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C78 – Just Treat It As If Nothing Had Happened

Everything happened in an instant.

After a few seconds, Lo Yu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly let out a sound of surprise.

She got up while rubbing her head and saw that

the mage on the other side had turned into a corpse.

“Lo Yu,” Lo Ya called out as she passed through the side of the spider web and crawled in front of Lo Yu.

“Lo Ya, look! I killed that guy!” Seeing her, Lo Yu jumped up in excitement and pointed at the mage’s corpse as if she was showing off her military achievements.

“Yes, Lo Yu is very powerful.” Lo Ya nodded and hugged her tightly while sighing in relief.

On the human side, even though the one who acted as if their backbone was gone, a person who seemed to be an officer pulled out the saber at his waist and shouted fiercely, “All soldiers, charge!”

Rumble ~~

Suddenly, a chorus of roars came from the distant land.

It came from the distance, but the roars converged into a shaking sound that shook the earth and the mountains, sending chills into everybody’s heart.

Some of the warriors instantly wanted to retreat while some were hesitating.

Then, they saw a huge black wave coming towards them in the distance.

When it got closer, the soldiers finally realized that it was a big wave of countless insects.

“Damn it!” The soldiers were completely shocked by the scene.

They might dare to fight desperately on the battlefield, but it was difficult for them to defeat such a large group of insects.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya! We are here to save you!”

Hearing a familiar shout from the swarm, Lo Ya turned her head in surprise.

“Everyone, hurry up and protect Lo Ya!”

Lo Xin and the group of Little Insect Girls sat on the backs of the Sickle Insects.

The Undead Insects also firmly grabbed the backs of the little insects under their feet.

As they approached the human soldiers, they raised their own bone claws and entered into battle mode.

“Charge! Charge!” Behind the swarm of insects, a little cutie in a green hat who was slower by a beat shouted in a fierce manner as she raised the wooden stick in her hand, not wanting to be outdone by these groups of big insects.

That was when she saw something…

“Eh, little cyan bug.”

While she was running, she found a caterpillar by her feet halfway.

She quickly stopped her pace, turned around to pick it up and stuffed it into her mouth.


Gulp.’ Biting it half, she swallowed half of it in a few gulps before she squealed in happiness.

“Oh, it’s so delicious! I want to leave half of this for Lo Ya.” As she spoke, she firmly grasped half of the green insect that was still moving with her fingers.

Then, she continued to swing her tail and ran towards the large group that had already reached a few feet away from her.

She continued to shout enthusiastically, “Charge, charge!”

When the human soldiers saw this scene, they finally lost the courage to fight and hurriedly turned around to retreat.

After the Sickle Insects chased them for quite a distance, they slowed down under Lo Xin’s request and did not chase closely anymore.

Although they were safe now, Lo Ya’s expression was still worried.

This battle did not seem to have any major losses on their side, but the Insect Girl Clan seemed to have offended this terrifying human enemy.

The only thing that made her feel fortunate was that currently, outside the forest was a fragmented kingdom.

The Insect Girl Clan and the rest had only infuriated an army of nobles at most.

“Lo Ya, I’m here to save you!”

Lo Xin, who was the first to arrive in front of Lo Ya, picked her up and rubbed her body.

“Ah, Lo Xin, didn’t I ask you to stay behind and train the Undead Insect” Lo Ya asked doubtfully.

Lo Xin rubbed her nose and responded, “Strange enough, I felt that Lo Ya was in danger, so I rushed over.”

Lo Ya’s mouth twitched slightly as she thought, ‘Well, could this be racial intuition’

Lo Ya said seriously, “I don’t know what those humans’ intention is.

Whatever that is, everyone should be careful from now on.

Just don’t randomly run towards the Gatas Bug territory.”

Lo Ya had a feeling that the world was so vast and dangerous that only the World’s End made her feel as if it was the only safe place.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya! I will give you a delicious green insect.” At that time, Little Lo Yin carried the insect that she picked and put it in front of Lo Ya.

“Uh…” Seeing the plump body of the insect, Lo Ya swallowed her saliva,  but she still said, “If you want to eat it, then eat it yourself.

I’m okay.

You do not need to leave the delicious food to me.”

Lo Yin pouted and said, “Wah, no way.

If Lo Ya doesn’t eat it, I won’t be happy.”


Lo Ya wriggled over and faced the 3 cm long bug.

She looked at her body which was less than 10 cm and felt that it was another huge task to swallow it.

However, she still had to try it.

Awoo ~

[Evolution points 18]

“Wow, so many points and it tastes pretty good.”

Was the nutritional value of these insects usually very rich

Realizing that she would obtain this kind of benefit, Lo Ya completely enjoyed the food.

The surrounding Sickle Insects began to meticulously complete their mission as they began to collect human soldiers and mages’ corpses while the Undead Insects stayed put around the tribe as guards.

“Lo Ya, this time I managed to collect a lot of fire seeds.

Two Undead Insects have become Black Iron Level!”

Lo Xin proudly reported the advantages of the battle, making Lo Ya, who had been looking forward to seeing the little fellows mature, so excited that she almost shed tears.

After a while, everyone brought the corpses back to the vicinity of the beach territory.

Hundreds of Sickle Insects began digging the tunnel under Lo Ya’s request.

As the land by the beach was relatively soft, the excavation site was chosen to be just three kilometers away from the shore.

Just as they dug a 7-meter deep hole, the roar of a seal could be heard from the shore.

Hearing this, Lo Xin cursed in irritation, “What the heck, do those guys want to come again”

40 Undead Insects and 200 Sickle Insects immediately rushed to the shore, seeing the huge seal monsters running out of the water.

“Creak! Creak! Creak!”

All the Sickle Insects bared their teeth and let out sharp cries in warning.

The seals paused for a moment before they immediately turned their heads and fled back into the water with their tails between their legs.

After that, the surface of the sea returned to its calm state, leaving only some small waves and bubbles popping up one after another.

Lo Ya’s group waited for a while until they were sure that there was no incoming danger.

Then, she instructed, “Alright, it’s safe now.

Continue digging.”

The long work lasted until midnight.

The five entrances were extended underground and turned into tunnels, extending in all directions.

Perhaps it was because they inherited the ability to dig holes from their ancestors, the tunnels created by the Sickle Insects were incredibly consistent with the laws of mechanics.

They were firm, neat and beautiful.

Little Insect Girl and the others stayed overnight in a huge circular room created below by the Sickle Insects.

The Sickle Insects rested in batches, leaving only some of them to continue digging further.

At first, there was only enough space underground for less than 100 insects.

By the morning of the next day, all the insects could live in.

Next, the insects began to cover the entrance with plants and make the entrance on the ground invisible.

This way, even if one looked carefully, they might not be able to find the location of the entrance.

What Lo Ya did not know was that in the middle of one night, a Sickle Insect that was digging suddenly heard a strange rustling sound ahead.

Then, the soil in front of it suddenly became soft and a large piece of soil fell off without it doing anything.

It felt very puzzled.

It stretched out its sickle and poked at the place.

The soil completely fell off and an even deeper tunnel appeared.

Right in front of it, a certain Spiked Insect that was digging from the other side with all its might came into view as well.

It opened its mouth and stared blankly at the Sickle Insect.

Both sides were dumbfounded.

After a full minute of staring, the two insects waved their sharp blades almost at the same time and moved the dug soil in front of them, putting it in the previous place.

Just like that, they pressed down with a bang and tightly blocked the passage again.

After doing all this, both parties were satisfied with their work.

Nodding, they turned around and left the area.

They both had the same thought,

‘Just treat it as if nothing had happened.’


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