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C82 – Using A Trick

The battle was still ongoing, but the pressure on the Sickle Insect wasn’t as great as they had imagined initially.

Thus, they even intentionally went easy on the opponent, giving them a feeling that they weren’t willing to fight with their lives on the line.

Seeing this, the Gaeta Insect Swarm sent their high-level insects to the south in order to instead deal with the human army who were much stronger.

At this moment, Lo Ya was lying on the grass pile, pulling the tail of cutie in green hat, wanting to pull her out.

Yes, this little Insect Girl’s upper body was buried in a hole, her two short hands were like a dog constantly digging the earth, and the tail of her lower body was exposed, rolling around like half a worm that popped out.

In order to catch a beetle that had crawled into the ground, she had to struggle for a long while, resulting in making a mess of herself.

“Get up.

Put on your hat and go take a shower.”

Lo Ya pulled her tail and dragged it for more than a meter.

In the end, her head came out and she saw this little Insect Girl chewing enthusiastically on something crispy.

Lo Ya looked back into the hole and found that there were indeed quite a number of beetles.

They were quite big as well.

Among them, there were even a few pale yellow worms which were the size of Insect Girl’s fist.

They seemed to be desperately digging into the soil to hide from them.

Lo Ya widened her eyes and said, “Wow, you actually found them.”

“Lo Ya, are you thinking of snatching my food” The little fellow raised her head vigilantly.

Then, she said with a pout, “Okay, I’ll give you one.”

“I won’t snatch your food.

Look at how fat you are already.

Be careful not to be eaten by other monsters in the future.”

Lo Ya pinched her tail and muttered a few times.

The soft feeling proved that there were countless protein and fat in it.

She was definitely the kind of food that birds liked.

Then, she said, “I’m getting hungry by looking at it.”

When she was young, she felt that the taste of the fat white worm was the best taste in her mouth and this little Insect Girl’s tail was like an enlarged version of the white worm.

Presumably, it would be even more fragrant and delicious while the juice splashed in all directions with a bite.

Lo Yin was a bit vigilant by her gaze, “Oh, Lo Ya, your expression is so scary.”

“It’s not scary at all.

It’s just that I suddenly feel so happy,” Lo Ya said and sniffed lightly.

She did not know why she wanted to cry all of a sudden.

When she was just born, she was all alone.

All the fat worms around her had no intelligence and so, she had to be on guard against the terrifying red worms by herself.

Now that she met her current fellow Insect Girls, she realized that there were so many small lives that were similar to her.

She also knew that her life couldn’t be better than it was now since she was being accompanied by sincere fellows like this.

Lo Ya slowly wriggled onto a huge leaf and recalled the taste when she was young, so she opened her mouth and took a bite of the leaf.

“Mm, this is delicious.”

While chewing, she couldn’t help thinking that it was a pity.

The little Insect Girls ate meat all year along.

How would they know the wonderful taste of vegetarian food

All of a sudden, there was a bang!

“Eh, something exploded”

Along with the sound, Lo Ya only saw the items and boxes that fell to the ground and did not understand what had just happened.

She slowly climbed down and tried to pick them up.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Book of Constitution 1, Book of Life 3 and Beginner Healing Potion.]

[Wooden Treasure Chest opened, you have received a photo album.]

[Memory album: Pictures of Lo Ya when she was young.]

The black photo album was simple and unadorned, but it somehow looked magical.

Lo Ya swallowed and as soon as she opened it, her expression immediately froze.

In the photo, there was a black egg which had a large hole while a cute Little Insect Girl was sticking her head out  of the hole and looking outside in an innocent manner.

There were many other black eggs in the background of the photo as well, some of which looked like those of the fat white worms while a small number of them seemed to be red worms’.

Lo Ya turned to the second page and saw the little worm trembling and hugging her head as she hid in the eggs.

Her dried little tail could tell that her nutritional status was not good and her blank expression could make perceivers’ heart ache.

Little cutie asked in curiosity, “Who is this”

“Uh… It seems to be me.”

Just like how adults could not remember the things that had happened when they were young, although Lo Ya vaguely remembered some of the scenes in her younger days, the details were somewhat blurry.

