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C71 – Chrysalis and 3D Thought Hypnosis

The insects had thrown the poor butterfly to the ground, and Lo Lo had even bitten its fur.

She put it in her mouth and chewed.

The other butterflies were slightly better, but they were solely used as toys by the little Insect Girls, who tossed them around in various ways.

Lo Ya grabbed one of the butterflies and tried to take a bite of its wings.

The taste was indeed not bad.

It didn’t seem particularly delicious, but it tasted just like chocolate when she bit into it.

[Evolution Points 12]

[Obtained Component: Special Chrysalis]

In Lo Ya’s mouth, the wings were chewed into pieces.

The butterfly’s tentacles had two little eyes, which were visible upon closer inspection.

This kind of magical creature probably had a vision as well.

[Obtained Component: 3D Thought Hypnosis Organization]

“Well, it’s been a long time since such a concentrated component appeared.”

Lo Ya suddenly got an idea and used the Spiritual Link on this blue Illusory Demon butterfly.

A complicated and confusing message entered her mind, and it took her more than 10 seconds to grasp the gist of it.

“So, it turns out that the elf from before was also made up by this guy.”

The blue butterfly could reconstruct the information it had collected and forcefully inject it into the brains of some creatures to create a special illusion.

To put it simply, if an ignorant Illusory Demon Butterfly encountered a large grassland, it could construct a grassland environment for the target creatures.

Assuming that it had heard the conversation of a few humans, it could add the information into the illusion realm.

It was just that the information was fragmented, so the remaining parts would be supplemented by the hallucinating creatures themselves.

The butterflies in front of them might have seen Atakamiya or heard of the terms elves, gods, and sages.

As a result, when they built the environment for Insect Girls, they added the things they had seen and heard before.

The blue Illusory Demon Butterfly’s ability was full of malice.

The creatures that had been lost in illusions for a long period would gradually lose themselves and walk towards death.

If Lo Ya and the Little Insect Girls actually believed they were dead in the illusion, their life, in reality, would eventually come to an end as well.

“Three-dimensional thought hypnosis organization.

This component seems to have this kind of function.

It is really scary.”

This ability was a bit like dreaming.

For example, if one saw an airplane during the day and played gunfighting games with his friends at night, he would dream about eating chicken on the plane and fighting a war on the battlefield.

However, unlike the chaos of dreams, the butterfly’s ability was more deceiving and hence more difficult to detect.

Awooo ~

Lo Ya quickly took a few bites, and a pile of items burst on the ground.

It was obvious that this poor butterfly had died.

What fell out were several props and a bronze box.

[Received Beginner Healing Potion and 0.5 Spiritual Enhancement Coupon.]

[The Bronze Treasure Box has been opened.

Congratulations on obtaining the Book of Species Strength 1]

“Phew, these are all good stuff.”

It was really rare to obtain items such as Enhancement Coupons.

They had only obtained a few up until now.

Every level increased by 0.5 Spirit Points, which equated to a nearly 7 points increase in Lo Ya’s current Spirit attribute.

“Lo Ya.”

Halfway through eating, Chiang Ya crawled to her side and rubbed her cute little head against her chest.

Her tail kept wagging as she appeared to be very happy.

“Oh, Chiang Ya.”

Recalling her previous experience, it really felt unreal.

“Eat meat.

Eat meat.”

For a moment, Lo Ya did not know what to say.

Thus, she pushed out the food in her hand.

This small meal of butterfly meat was not enough, so the Sickle Insects went out to hunt and kill many creatures in small groups.

After replenishing a lot of fat in the insect’s tail, the little cuties leaned against each other again and yawned.

Just like that, the days returned to a carefree state.

The little Insect Girls were crawling all over the ground not far from Lo Ya.

Lo Ya loved holding the newly born Insect Girls, raising them in mid-air, and then making them laugh.

These newborns were so small that she could even hold them with one hand.

If she ever scratched their soft tiny tails, they would roll around, producing a squeaking sound of dissatisfaction.

“I’m going to find the youngest Insect Girl to tease.”

Lo Ya could no longer suppress her desire to play with the cute little thing and squirmed directly towards a tiny creature circling a stone in the distance.

A few days later, a Sickle Insect squad encountered a Gaeta Insect Swarm that was searching for food nearby.

An intense conflict broke out between the two parties.

More than 30 Spiked Insects were killed, as were half of the 20 Sickle Insects.

They then came back to the territory with the corpses.

Not long after that, the Sickle Insects located in the Hound Territory area were also attacked by the Spiked Insects.

After the two teams fought, the Spiked Insects were forced to retreat due to excessive losses.

Lo Ya did not expect the conflict between the two sides to flare up so quickly.

So she directed the Sickle Insects in Hound Territory to march north along the mountain range’s edge and join the large forces there.

The battles between the two sides would break out from time to time, and they would be fought in small groups.

Lo Ya had been very cautious in mobilizing the insect swarm to deal with the other side.

