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C84 – They Actually Came

Hearing what she said, a few of the warriors let out a suppressed laughter, “Pfft!”

Sure enough, Lo Ya’s words completely dispelled their strange thoughts directed towards her.

As for whether they would have even more strange thoughts due to her words, that was hard to think of.

As Lo Ya said,

that night, the commander actually brought the remaining 100 soldiers back to the Lord’s Manor.

He informed the Count everything that had happened with a sense of unease.

“Lord Count, in my opinion, the hatred between us and those bugs has already taken its root.

If we don’t take any measures, I’m afraid they might really take the initiative to attack our territory in a few days.

If it really happens while we are unguarded, I’m afraid the gains can’t make up for the losses at that time.”

“How arrogant!” The Count, who was gnashing his teeth in anger, could only utter these two words in the end.

“They are just a bunch of tiny devil monsters, but they actually dare to threaten the nobles of my human kingdom like this.

They are seeking their own death!”

A heavy punch landed on the armrest of the chair he was sitting.

The Count took a few deep breaths and got up from the chair, saying, “Captain Moo, what do you think we should do to minimize the loss of the battle”

“What I would like to suggest is not to wait for the enemy to come out of the forest and directly use all of our strength to eliminate this huge threat in one go.” The Legion General who was also offended by the threat did not think too much and directly gave the answer.

“I’m afraid this is a bad idea.” An old official who was sitting on a chair on the side had a thoughtful expression as he interrupted, “After all, we don’t know the true number of those devil monsters yet.

If we rashly attack like this, there might be immeasurable consequences instead.”

“But if we don’t attack first, they will attack us.” The Count sat back down and leaned against his chair, his hand supporting his chin as he asked, “Old knight, do you have any idea for good countermeasures”

“Unfortunately, I cannot think of a good solution for now.

But the city is our home ground.

I only suggest that the Duke gather most of the troops in the border towns and mobilize all the civilians to deal with the invasion of the devil monsters there.

This is the best way to reduce losses and weaken the power of the monsters.”

The commander strongly stated his thought, “But that will cause serious damage to our city.”

Another official spoke up.

“I think it would be better to ask the other nobles for help.

As long as one is a person, I doubt he will watch those damn devil monsters act tyrannically.”

“No!” The Count quickly shook his head and refuted, “They are the ones who want me to die as soon as possible.

Doing so is too risky.

I think it’s better to take the initiative to attack and lure the monsters to Bartoli where the rebel army is gathered.”

“This is indeed a good idea.” The old official’s eyes lit up at this.

“Those fellows will definitely not watch the civilians die in the hands of the devil monsters.

Let them fight with those bugs!”

On Lo Ya’s side, the battle became intense again and she was actually a little anxious at this moment.

Since the Gaeta Insect Swarm concentrated on attacking the Insect Girl Clan’s territory, she had no choice but to pull her insect warriors that were transported back to the original place.

Tunnel battle… She hoped that this was the only way to stall for time.

The underground tunnels were connected to the territory of the Gaeta insects.

The enemy had opened up the three entrances to strike a secret blow.

They had sent the Spiked Insects to the front line, trying to break through the Insect Girl Clan’s formation.

However, what they didn’t expect was that in the narrow insect cave, the Sickle Insects and the Undead Insects could even better utilize their combat strength, resolutely blocking and defeating the enemy at the border of the territory.

At this moment, the most miserable ones were naturally those poor Goblins.

Being deceived by Insect Girl Clan, they had no choice, but to become the firm guardians of the fourth line – the 20 warriors of the Goblin Tribe!

Even though there were so few of them, the constantly invading Gaeta insects were helpless.

At the beginning, they sent out the Spiked Insects, only to suffer heavy losses.

Thus, they sent out another wave which included the beetle troops that were level 6 and above.

However, it was a pity that they were not expecting for the Goblins to have full capability in use of short swords.

The shell of the beetle was naturally so fragile that it couldn’t even withstand a single slash and their sickles could not make it to the two elders of the Goblin.

Instead, it was very easy for their heads to be pierced through and be wiped out instantly.

In the end, thinking that there was no other way, the Gaeta Insect Swarm sent out its true elite force, the Spiked Pangolins.

Only then could they give a fatal damage to the two elders of the Goblin.

Once the anchor-like elders had gone, the Goblin Tribe’s combat strength collapsed immediately.

The elderly Goblins, females and children all picked up their weapons and charged into the fight with their lives on the line.

Lo Xin, who was on the other side of the wall to fill the soil, had already heard the violent attack of the Gaeta insects.

She could imagine the situation of the fight and so, she quickly mobilized the combat troops to prepare for battle and vigilantly waited.

As expected, ten minutes later, a cloud of dust rolled and the passageway was shattered by a large group of Spiked Insects.

Stepping on the corpses of the Goblins, they charged towards the Sickle Insect troops that were blocking the path and waiting for them.

By now, the occurrence of the battle had already become four different locations.

In order to guard against the high-level insects of the enemy, Lo Ya had assigned the adult Insect Girls who could fight to each location where the invasion was ongoing.

Just like that, the resistance lasted for a whole day and night.

Just as they lost over 200 Sickle Insects and 4 Undead Insects, the Gaeta Insect Swarm’s attack power significantly weakened as well.

At that time, the humans’ Noble Army had arrived.

The Count’s private army, along with a large number of civilians that were forcibly recruited from their territory, all added up to a thousand people.

Originally, Gaeta Insect Swarm was hiding underground without the slightest intention to face them.

Who would have thought that these human mages would use detection magic to outright expose Gaeta Insect Swarm’s underground nest before utilizing smoke magic to force these poor insects out

Without any other choice, the Insect Girl Clan’s opponent once again had to face two groups of enemies and so, the troop against the Insect Girl Clan even more weakened.

Lo Ya muttered to herself in amusement, “Looks like the reckless strategy can still be effective sometimes.”

After getting the information from Lo Lee who was keeping tag on the battle on the other side, Lo Ya was in a good mood and was ready to find a quiet place to sleep comfortably.

However, the problem was where she should go to sleep since everywhere was in chaos as of now.

After looking around, she chuckled and said, “Lo Bing, I’ll borrow your tail for a while.”

She wriggled on top of Lo Bing’s tail.

With her head resting on the soft and fleshy spot, Lo Ya flipped her belly upwards to adjust into her most comfortable position.

Just like that, she fell asleep in a few seconds.

Lo Bing didn’t hear what Lo Ya said and turned her head doubtfully to glance at her tail which seemed to have weighted down by something.

Finding that it was Lo Ya, she did not take it seriously and continued to search for the earthworms in the tunnel.

To Little Insect Girl, earthworms were also a tasty food.

After eating a few of them, Lo Bing felt satisfied and she said to the sleeping Insect Girl on her tail, “Lo Ya, I feel like I have become stronger.”

After an unknown amount of time, Lo Ya was woken up by an exclamation.

When she opened her eyes, she found that Lo Bing was looking at her in awe with shining eyes.

Lo Ya asked in a daze, “What’s wrong”

“Lo Ya, look!”

Whoosh ~

Just then, a faint light flashed and a strange power emerged from Lo Bing’s body.

Lo Ya said in surprise, “This is…auxiliary magic”

[Source of Power Level 1: Consume a small amount of spirit and increase the designated target’s strength and magic attack by 20%.

It can be maintained for 10 minutes.]


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