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C86 – You Can’t Represent The Humanity

After Lo Ya finally ended the IQ test, she returned to the battlefield to observe the situation.

She found that the Gaeta Insect Swarm had already started to turn the attack mode into defense and focused on tightening the defense line.

At the same time, she did not want to push these pitiful insects too hard either because comparatively, humans were the most powerful and dangerous opponents after all.

“Lo Xin, prepare to communicate with the opponent.

Ask the Calabash Beetles or the large ones on the battlefield if they are willing to stop fighting.”

Lo Xin complied immediately, “Okay.”

After that, Lo Xin climbed on the back of a Sickle Insect and approached the front line of the enemy.

She built a spiritual link and sent a string of messages to the commander of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

The content was straight to the point as it conveyed, “Do you want to keep fighting”

The beetle who received the message was a little slow and after a while, it replied, “We want to request for a ceasefire.”

Lo Xin replied nonchalantly, “No problem.

You guys stop attacking first.”

A few seconds after the negotiation, the Spiked Insect group in front of them stopped wielding their sharp blades and retreated backwards vigilantly.

When Lo Ya saw this, she also ordered the Sickle Insect troop to retreat.

The battle between the two sides which went on for a while stopped just like that.

An Insect Girl said in acknowledgment, “This whole method is too efficient.

If they want to fight, they would fight.

If they feel like stopping, they would admit defeat.

There is nothing to worry about.

Thinking about it this way, the Gaeta Insect Swarm is really not a bad enemy.”

At that time, Lo Xin came back and jumped off the Sickle Insect’s back.

She went to Lo Ya and asked, “Lo Ya, what should we do now”

Lo Ya lightly answered, “Eat meat and let the Sickle Insect evolve.”

Evolution itself was a matter of luck.

As long as one ate enough, one could always obtain beneficial genes.

After that, Insect Girl Clan went hunting wild beasts by the beach.

The Undead Insects also went deep into the mountains in search of fire seeds.

With the help of Lo Bing and Lo Yu who used their outstanding skills, they managed to swallow a few.

During this period of time, a lot of things had been dropped, including the two trap cards which were the Two Star Ice Spikes and the Underground Cave.

All this time, Lo Lee had been lying on a big tree from morning till night, carefully observing the whole situation of the battlefield from afar.

The human square formation cooperated with the archers and cavalry to repeatedly pierce through the Gaeta Insect Swarm formation.

They charged and raised their shields again and again, displaying the terrifying potential of large-scale warfare.

Lo Lee couldn’t help thinking that with the chaotic charging technique of the Sickle Insects, it was likely that they would not even be able to break through the first few defensive lines of the human army.

The ancient army in this world was not like those on Earth.

The production capacity and forging level brought about by magic could increase the low-quality armor to a great degree of toughness.

Ordinary bronze artifacts could also compare to the sturdiness of mature iron artifacts due to the enchantment technology brought about by magic.

Lo Lee who was watching over the battle transmitted the message, “Lo Ya, I don’t think the Gaeta Insect Swarm can hold on any longer.”

On the other side, the battle was raging as the ground flipped over and over again, revealing the even more strange-looking insects who were crawling out of the soil frantically.

Many of them were at least Black Iron Level and so, they had very strong combat strength, severely violating the square formation of the human army.

However, despite their high skills, there were too few of them.

Thus, they were annihilated eventually by the human army.

“Why is the morale of these soldiers so high”

Lo Ya felt that it was very strange.

Although the humans took turns to rest through changing formations round after round, it was impossible that they wouldn’t feel tired from such a high-intensity battle.

“Now, I think I understand why there are only soldiers above the Black Iron Level in the human army.”

As expected, the Gaeta insects really couldn’t hold on any longer.

Under the charge of dozens of horse-riders, the entire front line collapsed.

“Is this all you’ve got I see this is the strength of you insects, hahaha… It’s a shame that you want to challenge us, humans, with this little strength you have, hahaha.” With an arrogant bellow of laughter, the cavalry captain’s horse fiercely knocked away three Spiked Insects while using the long spear in his hand to fiercely stab to the side, piercing through the shell of a beetle.

Finally, with a loud neigh, the warhorse charged out through the defense line of the swarm.

However, before these soldiers could rejoice in potential victory, they saw a row of human-shaped Undead Insects standing a hundred meters away from them.

A faint black mist hovered over the bones, and a pale blue soul flame was burning brightly in the hollow eye sockets.

The temperature of the air seemed to have instantly dropped, and even the air current became a bit erosive.

Skill: Dark Silk!

Silk threads composed of dark energy were connected to these human warriors, and then in their eyes, the skeletons in front of them seemed to be resurrected from the underworld, quietly waiting for them to join them in death.

“Are these the Undead Insects”

The mage could sense the terrifying aura in the distance and his expression changed drastically.

He whipped his head to take a glance and immediately cursed, “Damn it, those are undead creatures!”

Just as his words finished, the Undead Insects raised the weapons which they seized from the humans and rushed towards the warhorse riders.

“All soldiers, grit your teeth and welcome the charge!” The head of the horse riders at the front tightened his legs, held his spear with both hands, and roared as he rammed into a skeleton in front of him.

Lo Bing, who was standing at the back of the Undead Insect, drank the inferior spiritual power recovery potion while using the [Source of Power].

In just a few seconds, her new skill could help the skeleton in front of her, giving it a supplementary ability.

In the next moment, the terrifying undead creatures and the cavalry troop clashed.

