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C87 – This Social Circle Is A Bit Messy

After a while, Lo Ya regained her senses from temporary shock and contemplated, ‘What just happened

The Devil Beast Lord, Sutton is actually a dragon

In other words, this whole outcrop area of the Fresnel Forest, deep into the hinterland of mankind, is actually the territory of a group of dragons’

Lo Ya vaguely understood something.

This group of dragons, that were the leaders of the demonic beasts, might have relied on their immense strength to survive by the side of humans.

However, according to the dragon’s words, what exactly did that sentence “you don’t represent humanity” mean Why did they stop humans from attacking the swarm of insects Moreover, what kind of agreement had the Empire and the Devil Beast Lord signed

The more she thought about it, the messier her thoughts became.

She might as well stop thinking about it.

That kind of high-end power was not on the same level as that of Insect Girl at all.

The two sides could be said to be the existence of two different worlds.

That fact was obvious, judging by the ignoring gesture of those giant dragons towards them.

After the battle ended, there were 600 adult Sickle Insects left.

Correspondingly, the number of cubs and the tails that were about to hatch was a total of 900.

In other words, they only needed to wait for two days, and then the number of Sickle Insects that could participate in battle would be as many as 1,500.

As for the Undead Insect, it was considerably less.

At present, there were only 60 of them, while only 8 of them had fire seed.

With her mental probing energy, she could sense that the number of Sickle Insects she had lent to the rebel army had decreased by two.

The others had more or less experienced fierce battles and obtained a lot of combat experience.

What she needed to do next was to destroy the Gaeta Insect Swarm while she had the chance.

The temporary ceasefire with the enemy gave Insect Girl Clan a chance to rest and recuperate.

During this period of time, Lo Ya let the Sickle Insects take the initiative to break into the enemy’s tunnel and launch a small-scale surprise attack, slowly compressing the enemy’s territory with this method.

Having expanded their territory, the Insect Girls occupied the new area and played happily all day long.

At this time, Lo Ya found that the communication talisman that she had placed in the Item Space suddenly shattered.

“Uh… Could it be that the rebel army wanted to request for a trade again”

She wasn’t willing to personally go over.

So, she searched around and found Lo Xin in her line of sight.

She grinned and immediately went over to give this arduous task to her.

“I have decided that it will be you, Lo Xin!”

“Ah, You mean I have to make a deal with humans” Lo Xin pointed at her nose and looked a little uneasy.

She was reluctant.

She had just fought with the human army and now, she had to carry out a fair trade with the humans on behalf of the Insect Girl Clan.

No one would be able to tolerate this kind of constant pressure.

“The rebel army and the Noble Army aren’t on the same side which means that this kind of trade is beneficial to our future plans.” Lo Ya persuaded her confidently.

Lo Xin tilted her head and asked curiously, “Future plan”

“Yes, we need to get extra assistance from the humans to accomplish our plan.

Just do as I say, I’ll give you instructions on how to do it.

Besides, it’s time to exercise, Lo Xin.” Lo Ya gave her an encouraging smile.

Lo Xin sighed and gave up.

“Okay, I will go.”

Just like that, Lo Xin reluctantly sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and brought along a total of 50 Sickle Insects.

She deliberately made a big circle around the edge of the mountain range to take some time to prepare mentally before heading towards the edge of the forest.

At the trading location.

At this time, Luya was carefully hiding in a tallgrass patch and looking in the direction of Insect Girl’s territory anxiously.

She mumbled to herself with a feeling of anxiety, “Why aren’t you here yet”

Her current situation was very dangerous.

She had been chased by two soldiers from the side of Noble Army just now and was almost dragged into the deserted woods with the intention to rape her.

Because she had reacted quickly and seized the opportunity to snatch the weapon while the two soldiers were not paying attention, she managed to behead one of them and successfully escaped, or else she would have been half-dead by now.

At this moment, she was really anxious because the situation of the rebel army was really bad and there were noble armies everywhere.

If it went on like this, she didn’t dare to imagine what would happen.

It would be dangerous to delay any longer.

However, the Sickle Insect’s figure was still nowhere to be seen.

Half an hour later, there was finally a rustling sound coming from the dense forest in front of her, followed by a cute Little Insect Girl who crawled out of the dense forest with a large group of Sickle Insects behind her.

