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C81 – A Collapsed Wall

Lo Lee had already flown to her limit by now.

The air here was very sparse and bone-chilling.

It felt as if their blood was going to freeze.

At this point of height, since they were far enough from the waterfall, Lo Ya could already see many things that she was originally unable to see.

The huge world surrounded by the waterfall was supported by huge pillars made of rock, extending all the way to the unknown land which was shrouded in purple mist.

Corresponding to the world of the gigantic pillars, there were also gigantic creatures standing in the distant regions beyond the world.

Their shapes were different, just like giants that had existed in ancient times.

What shocked Lo Ya even more was that on the side of that huge pillar, there was a giant arm that extended outwards, as if it wanted to be a bigger existence than it normally was.

However, those were all her speculations since it was too blurry to observe clearly.

After all, the outside of this world was filled with thick mist.

“Let’s go back.

I can’t take it anymore.” Lo Lee sounded desperate as she stopped flapping her wings and let her body fall down.

On the ground far away, they caught a sight of a terrifying giant beast spread its wings and flew towards the depths of the forest in the southwest.

As they lowered themselves down, Lo Ya tightly hugged Lo Lee’s body and closed her eyes to endure the howling wind.

The closer the ground became, the more the temperature gradually rose.

After falling to a height of about a thousand meters, Lo Lee flapped her wings again and flew towards the waterfall.

After flying for more than half an hour, they finally landed in their territory.

As soon as they returned, Lo Xin hurriedly came to Lo Ya’s side and said anxiously,

“Lo Ya, the Gaeta insects seem to be gathering troops.

There are a lot of insects that we do not recognize.”

Taking in this information, Lo Ya thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Prepare to fight.”

This was probably the first real war of the Insect Girl Clan since both sides had a full-time army this time around.

After the previous wave of explosions, most of the Gaeta Insects had suffered heavy losses.

However, how many insect warriors they still had was somewhat uncertain.

Seeing that a pile of corpses was placed not far away, Lo Ya touched her stomach and went forward to taste it.

Every time something dropped, the Insect Girls would throw it into the item bar.

This also indirectly increased Lo Ya’s inventory.

However, this war against Gaeta Insect Swarm was destined to make the gathered potions and props run out.

That afternoon, the Gaeta Insect Swarm began to gather a few kilometers away from the Insect Girl Clan.

At the same time, the Spiked Insects also dug up the edge of Insect Girl’s territory with the intention to launch a surprise attack from the underground tunnel.

This battle was full of thrill for Insect Girl Clan.

In order to defeat the opponent, Lo Ya took out the potions that were dropped from hundreds of wild beasts recently.

Some of the potions were distributed to the reliable adult Insect Girl, letting them feed the injured bugs when necessary.

Among the 50 Undead Insects, most of them were led by Luo Xin to devour the fire in the mountains at the end.

The remaining small group accompanied the Sickle Insects to hunt wild animals farther on both sides of the beach.

Lo Ya took out the newly obtained Leaf Balls and the 2-star Fire Pit Trap Card which was used to deal with the opponent’s high-level insects.

There were also the crystal Oath Pendant which was powerful, but could only be used for 10 minutes.

The Insect Girl Clan’s high-end combat strength role was mainly for Lo Ya, Lo Yu, Lo Lee, as well as Black Demon Lolita, demon Blade Xiaolong, and Vine Balls.

The last card that could be used (cannon fodder) was the Goblin.

Thinking for a while, Lo Ya decided to squeeze out their remaining value.

Hence, before the battle, Lo Ya personally found these Goblins and said seriously,

“I’m very sorry.

Although we are allies, I have never been able to protect you and give you a good life.

This afternoon, my race will have a decisive battle with the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

We want to use all the power we can.

Are you willing to join our battle”

“This…” Elder Bu Fu’s expression was a little stiff as he trailed off.

After a pause, he continued, “Although I also want to participate in the battle, we are all old, weak and disabled.

I’m afraid we won’t be of much use.”

“If that’s what you are concerned about, then It’s fine.

Since you want to fight, how can I let down your good intentions Look at this pitiful Little Insect Girl.

She is going to join the battle at such a young age.” As Lo Ya  said this, she pointed her head downwards, motioning towards the Little Cutie in Green Hat who was digging a hole in order to look for insects and said with great pain, “Everything is for survival.

Otherwise, I would not have let these cute young children die in battle.

This little fellow is eager to win the battle.