Horses seemed to be terrified as they raised their front legs in the air with a neigh, “Heeeeeee!”

The riders were thrown off their backs and fell onto the ground.

The skeletons were forced to retreat, the lances were not useful as they got stuck in the skeleton’s bones.

Nevertheless, the skeletons were forced to retreat due to the terrifying sword Qi.

However, this did not stop the Undead Insects’ fighting spirit.

They brandished their short swords and mercilessly chopped the weapons in their hands onto the warhorses or soldiers.

In the midst of intense war, the soldiers who fell to the ground were crushed to death.

The severed heads of the horses clearly proved the strength of the [Fire Elemental Undead Insect] very well.

After breaking through the first blockade of the Undead Insect, the number of human cavalries had decreased by more than ten.

After turning half a corner, they did not dare to attack the second wave anymore.

Instead, they made a turn and returned to the main group.

The injured Undead Insects that fell to the ground slowly stood up.

However, Lo Ya frowned in distress,

seeing that two of the weaker ones had completely fallen.

This made her heart ache.

At this time, the commander of the human army stood at a high place and looked at the Undead Insects that did not suffer any fatal injuries, as well as the groups of Sickle Insects behind the troop.

The longer he observed, the gloomier his expression became.

He ordered with a voice full of vigor and aggression, “Adjutant, prepare to launch a full charge.”

Hearing the order, the adjutant immediately raised the flag of the bear claw in his hand and shouted at the soldiers, “Everyone, charge!”

“Charge forward!”

Roars echoed throughout the entire army.

The 200 spearmen at the back ran to the first row and pointed their two-meter long spears in the direction of the swarm, ready to release once the command was issued.

Following them were sword-shield infantry and archers in charge of long-range support.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Their footsteps sounded and in a moment, they were in their assigned positions.

Their expressions were full of vigorous determination as they tried to bring true despair to the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

Just as the Insect Girl Clan and the others were at a loss while watching this, a loud roar suddenly came from the end of the sky.

That roar clearly came from the distance, but it was like thunder raging as it carried over a terrifying pressure.

The entire army could even feel the faint tremors from the ground.

Whether it was the charging soldiers or Insect Girl, they all paused and looked in that direction in fear.


About six or seven black figures with a wingspan of more than ten meters rushed down from the clouds.

Then, they suddenly flapped their wings and halted in the sky right above the army.


It was a dragon!

Its sinister appearance, the unbelievably horrifying pressure around it, and the bizarre golden pupils.

“ROAR ~~~”

Amidst the deafening roar, the human army lost all ability to fight.

They could only feel their internal organs resonating with this sound.

“Sutton.” The commander took a deep breath and it took him a long time to mutter out this word.

“It’s it!”

Of course, with Lo Ya’s intuition, she had already detected the identity of one of the giant dragons.


Level 52.

Dragon race, extraordinary life, Devil Beast Lord.

Every time his wings flapped, a gust of strong wind would blow both to the sky and to the ground.

Under the continuous pressure, the Devil Beast Lord, Sutton asked a question that was as heavy as thunder, “Lowly mortals, do you intend to declare war on us, strange beasts”

The commander put down his weapon and responded with a trembling voice, “We didn’t mean that.”

“If you don’t have the courage, then hurry up and get lost!”

At the end of Sutton’s sentence, a loud explosion followed, causing the legs of the soldiers to go soft and they fell to their knees in a moment of instability.

The commander swallowed with difficulty as he said, “Respected Dragon Lord, we are only representing the human race to…”


This wave of explosion was even stronger as the deafening sound echoed in everyone’s ears.

“You all cannot represent humanity!

If you want to tear apart the agreement signed by your empire, then I dare you to keep attacking!”

Hearing these words, the Legion General completely lost any thoughts to resist.

He turned around and shouted to all the soldiers, “Retreat!”

“Yes, my lord!” The adjutant was helpless as he complied quickly.

The human army left dejectedly just like that.

The dragons hovering in the sky did not seem to hold the Insect Girls in their eyes as they did not even look at them and flew away while surrounded by this magnificent aura.

Only the insects with puzzled faces were left on the ground.

The author’s words: 

“The editor informed me that it would be uploaded tomorrow.

It is only today that I realized that the book had been written 180,000 words on it.

I feel that time passes really fast.

I was clearly preparing for the New Year when I had just started the book.

Up until now, the storyline has been relatively relaxed and full of sand sculptures.

The storyline and the characters are original.

The inspiration came from an old game called Spore Stratagem from many years ago, and it referenced Spore Monogatari.

Later on, when the readers recommended it, I read Evolution’s 4.6 billion Ensemble and Insect Precinct.

More or less, this book was influenced by these things.

As for why I felt the need to write this book back then… Actually, I don’t know either.

When I came back to my senses, I found that I was already writing.

At the same time, I also perfected the outline of the first and middle stages, setting a rather special background.

However, because the tempo of the book was very slow, the background had yet to be fully developed.”

Translator’s Stage

“Alright, let’s end the speech here.

I can’t make it up anymore.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the normal updating days.

I will probably update next Monday, too.

Although there are so many things that need to be typed in the middle of the night, I feel that it shouldn’t be a problem to squeeze a few more out.

In addition, I‘m not a full-time author and this book isn’t very easy to write.

Therefore, rapid updates might not happen so quickly, but…he should be able to achieve his goal very quickly.

Hopefully, the more I write, the smoother it becomes.”


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