered with a pleased expression on her face, “Not bad, not bad.”

To use this technique, she had to use up only a little more spiritual power than using the Wind Blade, but it could save her life at a critical moment.

After that, she and Lo Yu finished their food together and continued to advance towards the west.

The thick fog made the whole journey fill with a mysterious feeling.

The Sickle Insects also vigilantly kept an eye on the surroundings while moving forward stealthily.

They couldn’t help nervously paying attention to every detail.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and their vision was almost completely obscured.

The fog in the forest was like a thick curtain in front of them, trying to isolate all the sceneries.

Out of nowhere, Lo Yu perked up and asked, “Lo Ya, Lo Ya, why do we have to work so hard every day” As she wiggled on the way, she suddenly did not understand.

Lo Ya looked at her and said, “Is it hard Don’t you want to go out and find food”

“Oh, I do.

But why do we have to run so far Eating meat and sleeping every day is so good.”

“Is it good” Lo Ya thought about it and did not know how to answer her question.

It was natural for the Little Insect Girls and the others to prefer such kind of leisure life.

However, the world could not always be the same and the predators could not always be the predators.

Lo Ya said thoughtfully, “Lo Yu, we should take a look at this world.”

“Take a look at this world”

“Yes, yes.

If we hide in the small forest every day while eating meat all day, what if the disaster suddenly strikes us It would be pointless to be afraid by then.

Not to mention the food chain problem that we, Little Insect Girl still do not understand.

There is still a lot to worry about.

For example, the outer space spacecraft which exists in the dragon pit, or the World Pillar that is thousands of meters high.

Why is there a mysterious and huge shadow on the other side of the world And what is on the giant stone arm that is connected to the giant pillar

And one more thing… Why is the Little Insect Girl species so stupid”

Then, Lo Ya looked at her, nodded her head and said, “Well, I think the last question is the most practical.

Lo Yu, why are you so stupid”

“Hmm” Lo Yu was about to answer when she realized the meaning of the rhetorical question.

She suddenly stopped and did not turn around.

She was speechless.

At that time, a section of Insect Girl’s internal Spiritual Link was connected to Lo Ya’s head.

“Lo Ya, we have discovered a new situation.” The one who spoke was Lo Xin.

“What’s the situation”

She waited for the answer with her gaze on a Sickle Insect.

After a while, Lo Ya’s vision immediately changed to a dark scene.

In the deep tunnel, a few Sickle Insects were digging into a patch of soil.

Lo Ya immediately had a guess in her heart.

“This place is…”

“This is the place where the Goblin Tribe fought.” Lo Xin pointed at the two green corpses on the ground, saying,

“It’s the Goblins.

They are all dead.” Lo Ya understood right away.

These guys must have gone through a fierce battle.

Their bodies were full of injuries caused by insect’s limbs and the surroundings were filled with Spiked Insects’ corpses.

The thick smell of blood filled the entire tunnel and there was even a faint rotten smell mixed within.

“Lo Ya, do you think these corpses can be eaten” Lo Xin asked as she wiped her saliva.

After going through a tough battle, she was very hungry by now.

“Although I really want to say yes, they are already starting to rot.

It is better not to eat them.”

Lo Xin pouted and swallowed her saliva, saying, “Ah, what a pity.”

At this moment, a Sickle Insect not far away suddenly squeaked.

Turning her head, she discovered that it was pointing at a corpse of the Goblin while backing away a bit.

“Eh” Lo Wen seemed to have found something as she went forward and pushed the corpse hard, turning it over.

There, the sound of a baby crying suddenly echoed the tunnel.

She was stunned by the sight in front of her.

“Woah, it can’t be.

Could it be the baby in the womb”

The baby was lying inside the abdomen of the corpse while the internal organs were piled up not far away.

Upon the sight of it, Lo Ya was startled and she did not dare to believe it.

“No, no, no!” She controlled the Sickle Insect to go forward to check and found something strange.

The corpse had its stomach facing down and was leaning against the wall.

Even though it could be speculated as the new born fetus coming out of the womb, the baby’s body was obviously larger and it was obvious that it was not a new born baby.

The strange thing was that it was as if it had been forcefully stuffed inside.

Upon closer inspection, one could see that the corpse’s head was actually leaning against the bottom part of the wall.

This action allowed the baby to breathe and not to be discovered easily.

More importantly, the baby’s mouth was covered by a cloth initially.

Just now, the corpse was turned over and only then, it had caused the cloth to loosen, letting the baby to make a sound.

“Lo Ya, there is also a small Goblin here!” At the same time, Lo Xin who was by the side also noticed something suspicious.

It was alive.

The second one was hidden in the middle of a pile of corpses and was also stuffed in the abdomen just like the first baby.

Only then, Lo Ya found that these adult Goblins’ appearance seemed to be a little strange.

They were clearly dead, but their limbs were still supporting themselves at a strange angle on the ground.

“So, it was all for the sake of protecting the small Goblins.”

Suddenly, she was at a loss of what to say, especially when she witnessed the stomachs of the two dead Goblins.

She was almost certain that they deliberately had their stomachs cut open while they were still alive.

‘Why did they cut their own stomachs open’

It was really strange, but Lo Ya quickly got the answer based on analyzing the suspicious points.