As she kept flipping the pages, the pictures that recorded the memories of the insignificant era made her feel somewhat emotional.

“You were so cute in the past as well.”

Her childhood days were recorded up to the first time her tail split.

Lo Ya mumbled to herself in confusion, “Why did these photos pop up suddenly”

She was clearly bigger and more mature now.

However, for some reason, Lo Ya hated her present self even more.

For the survival of the Insect Girl Clan, she had been constantly scheming and killing and was no longer as simple and free-spirited as before.

Just like humans, as they grew older, they gradually lost themselves in foolish lies and ways of the world.

Little cutie laid down beside her and absentmindedly said, “Phew, ignorance is still the best.

I will always be very happy once I’m full.”

Although Lo Ya was often angry because of this little Insect Girl’s manner of sleeping with her belly up, thinking about it carefully, she was also like this when she was young.

Why should she stop her when she was living the way she was happy

After growing up, was the purpose of the so-called maturity to completely destroy the simple happiness, and then use the occurred numb feelings to experience the so-called second-class happiness

Thinking about it, Lo Ya suddenly felt ridiculous.

Insect Girl Clan Territory, underground tunnel.

“Help! Run!”

The two Goblin elders who just tumbled to the other side of the wall cried out in fright.

Before the Spiked Insects could put their spikes down towards them, they scrambled and crawled towards the depths of the Insect Girl Clan’s nest.

Not far away, due to the loud cry, the other elders of the Goblin Tribe who were sleeping were startled awake.

They crawled up in confusion and when they saw the Spiked Insects chasing behind the two elders, they too turned around and fled in fear.

“Quickly find the Sickle Insects and Insect Girls.

These terrifying insects are coming for us!” Elder Bu Fu shouted at the running Goblin in front of him.

The deep tunnel was pitch black and they could not clearly see which direction they were running towards.

They could only rely on the glowing stones in their hands to light up the tunnel.

However, they didn’t take too many steps forward before the old Goblin who was in the front let out a cry of despair.

“There is no more road!”


“There is no more path!” Wang Yao said, “Damn it, the road is blocked.”

Hearing this, Elder Bu Fu’s green complexion was pale.


Who would have thought that not only that Insect Girl blocked the passage, she also left a few short swords that she managed to seize from humans here.

She also left a dagger at the end of the road.

When the Goblins saw this, they naturally knew what to do.

“Damn Insect Girl, I…”

Squeak ~~~

The sound of the Spiked Insect that was closing in behind him caused Elder Bu Fu’s curse to be stuck in his throat.

He closed his eyes and furiously roared, “Everyone, pick up the weapons on the ground and live on!

Fight, Goblins!”

The two elders picked up the short swords on the ground and started fighting with the Spiked Insects.

It could only be said that they were worthy of being called the demon species as they naturally had the advantage when fighting these low level insects.

“Children, use the knives on the ground to dig a path.

We must survive!” Elder Broomey shouted in grief and indignation while stabbing a Spiked Insect.

The little Goblins at behind picked up their weapons tremblingly and began to dig the soil.

However, just as they started, they soon heard the strange sound coming from ahead.

“Elder, there is the sound of sand on the other side.”

“What” Hearing this, elder Bu Fu was shocked.

Then, as if he had understood something, he exclaimed in surprise, “Everyone, hold on.

It looks like those Insect Girls still have a conscience and are digging a path to save us.

As long as we hold on for a while, we will be free!”

“That’s great!” The minor Goblins were overjoyed and tears of relief flowed down their faces.

On the other side of the tunnel, Lo Xin was commanding the two Sickle Insects to fill up another pile of soil.

Then, she shook her head in dissatisfaction and said,

“It doesn’t seem to be enough.

Add more soil.

It should be at least a few meters thick.

Lo Ya said that these Goblins can help us kill a lot of Spiked Insects.”

“That makes sense.” Lo Lo thoughtfully nodded her head and shouted, “Everyone, quickly fill in another pile!”

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

Upon hearing the order, the Sickle Insects continued to work with all their might, trying to make the Goblins on the opposite side unable to return home forever.


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