She clearly doesn’t have much strength, but she is still working hard to dig a tunnel like everyone else.

Look at her, in order to save energy for upcoming battle, she is saving everyone’s food, not even letting go of the ants.”

“Coo” At the mention of herself, the little cutie raised her dirty head and looked at Lo Ya in puzzlement.

“This…” Elder Bu Fu was almost crying, knowing that it was very difficult for him to refuse.

During this period of time, he had to rely on the Insect Girl Clan to survive.

So, it would make him illogical if he did not provide some help.

Besides, they all knew what kind of creature the Tower Bug was.

Once they faced it, the winning chance for them was most likely to be scarce which meant other than joining the fight, the Goblins had no other choice.

“Elder, we need to pick up our weapons and fight.” A small Goblin beside him clenched its fists and raised, shouting with determination, “We won’t lose to those insignificant lives!”

“Yes, we will fight with all our might for you.” A young female from the Goblin Tribe also nodded her head resolutely.

Seeing this, Elder Bu Fu had no choice but to helplessly say, “Alright.

I promise to fight side by side, but please don’t let the elders and the children charge at the front line.”

Lo Ya smiled and responded, “Of course.”

In any case, if the young and old fighters went up first, they would only be courting death.

It would be advantageous to instead wait until the adults died and eat them.

A few minutes later, the Insect Girl Clan was ready to fight.

Lo Ya had specially arranged for the Goblins to enter a wide tunnel and had them wait for her signal to join the war.

However, who would have known that this tunnel was the most dangerous place that was closest to the Spiked Insect’s expanded territory.

At that time, once the tunnel was opened, the Goblins would be the first to be attacked, and become the target of the enemy.

Around dusk, the Gaeta Insect Swarm launched its attack.

The one leading the troop was a super large beetle.

When the two opponent insects of level 9 met, both parties did not communicate.

They just fought to their death as soon as they saw each other.

The Sickle Insects actively counterattacked, charging towards the enemy in groups.

However, as they fought, Lo Ya felt that the feeling of the battle was a little strange.

She ordered Lo Lee to fly to the sky to observe and only then did she know what was going on.

“Lo Ya, there is a human army fighting against the Gaeta Insects.

The human side is very strong.”

“Huh Is it the army from last time The red armor”


Damn it! She felt that those humans were actually here to settle the scores with the Insect Girl Clan, but in the end, they got into a fight with the Gaeta insects.

Instantly, Lo Ya shared Lo Lee’s vision and indeed found the battle in the distance.

There were about 200 human warriors facing the bugs that were multiple times of their number.

The battle was extremely intense and there were even a few mages mixed in the human army.

As expected, the situation of the Gaeta Insects was simply a mess.

“Well, I feel a little guilty about this.

How unlucky for those pitiful bugs.”

Lo Ya could not help but want to laugh.

No wonder these Gaeta Insects seemed to have weakened only after a few minutes of battle.

It turned out that they were being attacked from the back by humans as well.

At this moment, the Goblins below the ground were still anxiously waiting for Lo Ya’s order.

Two elders sat opposite each other, leaning against a faint glowing stone.

Elder Bu Fu said to the other female elder, “Gommy, look.

The children are already asleep.

Should we…”

“Get lost, old thing! You even beat the crap out of them! You’re so old, yet you still want to have sex with me”

“What How can you say that! Damn it, I’m so sad.

Look, only the two of us have the ability to reproduce in our clan.

If we don’t do it, can you bear to see the extinction of the Goblin Tribe”

“I’m sorry, but we have no feelings for each other,” the female elder replied indifferently.

“But I have feelings for you.” Saying this, Elder Bu Fu made up his mind and pressed Elder Ami against the mud wall.

“Wait, what are you doing! You damn old man!!”

“Don’t get me wrong.

I’m doing this for the sake of the reproductive necessity of the race and it’s the great act of saving the Goblin generation.

For this, our little sacrifice is nothing.

In the future, the juniors of the Goblin species will treat us as true heroes.

One day, you will understand my painstaking efforts!”

“Ah, no! Stop!”


Perhaps, it was because he exerted some strength, the mud wall behind them was pushed down.

With a dull rumble, the two elders took two tumbles as they rolled down from the place.

Then, with bad premonition creeping into their hearts, they raised their heads and discovered that there were many Spiked Insects staring down coldly at them.

Then, those insects slowly raised their spikes that were stained with dirt.


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