“Oh god! Lo Ya, I have been waiting for you for so long.” Luya excitedly called out and hurriedly took out a bag of money from her waist.

The other party firmly shook her head and said, “I am not Lo Ya.”

“Ah” Luya was stunned for a moment and took a closer look.

Only then did she realize that the appearance was really different.

Although she had stayed in the Insect Girl Clan for a period of time, Lo Ya did not allow her to maintain a close distance with Insect Girls.

So, she did not know many Little Insect Girls other than Lo Ya.

At most, she was able to take a glance from afar and did not even leave behind a rough image in her memory.

When she saw the little thing in front of her, Luya became curious about the other party’s true identity.

“Are you her sister”

Although her appearance was different, she still looked quite similar to Lo Ya.

After all, they were very pretty.

However, there was no need to be jealous of beauties, even more so when the other party wasn’t even human.

“No, she gave birth to me,” Luo Xin replied casually.

“Oh, she gave birth to you.” Luya nodded absentmindedly.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly felt that something was wrong as she furrowed her eyebrows.

She asked in confusion, “Wait, did you just say she gave birth to you”

Lo Xin nodded and said affirmatively, “Yes.”

“Pfft, how is that possible She can’t possibly have a daughter at such a young age, right”

Although she said this, she felt that the other party was saying the truth and instantly, she was shocked.

Lo Ya was still so young, but she already had a husband If it was actually true, how could a human like me, who had been single for almost 20 years to live on!

What was even more unbelievable was that the baby Lo Ya gave birth to was actually even bigger than her! Was this fellow a devil

“Not only did she give birth to me, but I also gave birth to a baby.” Lo Xin raised her head and patted her chest proudly.

“What! There is even the third generation” Luya was beyond shocked at this time!

“Yeah! But… the problem is although I gave birth, I can’t remember which baby is the one I gave birth to.” Lo Xin’s expression became distressed.

“Are you kidding me Uh, can’t you even recognize your own child”

What nonsense was she saying Luya didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh at this situation.

“En, let me think.

Last time, it was me and Lo Yu who gave birth together.

Later, Lo Yu and Lo Lo gave birth, then I, Lo Lo and Luo Jing… Ah, I completely forgot.”

Luya covered her ears and let out sounds of disbelief, “Puah Puah Puah!”

Her mind was in chaos as she thought, ‘What exactly is going on with Insect Girl species Could it be that the spouse is exchanged over and over that they eventually lost track of who gave birth to the babies This… Isn’t this too scary This kind of reproduction circle is really messy, too messy!’

“Oh” Lo Xin felt that Luya’s slightly frightened expression was a little strange.

She swung her tail and asked, “What is it Could it be that you humans do not give birth together”

“It is together… No, that sounds wrong.

I mean it doesn’t work like that.

We don’t exchange like you guys.”

“Isn’t it very normal to exchange it”

Lo Xin did not know that the conversation between the two parties was not on the same channel.

After thinking for a while, she decided to complete the transaction first.

“Never mind about that.

How about we prepare to exchange a few Sickle Insects right now Oh, right.

Two of them died last time, right We will collect the compensation.”

“No problem.” Luya opened the bag in her hand, revealing a large pile of shiny gold coins.

Then, she said, “This time I brought gold currency.

One is equivalent to 10 silver coins and the value of this currency is much more stable than silver coins.”

Hearing this, Lo Xin was stunned and she was at a loss.

In the end, she heard Lo Ya’s notification in her head, saying, “There is no problem with this money.”

Lo Xin let out a sigh of relief and said, “Okay, deal.”

There was a total of 10 gold coins and 10 silver coins, which was equivalent to 110 silver coins.

There were another 20 silver coins for the compensation amount, so they could lend 18 in total.

However, Lo Xin spent a long time counting with her fingers, yet she still did not manage to count clearly.

“1, 2… Um, plus 1, hmm…”

Lo Xin realized that her fingers were not enough to count.

Even if she added her tail, it would at most reach 11.

Luya became more and more anxious as she waited before she simply reminded, “There are a total of 18 Sickle Insects.”

“Ah, 18 So, that’s how it is!” Lo Xin somewhat came to a realization.

“You are an adult, but you don’t know anything, do you” Luya felt speechless.


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