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C83 – A Risky Attempt

The facts proved that the Goblin’s combat strength was definitely not as weak as they appeared on the surface.

At any rate, they were also monsters of wisdom.

These green-skinned monsters that had developed large tribes had more or less produced some powerful masters.

The so-called elders were among the best.

Two elders of the Goblin Tribe and a female who had some combat ability relied on the short swords Lo Ya had seized from the human Noble Army to kill more than ten Spiked Insects.

Of course, the reason why they were able to defeat these insects was because of the terrain of the tunnel.

If it weren’t for this blind spot with its back against the wall, no matter how powerful these Goblins were, they would have been besieged and killed by these insects a long time ago.

On the other side, Lo Ya once again shared Lo Lee’s vision and looked at the battlefield between the humans and Gaeta Insect Swarm from the sky.

It could be seen that the combat strength of this human army was very strong.

There were many Bronze Level warriors among them.

If the Insect Girl Clan were to face them now, they would most likely suffer heavy losses.

However, what surprised her was that the Gaeta Insect Swarm quickly sent out a type of bug that was two meters long and a meter tall.

These creatures looked like the pangolins and there was even a sharp thorn almost half a meter long growing on their heads.

After adjusting their stance and direction, these enormous insects charged at the human square formation at an exaggerated speed.

They were like tanks, knocking the humans off their feet and the humans fell to their death almost instantly.

Even the human mages seemed to be unable to deal with these 12 “pangolins”.

After a wave of collisions, a few front liners with the shields were fatally injured.

Nearly half of them were pierced through.

However, Lo Ya quickly discovered that after those huge insects finished charging for a round, they immediately lost the ability to continue fighting.

Losing their will, they were unable to effectively deal with the human swords and sabers anymore.

In less than a minute, all 12 “pangolins” had died.

“It looks like the elites of the Gaeta Insect Swarm have all gone to the south.

The pressure on us becomes much smaller.”

Lo Ya couldn’t help, but reveal a contented grin on her face.

Not long after, the human side chose to retreat.

There were too many Gaeta insects after all, and these warriors didn’t seem to want any more unnecessary losses either.

So, after comparing the strength of both sides, they immediately chose to retreat.

Just like that, the Gaeta insects’ attack target fell immediately on the Insect Girl Clan again.

“There is no pursuit of us”

Lo Ya felt that something was wrong.

Thinking for a while, her brain flashed and she decided to take the risk.

She suddenly instructed, “Lo Lee, take me to the human army.”

“Ah Lo Ya, what do you want to do”

Lo Lee knew that Lo Ya could do such dangerous actions.

She thought inwardly, “Could it be that Lo Ya does not care about her life and is prepared to fight so many people alone“

“You just have to bring me there… No, that’s not right.

You do not need to get close to those people immediately.

First, you must send a batch of Sickle Insects to the south of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

After that, you do not need to worry about my safety.”

“Alright.” Lo Lee obediently did as she said.

Since there was no air force in the Tower Bugs, even if they saw an Insect Girl flying in the sky, there was nothing they could do.

Nevertheless, Lo Lee didn’t want to let the enemy discover her, so she deliberately flew very high.

That way, even if one looked up, one could only see a small dot.

While transporting the Sickle Insects, Lo Lee also paid attention to the movements of those humans, making sure that they were still in the vicinity of the forest.

Two hours later, 20 Sickle Insects had already been transported to the south of the Gaeta Insect Swarm territory.

After that, Lo Ya sat on the back of a Sickle Insect and ordered all 20 insects to rush towards the location where the humans were residing.

Three kilometers away, in an area filled with greyish-white mountain rocks,

the military commander pulled out a bloodstained longsword, took out the handkerchief he carried with him and carefully wiped the blade clean with a focused gaze.

The surrounding soldiers all had heavy expressions, as if they had not relaxed the tense expressions they had in the previous battle.

“Commander, are we going back now In my opinion, fighting with the devil monsters is not a wise choice.

