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C80 – The Edge Of The World

Along with a series of loud noises, the underground palace of the Gaeta Insect Swarm collapsed. Some multi-story empty rooms even had a chain reaction, causing the countless insects to be crushed or smothered in the broken pieces and mud.

As for the Insect Girl Clan, they had sacrificed less than 100 lives for this.

As soon as the first explosion was accomplished, the Sickle Insects dug out the soil from the back of their feet, intending to take the corpses of the enemies back to their nests and share the food.

However, after experiencing the chaos of the second collapse, Lo Ya very sensibly gave up on this foolish idea.

The next day at dawn, Lo Ya, who had already cut off contact with the suicide squad, crawled out of the nest with a group of bugs.

Lo Xin and Lo Lee also came out of the cave with her.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, the water over there seems to have disappeared.

Is it falling into the big waterfall” Lo Xin pointed at the water surface in the northwest with a curious expression on her face.

The mountain range suddenly broke off at the coast and turned into a huge cliff.

The bottom of the cliff was the sea.

The seawater stretched northward to an endless distance and a few kilometers to the west was a magnificent waterfall.

Lo Ya climbed to the side of the water and placed a leaf on it.

She found that it was floating to the west at a visible speed which meant that

the flow of the water was towards the north.

“Lo Ya, I want to see what’s under the waterfall.” Lo Lee looked at the sea thoughtfully and was filled with curiosity towards the scene in the distance.

Lo Ya actually considered about personally witnessing the situation under.

She had wings and she could fly, but Lo Ya clearly remembered that on the way down from the land, there would be a strong wind that could almost instantly kill an Insect Girl.

On the contrary, if she did not fly down and only flew at the edge of the land, it would not be a problem since she had seen a few birds flying outside the world boundary.

Lo Ya considered for a moment and made a decision.

“Lo Lee, let’s fly outside the world to take a look.”

She really wanted to understand this world, too.

“Okay.” Saying this, Lo Lee spread her wings and slowly floated in the air.

Lo Ya asked, “Lo Lee, how long can you fly Do you think you can take me with you”

“I can fly for a long, long time and yeah, probably.

We can try.”

She picked Lo Ya up and the two Little Insect Girls slowly flew into the sky.

Lo Ya felt a bit amazed by the magic on the glowing blue butterfly wings.

The flapping was clearly not very fast, but it still left the ground far away without much strength.

“Lo Lee, listen.

Fly to the west along the edge of the cliff and stop by the end of the mountain range.”

Lo Lee obediently followed what she said.

After flying for more than ten minutes, she had already successfully crossed this mountain range that was not too wide.

On the other side of the water surface was a waterfall several hundred meters away, and the roaring sound of the water could still be heard even from the top of a cliff, which was several hundred meters high.

A few birds flew on the surface of the water.

Lo Ya even caught a sight of these birds leaving the edge of the waterfall in order to hunt in the sky.

Just as she was about to request for Lo Lee to fly higher, a huge bird suddenly rushed over from afar.


Immediately, Lo Lee opened her mouth and spat out a Wind Blade which cut open the side of the target’s neck.

The bird let out a miserable cry and stopped at a few meters away from the Insect Girls.

Then, it frantically flapped its wings and made a sharp turn, fleeing far away from them.

Lo Ya thoughtfully mumbled, “It seems that around here, creatures that could master magic are not so common.”

In comparison, there were more dangerous creatures in the place that the Insect Girl Clan lived in.

They had frequently encountered them when they were just born, but now, those creatures had moved to other places because of the Gaeta Insect Swarm.

In reality, this was not because the strength of those creatures were weak, but because there were too many Gaeta Insects.

With that kind of tribe which had the superior population, no matter how strong the magic beast devil monster was, it would still be surrounded and defeated.

Lo Ya was sure that the danger was not serious, so she climbed onto Lo Lee’s back and let her continue flying in the sky.

Lo Lee’s blue light wings extended from the back to both sides.