“The first ones to die were all old people while the ones whose stomachs were dug out were young women.

One of them was a female elder.

They must have been the last ones to die.

Elder Bu Fu’s corpse should have died the earliest since he has rotted quite badly already.”

Experiencing this kind of situation, Lo Ya’s mood was somewhat complicated.

The Little Goblins were able to hide from the Spiked Insects and they successfully survived.

If they hadn’t used this method which was hiding in one’s stomach, she was sure that they would have turned into a corpse by now.

The invading Spiked Insects would never have thought that the tiny hope of this race would be hidden in the stomachs of the Goblins they killed.

However, what about it even if they left behind two babies Their surroundings were filled with insects in the end.

Sooner or later, they would be eaten or starve to death.

Nevertheless, the Goblins still did this kind of thing while being aware that it was impossible.

They endured the pain of being cut open in the abdomen alive, trying their best to protect their generation in an environment full of enemies.

“Bu Ji, bu Ji.” Lo Wen stretched out her finger to tease the baby in front of her, and then the little guy started to laugh innocently.

Somehow, his little laugh sounded like a lonely laugh, like the last trace of a candle flame…

Everything went silent along with the baby’s giggle.

In this strange silence, Lo Ya suddenly had a complicated feeling.

Suddenly, she doubted whether what she did in the past was right or not.

For the sake of the race, both parties did extreme things.

She thought for a while and finally decided to help the Goblin Tribe continue their generation.

They were weak, but they had done something that even the hearts of the strong ones were moved.

The reproduction of life was not only for their desires, but also for the continuation of their race.

It was also for the sake of passing down the hope in their hearts and Lo Ya understood that.

“Lo Xin, bring them back to raise them, and let them forget about their ancestors.” This was the decision that Lo Ya made.

After all, they were still too young.

They would not understand what was happening at this moment or how their tribe got annihilated.

They would most likely forget everything that had happened in front of them and treat their new life as their own.

After heaving a sigh and getting her mind out of chaotic thoughts, she withdrew their mental communication and once again paid attention to the forest that was raining heavily.

She suddenly found a green snake which was hanging from the top of a tree, but it didn’t have a head.

Turning around, she found Lo Yu happily chewing.

“Hmm” Sensing Lo Ya’s gaze, she turned her head and looked at her with questioning gaze.

Lo Ya shook her head.

“It’s nothing.”

Lo Ya glanced at the level on top of Lo Yu’s head that had already risen to 9.

She was really getting more and more powerful.

With each creature they caught, the Insect Girl’s level had unknowingly increased and her combat strength would also grow crazily along with the chrysalis.

Lo Ya wanted to know the difference between the others and her, so she opened the attribute panel that she had not been paying attention for a long time and gave a brief glance.

Devil monster: Lo Ya (Insect Girl Clan)

Level: 16

Experience Points: 17 / 1600

HP: 147 / 147

Endurance: 85 / 100

Strength: 19.8, spirit: 26.7, magic: 16.2, Dexterity: 22.1, constitution: 17.7

Components: Enhanced Insect Fang (Beast Level, attack 9), Colourless Skin (Beast Level, defense 10), Hearing Aperture (Strengthened Hearing), Electric Membrane (Beast Level, attack 30), Spiritual Sensing Device

Skill Card: None

Active Skill: Wind Element Control Level 1, Earth Element Control Level 1, Fire Element Control Level 1, Earth Spike Level 1, Wind Blade Level 2, Dark Melting Level 1, Nature’s Healing Level 1, Skeleton Summoning Level 1, Little Earth Wall Level 1

[Passive Skill: Ice Additional Level 1, Physical Reflexes Level 2, Beginner Magic Immunity]

Rating: Devil Monster (Beast Level Advanced Branch)

Evolution points:2750

Item space: 74 Basic Healing Potions, 14 Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potions, 23 Enduring Pills, Bronze Dagger, Flame Resistance Pill, Crystal Oath Pendant, Double Leg Transformation 30 units of Certificate General currency, Skeleton Summon Fragment: 7 / 10, Dark Fragment: 16 / 20, Bronze Axe: (3 / 10 Blessing Weapon), Bronze Spear: (10 / 10 Blessing Weapon), Wolf Man Stone (Bronze), Navy SEALs member silver coin, Crown Command, Memory Album

Card: Demon Blade Little Dragon (1 star, demon, upper Bronze), Black Demon Loli (1 star, vampire), Vine Ball (1 star, plant)

Money: 10 gold coins and 85 silver coins (100 copper coins 1 silver coin)

Ballad Currency: 7 silver coins

Lo Ya found out that she couldn’t understand everything since the details were too complicated.

Moreover, there were also many things that were useless.

“It seems like there are quite a lot of evolution points.”

Lo Ya thought for a while and directly entered the editor.

Then, she began to organize the components that could be of actual use to her.

In the end, she could only felt sure of one thing.

[Fire Elemental Crystal: A special organ that exists in the body, similar to a crystal.

Can preserve the fire elements and help instantly cast spells.

Editor Consumption: 500 units of evolution points.]

There was no fire magic.

However, it was fine, too.

She would just install it first since it could at least increase her casting speed.

Lo Ya did not ponder about it any longer and directly chose.


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