She would spend most of the time in the vast forest, gradually strengthening the strength of her race.

“It seems that the Gaeta Insect Swarm has no plans to launch a large-scale attack for the time being.”

Lo Ya felt that these enemies did not want to fight with her, and she was willing to do so.

The number of ethnic groups was already quite a lot, but the real Insect Girls numbered only a little more than 20.

So she should be careful.

Just like that, another day passed, and a long-awaited message came:

[Origin Space has been loaded into the inventory and can be opened at any time.]

A spatial entrance option appeared on the screen.

Lo Ya tried to click, and then a familiar water door appeared before her eyes.

One little Insect Girl showed a puzzled look, wriggling up, and took a bite.

But she didn’t taste anything.

Lo Ya pulled her by the tail and put her behind.

“Stay away from here.

Don’t only know how to eat all day long.”

The little guy pouted and rolled up its body like a ball before rolling into a crack in the stone a few meters away.

“Oh, could it be that you are angry” Lo Ya looked at the little guy, hesitated for a while, and decided to leave her alone.

The Origin Space seemed to be automatically debugging Lo Ya.

After seeing this, Lo Ya decided not to enter for the time being for the risk of facing any dangers.

In the next half-day, she ate a lot more and found that she had accumulated a lot of evolution points.

So, she took the initiative to enter the editor, preparing to install the previously obtained components.

[Special Chrysalis Transformation: Spitting silk to form a cocoon.

The body develops into a pupa before evolving into an adult worm with contracted wings.

The basic appearance remains unchanged, and the potential value of the species is greatly increased.

Note: If this transformation fails, the original form will remain forever.

Editor Consumption: 600 evolution points.]

[3D Thought Hypnosis Organization: Consumes spiritual power to construct a Hypnotic Illusion based on the existing information.

Editor Consumption: 300 evolution points.]

Lo Ya had not expected that the Special Chrysalis Transformation would need more resources.

After spending some points and installing them, Lo Ya immediately quit the editor.

Her body began to have a unique feeling after a series of strange changes.

Lo Lo, who was crawling on the ground, flashed a flash of light, directly spitting out silk on the spot.

“So fast.”

Not only Lo Lo, but three others also began to transform into chrysalises.

Recalling the pupation process of insects in her previous life, Lo Ya suspected that this process would take a long time.

Sure enough, even two days later, the white pupae did not move at all.

Lo Ya could feel the breath of life in her Spiritual Link, but unfortunately, she could not communicate.

After all, the little Insect Girl would still be the little Insect Girl.

Nothing would change much after crawling out of it.

At most, she’d get a pair of tiny wings.

This process was, indeed, time-consuming.

During this period, the Sickle Insect squad was surrounded and attacked by a few Spiked Insect forces.

Lo Ya sent 40 reinforcements to drive the target away.

Both sides exchanged blows, and the battle became more and more intense.

The Insect Girls, who were still going through the chrysalis transformation process, still survived in their original condition.

Two days later, the adjustments in Origin Space were completed.

Humans only allowed professionals to enter once a year.

However, the Origin Space in front of her did not have such restrictions.

Lo Ya really wanted to know what this thing had to do with the real world and whether she could get the rewards that were beneficial to the development of the race.

So, after much deliberation, she decided to take the initiative to enter.

“Anyway, let’s just take a look.”

Believing that there was no danger, Lo Ya took a short break, went straight through the water door, and then closed the entrance to reality.

As she entered the cave, a new voice appeared in her ears:

[Welcome to Origin Space.

You have been given an official adventure.]

[Please choose the starting location.]

[Mille’s Forest, Sky Waterfall]

“Only two options Then let’s go to Mille’s Forest.”

After the selection, the space became distorted.

The next moment, Lo Ya was already standing in a small town in the forest.

[Received 1 Initial Dice.]

Out of nowhere, a cube of small dice with corresponding numbers appeared in her hand.

[Dice: Items containing mysterious powers are the key to the end of the game.

This item has no effect.]

Lo Ya went silent for a moment.

She had a strange feeling about the situation.

Fortunately, there was a self-contained note in this space.

After Lo Ya clicked on it, she saw three messages.

[Mille’s Forest: In a remote area of the game kingdom, there was once an ace master.]

[Competitive game: Participate in the battle to become the strongest in the world.

Individual attributes, hidden attributes, skills, and so on will affect your chances of winning.]

[Draw Card: Consume magic crystals and draw the characters you need.

Cards include SSR, SR, R, and N, with the highest five stars (one percent) and the lowest one-star.]

—-Split Line—-

Pi helped someone recommend his unpopular book.

Book Name: The wrong way to cultivate a German stick.

Introduction: Girl, it’s a cent.

One day, she was found by something that claimed to be a stick system, and then she was…

Note: There will be a large number of German black technologies in this book.

However, this was not to conquer the world!

The attacking giant said, “The modified Berlin was causing zombies-Resident Evil 2!”


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