I’m also sure that the Lord Count will understand our defeat if he knows that we had to face such a powerful enemy.”

The adjutant’s voice echoed in the commander’s head.

He frowned and put down his weapon, saying, “You should know that the Count’s health condition is not very good.

He has been taking too much medicine recently and his mind is not clear.

If he is not desperate, he would not have taken such a huge risk to send us to the World’s End in order to search for the Curse Potion.”

The adjutant sighed lightly and said, “Yes, but there probably is no antidote to the Undead Curse at all.

If it’s like this, there’s no need for us to fight with those magic beasts.

The loss of every warrior could cause the Lord Count to be even more furious.”

The commander snorted and responded, “Adjutant, don’t you know what a soldier is Since the time we have pledged our loyalty to the Lord Count, no matter how ridiculous his orders are, we must strictly abide by them.

There’s no need for us to consider whether the nobles are right or wrong.”

The other soldiers listened to the conversation between the two commanders with mixed feelings.

The ones who looked relaxed were only the mages who didn’t feel much concerned over this matter.

After all, in battle, mages usually stood at the very back as their status was high.

Even if there was any danger, these soldiers would still try their best to protect them.

At this moment, a strange cry which sounded like that of an insect suddenly came out from a hundred meters away.

Following after that, dozens of Sickle Insects suddenly jumped out from behind the rocks and landed in front of these soldiers.

The adjutant’s expression turned ugly and he shouted, “Not good, it’s an enemy attack! Everyone, fight!”

Hum –

The soldiers rushed to the front and pulled out their swords while the mages raised their magic wands, preparing their spells.

However, what surprised them was that these Sickle Insects did not charge forward as they expected.

Instead, they quickly split into two rows and knelt respectfully on the ground, as if they were not here to harm them, but to welcome something.

Not long after, Lo Ya, who was sitting on the back of the bug, appeared in front of these people and slowly walked over between the middle of the two rows of Sickle Insects.

“What a pity.

A tentative battle has made you all afraid”

Lo Ya’s voice was filled with contempt and ridicule, as if she was looking down on these people.

The commander tightened his grip on his sword and asked, “Are you the accomplice of those bugs”

“What do you think” Lo Ya’s cute little face gradually turned cold as she scowled at them.

“Your repeated invasions have made me very angry.

Listen, I will give you five days.

Go back and tell your duke that I will bring countless insects to his territory if he keeps doing this.

If he doesn’t want his people to die, he must get the hell over here and kneel in front of me.

He has to kowtow and apologize!”


Everyone present was shocked by Lo Ya’s proud and authoritative voice.

The commander could not help wanting to rush forward and curse, but was stopped by the mage beside him.

“Sure, we will convey your words to the earl.” The mage narrowed his eyes and said in an unfriendly tone, “I think the earl will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

“Very good.” Lo Ya nodded with a challenging smile on her face.

She said, “I hope you can keep your promise.”

About the five-day ultimatum, although the words were harsh, Lo Ya did not actually have the strength to invade the human territory at all.

Knowing that she had already formed a grudge with the humans, even if the humans wanted to fight, there was also the Gaeta Insect Swarm in front of them.

If it did not work, she might as well bring her fellow insects and escape to the end of the mountain range.

That way, even if the humans didn’t give up, there wouldn’t be any losses from her side.

If she won, she would be able to greatly weaken both of the strengths of the Gaeta insects and the humans.

It was obviously a win-win situation for Insect Girl Clan.

As the humans prepared to leave, a few human warriors couldn’t help taking a deep glance at Lo Ya.

Without a doubt, they had never seen such a girl who was beautiful to this extent.

Even though she clearly had the tail of a bug, they did not have the slightest feeling of disgust towards her.

Instead, it gave these warriors endless filthy imagination.

With lots of glances throwing in her way, Lo Ya could feel that something was not right.

After a few seconds, she said with a straight face, “Oh right, let me tell you something.”

“What” Murmurs echoed and everyone turned their heads around cautiously.

“I am a man.”


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