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C70 – Illusory Demon (Part 2)

“Chiang Ya.” Lo Ya muttered, still unable to trust her own ears.

‘Eat her Is this really what she said’

Chiang Ya, this young Insect Girl, was no different from any other ordinary little cuties.

The only difference was that she was a quiet one who appeared to be in a daze all of the time.

Compared to the other lively little fellows, she was quieter and rarely caused trouble.

Perhaps that was the reason why Lo Ya liked her even more.

“Oh, what are you talking about” Lo Yo’s tone was trembling as she felt a trace of hot liquid in her eyes.

“I like Lo Ya and everyone else.” The little guy struggled to move to Lo Ya’s side and rubbed her chest.

“I remember that, after I was born, you would always hug me.

Now I really want a hug from you again.”

Lo Ya embraced this adorable little fellow right away.

She was just born ten days ago.

She would cutely curl her tail in the air and make squeaking sounds.

Sometimes she would even lick her fingers, but now she did not have any strength left anymore.

Lo Ya couldn’t put into words how devastated she felt.

However, unknowingly, a strange feeling suddenly surged into her heart.

She looked around in puzzlement and felt that something was amiss.

It wasn’t until a certain point that she suddenly trembled and realized what the problem was.

‘Since when has Chiang Ya become so small’

As far as she could tell, she shouldn’t be this small but much bigger, in terms of her size.

But now, her size was still the same as when she was young.

Putting Chiang Ya down, a surge of fear and discomfort rushed into her heart.

She raised her hand and gave herself a harsh slap.

Then she concentrated all of her senses, and only then did she notice that the surrounding scene was shattering.

The sky was still raining, and the wind was whirling.

The weather was indeed stormy.

But she was not in the tree at all, and none of the insects had died.

There were only a few creatures with light blue rays floating around above her head.

Lo Ya vaguely understood something and looked up at the message above their heads.

Blue Illusory Demon Butterfly, Level 1, Magic Beast Species.

[Congratulations, you have been free from the influence of mental illusion.]

[All members of your race have gained beginner immunity to illusions.]

Lo Ya shook her head, which was still a little dizzy, and looked up at the butterflies.

An indescribable chill ran down her spine.

‘So the previous experience was all but an illusion’

All of those, though, felt incredibly real to her.

Even if it was a dream, it shouldn’t have such an impact.

Chiang Ya was still lying on her chest, but her body was indeed a bit bigger than the young version of herself.

Lo Lo was apparently “dead,” and the little cutie in the green hat was crying over her “so-called death.” But Lo Lo stuck out her tongue and shouted like a husky.

“Ah, I’m dead.”

The Sickle Insects were all lying on the ground.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with them, but they all thought they were dead.

Pah! Pah!

Lo Ya slapped Lo Yu.


The little guy sat up on the floor.

She was stunned for a long time before she realized what was going on.

“I am still alive.”

“Of course you are alive! You have been in an illusion!” Lo Ya twisted her face, and then Lo Yu blinked her eyes and suddenly came back to her senses, “Oh, an illusion”

But what exactly was an illusion…

Lo Ya felt relieved, and her mood had changed dramatically from before.

For a few days, she was trapped in the terrifying illusion, where she could only watch the Insect Girls die one by one in front of her.

Now, looking at these little dummies in front of her at the time, she only felt glad and found they cuter than ever.

“But this kind of ability is just too scary.”

Following their recovery, it appeared that they would no longer fall into the illusion again, and the Blue Illusory Demon Butterflies in front of them appeared to have noticed the situation as well.

They started to dance around Lo Ya as if they wanted to create more illusion interference.

However, it was already ineffective.

The Insect Girls woke up one after another.

They all seemed to have entered the illusionary world with Lo Ya, judging by their expressions.

Many of the Insect Girls who died in the illusion thought they were really dead and cried out loud when they awoke.

Lo Ya quickly went up to comfort them.

Lo Ya still did not understand when she fell into the illusion.

She did not even know if the incident with the elf was real or not.

The Blue Illusory Demon Butterflies’ illusion was definitely connected to reality, causing them to become immersed in it before they knew.

Lo Ya raised her head and used the Wind Blade towards a butterfly.

Pffft ~

The butterfly was sliced in half, and a pool of luminous liquid spilled onto the ground.

Soon, it turned into a pit of ordinary blue liquid.

The other butterflies wanted to escape, but they were bitten by Lo Lo, who threw herself at them.

“Ah, so delicious.”

“Sure enough, each of the Insect Girls has its own personality.

Some are scared half to death, while others forget their past experience in the blink of an eye and start catching and eating butterflies.”


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