As long as Lo Ya did not pressure the two sides, it would not affect the flight.

Thus, in this situation, the two Little Insect Girls left the top of the cliff and slowly crossed the water surface.

At this point, if they looked down from the sky, they could already see the outline of the uneven edges of the world.

Extending from one end to the other, it was vast and endless while being covered in thin fog.

Only by looking into the distance in concentration, one would be able to see a slightly curved outline of the world.

The surface of it was as if the entire land had suddenly broken apart at certain points.

When the seawater above rushed through the cracks, it suddenly lost its support and fell into the endless abyss.

“It seems that the outline of the edge of the earth is not square at all, but round.” Lo Ya muttered to herself and felt amazed by this discovery.

A few minutes later, they had already left the boundary of the world.

Lo Ya tried hard to see the situation below the waterfall, but no matter how hard she tried, she could only see a hazy patch, cutting down her line of sight.

The purple color mixed with blue seemed to be constantly twisting in the fog.

“Lo Ya, should we go down and take a look” Lo Lee was full of curiosity towards the bottom and wanted to go down personally to take a look.


Flying down will cause insects to die.

That’s why other creatures don’t even dare to go down.”

“Oh, oh.”

As they flew higher and farther away, the ground revealed an even broader outline.

Lo Ya looked towards the horizon in the direction of the abyss and saw that there was a clear dividing line between the sky and the earth.

Above the dividing line was the sky, the color was blue and below the dividing line was an unknown zone, which had a purple color.

It was inexplicably filled with a strong sense of formidable aura.

Then, she turned around and looked at the intermittent border mountains and rivers behind her.

On the other side of the mountains and rivers, the boundless Fresnel Forest was lush and beautiful, intersecting with the horizon.

Different plants were divided into several areas with different colors on the ground.

At the sight of this, Lo Ya could vaguely recognize a few places that she had been to before.

She tapped Lo Lee and requested, “Lo Lee, can you go any higher”

“Sure, I haven’t even used my strength yet!”

Whoosh ~

With a fierce flap of her wings, the seemingly semi-transparent and powerless thin wings brought Lo Ya along as they charged high into the sky.

Everything became even smaller, but they still could not see the full view of the earth beneath their feet.

Instead, the land surrounded by the waterfall showed its magnificence.

“As I thought, it’s truly round and the waterfall is surrounding a round land!” Lo Ya breathlessly muttered and only felt shock.

As Lo Lee flew higher and higher, the height was still increasing and the layer of air became slightly thinner.

At a height of more than three thousand meters, although the temperature had dropped significantly, it was still within the tolerable range.

If it was on Earth, it would already be quite difficult for living creatures to keep flying at this point.

Lo Ya was not sure whether the boundary of the earth would suddenly bent somewhere out of sight.

The size of this planet seemed to be too large to produce the adequate amount of gravitational force.

It was as if it could produce the enormous gravitational force that could crush all life standing on it.

However, countless living creatures were still growing healthily on it.

Standing on the surface was no different from standing on Earth.

There was no sense of heaviness at all.

“Lo Ya, let’s fly for a while more before we return.

I’m so scared right now.”

It was too spacious and far-reaching that Lo Lee’s heart became uncomfortable at the sight of this.

Compared to this world, the Insect Girl was really too small.

“Okay.” Lo Ya acknowledged, “If it was on Earth, we would be able to see the outline of the planet ten thousand meters away.”

“Earth, what exactly is that” Lo Lee asked doubtfully.

“It used to be my home.”

“Wow, are you talking about the tree when you were born”


You will understand in the future.

The world under our feet is actually just a star, one of the countless stars which we can see in the sky.

The only difference is that it doesn’t shine like the other stars, so if we get too far away, we won’t be able to find it.”

Lo Ya also did not know why she wanted to explain these things.

Perhaps, it was because of hope.

If the world under her feet was not a planet, but something that was even more incomprehensible… then her long-term world view would be completely damaged.


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